On the Steep Wave Of Time. (1987)

Documentary №9377, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:34
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kiselev S.
Screenwriters:Volokhov B.
Camera operators:Maev V.


The film tells about the first Chief of Naval General Staff of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Fleet EA Behrens

Temporary description:

Film about the first Chief of Naval General Staff of the Workers and Peasants' Red Fleet officer of the tsarist navy EA Behrens. Naval Museum. Sea Cadet Corps, college students are. Ships at sea. Photography. Cruiser "Varangian". Newsreel. Events of the revolution of 1917 in Petrograd. Admiralty. The First World War. Intervention. Ships in the ice on the Baltic Sea. Explosions ships. Genoa Conference (1922). Check out the Soviet delegation at the Geneva Conference (1927). Among the delegates: Litvinov, Lunacharsky, EA Behrens. Image of EA Behrens.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Portrait with candles - MS. plans, impact.

Burning fireplace - MS. plans.

Open the dictionary, the portrait - MS. plans, impact.

Naval Museum - MS. plans, PNRM., hitting.

Table E. Behrens - MS. plans, impact.

Album - MS. plans.

Students go the Sea Cadet Corps - MS., LS. plans.

Door School - MS. plans, impact, CU. plans.

Ladder School - MS. plans.

Document Peter 1 - MS. plans, impact.

Petition the king, and other documents - MS. plans, impact.

Photo grandchildren Admiral Behrens - Eugene and Michael - MS. plans, impact.

Chandelier - CU. plans, PNRM.

School corridors - MS. plans, PNRM.

Monument - MS. plans, impact of the window, PNRM.

Waves - CU. plans.

Newsreel 1904 -1905 years.:

Boat departs from the pier - LS. plans.

Ship - MS. plans for departure.

Photo King - MS. plans, PNRM.

Church - CU. plans (shot through the anchor), MS. plans for departure, impact.

Newsreel 1904-1905.:

Cobblestone - CU. plans.

Soldiers go - MS. plans.

Flipping album - CU. plans.

Figure - E. Behrens in gun - CU. plans.

Said Capt. 1st Rank A. whisper (synchronous) - CU. plans.

Newsreel 1904 -1905 years.:

Fight "Varyag" with the Japanese - MS. plans.

Album - CU. plans.

Photos in album - MS. plans, PNRM.

Table - MS. plans, PNRM.

Said in a whisper (synchronous) - CU. plans.

Medal - CU. plans.

Photo "Varyag» - MS. plans for departure, photo E. Behrens - MS. plans for departure.

Flipping album - MS. plans, hitting the ship.

Photo - varyazhtsy go up the ladder to the shore, the people in the square - MS. plans for departure.

Eagle - CU. plans, impact.

The city walls - MS. plans, PNRM., hitting the tower.

Newsreel 1904-1905.:

Sailing ship - MS. plans.

Photo sailors - MS., CU. plans.

The arrest of the sailors - MS. plans.

Sea - CU. plans.

Portrait of E. Behrens - CU. plans for departure.

Album Cover - CU. plans for departure.

Photos - CU. plans.

Monument - CU. plans.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Watches - CU. plans, PNRM.

Newsreel 1917:

Shed the old sign - MS. plans.

Dropped leaflets - LS. plans.

Manifest text, photo - CU. plans.

Newsreel 1917:

Glee - LS. plans.

In the hours pass pictures revolution of 1917 (multrabota) - CU. plans.

Admiralty (appearance) - CU. plans, PNRM.

Staircase - MS. plans, PNRM., CU. plans, impact.

Portrait Behrens - CU. plans.

Said Admiral Alekseev (synchronous) - MS., CU. plans, impact.

Admiralty - LS. plans.

Cabinet - CU. plans, impact.

Newsreel 1917-1918.:

Fires Gun - LS. plans.

Smoke - CU. plans.

Shoots gun ship - CU. plans.

Torpedo boat sails - CU. plans.

The other ship, shoot guns, smoke - CU. plans.

Smoke ships - MS. plans.

Another ship - CU. plans, PNRM.

Ships - LS. plans, PNRM.

Photos of ships in ice in the Baltic Sea - CU. plans (multrabota).

Portrait Behrens - CU. plans, impact.

Photos of ships in ice - CU. plans (removed from the collisions).

Newsreel 1917 1922gg.:

Perron, interventionists - CU. plans.

Germans in the streets - MS. plans.

Interveners at the festive table - MS. plans.

Are invaders - CU. plans.

The door opens - CU. plans.

Stand at the museum - MS. plans.

Document of Lenin (the decision to destroy the fleet) - MS. plans, PNRM.

Newsreel 1917 1922gg.:

The ship, the sea, a torpedo explosion - CU. plans.

The explosion of the ship - CU. plans.

Exploding ships - CU. plans.

Port - MS. plans, PNRM.

Sailing ship - MS. plans.

Goes squadron - LS. plans.

Waves - MS. plans.

Portrait Behrens - CU. plans for departure.

Hands apart the rifle - LS. plans.

Sailors with shells - MS. plans.

Trains leave - MS., LS. plans.

Announcement of a set in a sailor's troops for the Civil War - CU. plans, PNRM.

Photo: men, groups with a banner, another group, the men with a gun (multrabota) - CU. plans.

House - CU. plans, PNRM., hit a plaque.

Ship - CU. plans for departure.

Bell - CU. plans.

Pendulum clock - CU. plans.

Photos E. Behrens - CU. plans (multrabota), removed from the left.

Newsreel 1922:

The Soviet delegation at Genoa - LS. plans.

Approaching cars - MS. plans.

The Soviet delegation at the balcony - MS. plans.

Genoa Conference - MS. plans.

Members of the delegation - MS. plans.

Deputy head of delegation Litvinov - CU. plans.

Lunacharsky - CU. plans.

E. Behrens - CU. plans.

Sea - CU. plans.

Behrens Photo - CU. plans

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