A Word About Things.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Chubakova T.

Script writers: Bobrov S.

Operators: Golovnya V.


About V. Turubara, the former Assistant Professor of Physics, who was unfairly fired from the Moscow High Technologic University named after Bauman.


Social life

Temporary description

A film about a former physics teacher of the Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman (Moscow Higher Technical School) VA Turubara unjustly accused of accounting fraud at the time of the students in the construction teams, and forced to work not by specialty on a prototype electro-mechanical works of the Moscow Metro. Works film crews Central Documentary Film Studio. Studio equipment. Preparations for the transfer. Among those present actor L. Yarmolnik. The special correspondent of the Literary Gazette Plekhanov, which sought the assistance of V. Turubara, gives interviews. Moscow Higher Technical School building, students in the hallways, classrooms during lectures. Moscow Metro. Passing trains. V. Turubara for repair work on the escalator with the team. The old shops of the plant, broken walls, details of the escalators are lying inside the plant. Assembly workers. Speakers: Barkovskii, V. Turubara.

Reel №1

Former Assistant Professor of Physics, unfairly fired from the Moscow High Technologic University named after Bauman, former chief of the escalator repair integrated team of the Experimental Electro-Mechanical Plant of the Moscow Subway Vladimir Alexandrovich Turubara.

V.A. Turubara is walking along the corridor of the Central Television Studio.

TV workers are in the studio, getting ready for the telecast.

The telecast anchorman is introducing the actor Leonid Yarmolnik and V.A. Turubara.

The camera, control panel, video control equipment and other devices.

A subway train is going along the tunnel, lights of the train.

The lawyer, special correspondent from the newspaper “Literaturnaya gazeta” [“Literary Newspaper”] V. Plekhanov is speaking about V.Turubara.

Panorama of the room interior.

Panorama of books.

Photos of V.A. Turubara’s and his students’ activities in the Kalinin region.

Students of the Moscow High Technologic University named after Bauman are reading the schedule in the corridor.

The building of the Moscow High Technologic University named after Bauman, sculptures on the building.

Panorama of devises.

Panorama of students at the lecture; their faces.

A professor is explaining at the blackboard

Students are smiling.

A Moscow street in winter.

V.A. Turubara and his wife Elena are at home, telling the story of V.Turubara’s dismissal from the institute.

Electronic clock in the subway.

V.Turubara and the members of his brigade are at work in the subway: pulling a rope, dragging an escalator shaft, installing it, etc.

The senior foreman A. Sunatchev is speaking about the brigade’s performance.

Escalator mechanism.

V.Turubara and A. Surnatchev are surveying the brigade’s performace.

Reel №2

Deputy Director of the Experimental Electro-Mechanical Plant V.N. Barkovsky is speaking about the performance of Turubara’s brigade in the office.

People at work in the workshops.

Panorama of an operating machine-tool.

A pile of metal chips.

Obsolete equipment.

Reservoir with lubricant, a detail is being taken out.

Washing of escalator stairs.

Tumbledown corridors of the plant.

The territory of the plant, scrap-heap of details.

The meeting of the plant brigade, V.Turubara and other workers are criticizing the administration; V.N. Barkovsky.


Workers in a badly equipped cloak-room.

Panorama of subway train lights.

Panorama of the passengers on escalators.

Escalator mechanisms.

Turubara’s brigade is assembling escalator steps; workers’ faces

V. Turubara is walking along the territory of the plant (winter).

Road semaphore.

V. Turubara and E. Turubara are at home, talking.

A subway train is passing by.