Moscow Family: a Short Story.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Khodyakov V.

Operators: Voroncov S., Kuznecov I.


About the family of Lezzhovs – workers of the Moscow Automobile Plant named after Likhachev, their everyday life, work, studies.


Sectors of the economy

Temporary description

Family workers Lezzhakovyh. Work on the Zile family dynasty (father and son), education, life.

Reel №1


A child is waking up.

The city of Moscow in the morning.

The Kremlin.

Panorama of a subway bridge.

Passers-by in the street.

News-stand, newspapers are being sold.

Panorama of the queue for newspapers.

Drifting of ice on the Moskva River, panorama of new houses.

The Lezzhovs: Victor Vasylievitch, Vera Nikolayevna, and their son Dima is going out of the house, going to work.

Subway entrance.

People are going down the escalator.

Passengers are in the coach reading newspapers.

Money exchange in the automatic machine.

A passenger is at the subway map.

People are going through the turnstile.

Panorama of the subway station vestibule.

Panorama of passengers entering the subway coach.

Panorama of an old Moscow district.

Moscow center.


Basil the Blessed Cathedral

16-year old Dima Lezzhov and his granny Olga Ignatievna are entering the yard, walking along the streets of an old Moscow district.

People at the church.

Praying people in the church.


Olga Ignatievna is praying.

The church interior, icons.


Panorama of the Alexandrovsky Garden.

Eternal Flame at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

Newly wedded couples are laying flowers on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

Panorama of the Institute building, the signboard with the inscription : “Plant - Higher Technical Educational Institution under the Moscow Automobile Plant named after Likhachev (“ZIL”)”.

Panorama of an Institute lecture-hall.

Machine hall of the Computer Center.

Panorama of a girl at the computer display.

Panorama of the Lezzhovs’ elder son Valera and his wife Svetlana are talking in the lecture-hall.

Students of the Vocational Training School under the ZIL are passing by, Dima Lezzhov is among them.

A ZIL department.

Detail of the machine-tool.

Panorama of the work in the compressing department, finished details are falling down.

V.V. Lezzhov is in the department.

Valera Lezzhov is talking to workers.

A worker is at the machine-tool (with computer control).

Panorama of machine-tools

Workers’ faces.

Students of the Vocational Training School under the ZIL in a department, Dima Lezzhov is among them.

Finished vehicle detail.

Work of the robot.

A worker is at the control panel.

Panorama of a truck leaving the production line.

The interior of the café “Siniya ptitsa” [“Blue bird”].

The amateur band “Mister Twister” is playing; people are dancing, applauding.

Dima Lezzhov is shooting with the camera.

Reel №2

Panorama of hands on the display keys.

Panorama of the Plant Institute display room (under the ZIL).

Students are at displays, Svetlana Lezzhova is among them.

Computer display.

Foreman Valera Lezzhov is walking along the department with workers.

Panorama of a worker at the machine tool (with computer control).

Details of the machine tool.

V. Lezzhov is in the lobby of the Forum of Soviet Young People.

Panorama of Institute students in the reading room.

Panorama of the Higher Technical Educational Institution library, readers.

V.V. Lezzhov with the factory workers at the machines, talking.

Details of machine tools.

Panorama of the bird in the cage at the window.

Faces of children in the nursery school.

A boy is washing his hands.

A girl is distributing plates.

Panorama of V.N. Lezzhova cutting the cake, coming to the table.

Children in the nursery school are tobogganing, swinging.


Classes in the ballroom dances school under the Plant Center of Culture – children are dancing.

The head of the collective is speaking.

Panorama of a winter landscape, trees.

Panorama of a church far away.

A sledge is running.

Guisers are reeling (Winter Seeing off Festival in the city of Suzdal).

Panorama of people playing the drums, trumpets.


People wearing Russian national costumes are dancing.

Panorama of children fighting with pillows on the log.

Panorama of dolls- puppets

Boys are throwing snow-balls.

Panorama of residential houses at the outskirts of Moscow.

Panorama of people walking in the forest at the outskirts of Moscow.

Panorama of V.V. and V.N. Lezzhovs skiing.

Winter swimmers are skiing, carrying a samovar, pouring tea, swimming in the ice-hole, warming up in the snow.

A girl -winter swimmer is speaking.

Panorama of flower sales at the Cheremushkinsky Market.

Sales of apples, spices, pomegranates.

V.N. Lezzhova is buying greenery, speaking.


The Lezzhovs are welcoming the guests, laying the table.

Hands are making waffles.

Dima is making the camera ready, the Lezzhovs and their guests are having their pictures taken.