Leave in Order to Come Back.. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Mikrikov A.

Script writers: Didkovskiy S.

Operators: Belyaev V.


The strtuggle of the former director of the Kurgan Association "Plodovoshchtorg" ["Fruits and Vegetables Sale"] A.G. Safonov for the implementation of the leading technologies of processing and preserving vegetables.


Sectors of the economy

Temporary description

The film tells about the struggle of the former director of the Kurgan "Plodovoschtorga" AG Safonov for introduction of advanced methods of processing and storage of vegetable products. The film was filming the following: AG Safonov at home, views of the city of Kurgan, trade vegetables in the shops of the city, buyers and sellers give interviews (synchronously), and AG Safonov in the regional party talks with the secretary (synchronous) interviews AG Safonov (synchronously), AG Safonov reads newspapers. Cleaning cabbage fields in the area. Sort cabbage on the basis of fruit and vegetable, potatoes, pickling cucumbers in barrels. Types of Alma-Ata. Residents of the city are vegetables. Type of vegetable base in the city. Interviews mayor. Landing at the airport on the plane.

Reel №1

An alight house window.

Former Director of the department “Gorplodovoschtorg” [“ City Fruit and Vegetable Sale Departmebt”] in the city of Kurgan, honored inventor of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Alexander Grigorievich Safonov (pensioner at present) is working at home in the city of Kurgan.

A street of Kurgan, a greengrocery store.

The shop-assistant of the shop (a girl) is speaking on the phone.

The girl is transporting a container full of potatoes.

A car with the sign “Products” is standing.

Oranges in the basket are being carried into the hall of the shop.

A buyer in the shop is giving an interview.

Holiday sale in the greengrocery shop.

Panorama of the shop counters.


A shop-assistant is speaking.

Oranges, apples.

A train is approaching

A.G. Safonov is welcoming the film crew at the station, giving an interview.

Panorama of the square at the station, a car is being driven off.

A.G. Safonov is speaking in the car.

A mirror in the car.

The city.

The building of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party.

A.G. Safonov is talking to the Chairman of the City Executive Committee G.S. Makhalov.


Hands holding glasses.

Panorama of G. Makhalov speaking.

Reel №2

A plane is flying.

The hotel interior, Safonov is entering.

Paper folder.

The representative of the department “Rosagroprom” [“Russian Agroindustry Department”] Bakhramov and A.G. Safonov are talking.

Safonov is writing.

Safonov is leaving the hotel, getting into the car.

Panorama of the design office, a man is speaking.

A.G. Safonov is speaking about the mechanization of storehouses.

The car is going, Safonov and the film crew director are getting out.

Safonov is opening the garage, speaking, entering the garage.

Paper folders.

Panorama of a hammer lying on the folder.

Radio set

Alexander Grigorievich is working at the desk at home.

The face of A.G. Safonov, panorama of the hands.


A hand is taking a newspaper.

Safonov is unfolding the newspaper, speaking.

TV screen.

A sauce-pan, hands are peeling a cabbage head.

Safonov is speaking.

Cabbage harvesting, the participants of the telecast “Telemost” [“Television Bridge”], A.G. Safonov is speaking, one Safonov’ supporters Comrade Silin is giving an interview: on TV.

A.G. Safonov is watching TV.

Multiwork: newspapers.

Academician of the All-Union Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences N.F. Frolkov is speaking.

Petrol station, a car is going by.

A.G. Safonov is speaking in the car.

Pedestrians are going, cars are going Kurgan streets

Reel №3

Conversation of the representative of the institution “Agroprom” [“Agroindustry”] Bakhramov and A.G. Safonov at the hotel.

Documents in Bakhramov’s hands.

Panorama of the hands.

Safonov is taking the documents away.

Alexander Grigorievich is speaking.

Panorama of the cabbage sorting department.

The film crew is next to the sorting machine, Safonov is speaking.

Women are working.

Cabbage head.

Panorama of the potato department.

Panorama of women packing potatoes.

Casks with cucumbers, panorama of the film crew director next to the casks.

Cucumbers on the production line.

A vegetable storehouse chief who is adopting Alexander Grigorievich’s experience, is speaking.

Ice on pipes, panorama of a girl.

Safonov is walking with the chief of another vegetable storehouse, Safonov is speaking.

Cucumber pickling department.


Safonov is speaking.

Streets of Alma-Ata.

Panorama of a bag full of onion.

A man is carrying potatoes and onions.

People are carrying vegetables.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the city of Frunze S.T. Itskhakov is speaking about the introduction of Safonov’s methods in the city.

Vegetable market.

Market storehouse.


Cabbage department.

Potatoes on the production line.

Safonov is taking the documents, speaking.

Panorama of the documents lying on the table.

Vegetable market from the passage.

A market worker, a driver are speaking.

Rotten carrot.

A girl is speaking.

Carrot sorting department.

Motor-trolley department.

A mechanical engineer is standing.


Reel №4

Women are drinking tea in the room.

Storehouse workers are speaking.

A plate with fruit and cracknels.

Female worker’s hands.

Women are listening.

Fruit processing machine.

The film director Mikrikov with a microphone, Safronov is speaking.

Safonov’s hand.

Panorama of a rusty car.


Negotiations of A.G. Safonov and his supporter Anatoly Petrovitch Ustyuzhanin with the representatives of the “Agroprom” Bakhramov and others.

Safonov is walking along the street.

Panorama of New Year Tree in the street.

Children are tobogganing.

Safonov is taking a jacket with orders out of the wardrobe and is speaking about the war time.


A car is going along the street.

Panorama of the “Aeroflot” [“Air Fleet”, Soviet air carrier] vehicles refueling.

Safonov is going by car.

Traffic lights.



Panorama of the film crew, Safonov and Bakhramov at the airport , speaking.

Airport, indicator board, panorama of a dog.

People are boarding the plane.

A plane in the sky.

Safonov is going by car, walking with an ice-axe.

Rush in winter.

Safonov is fishing in the ice-hole, taking a fish out of the ice-hole.

The fish.

Fishermen are drinking tea.

Safonov is drinking tea with his friends.

Panorama of a heap of details covered with snow.

Safonov is walking along the corridor, entering the design office, sitting down to the table.