Recollecting Lenin. (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bessarabov I.

Script writers: Bessarabov I.

Operators: Lovkov V.

Composers: Chaykovskiy A.

Anouncers: Kalyagin A.


A documentary, about Lenin as a new world person.

Political figures


Temporary description

1h. - Documents relating to emigration and the arrest of Lenin before 1917 2h. - Documents of the Brest peace, the work of Lenin after the revolution, the assassination attempt on Lenin. Memories of John Reed. Lenin at the military parade of universal education (Chronicle). 3h. - Documentary photographs of the Lenin of the Council of Commissars, the 50-year anniversary of Lenin. Electrification of the country (news). 4h. - Reminiscences of Lenin K. Sheridan. Documents on the life and work of Lenin. 5h. , 6 pm - The life and work of Lenin in the documents.

Reel №1

Photo VI Lenin - CU., Hitting.

Photo: Gate of the Winter Palace and are arrested - CU.

The newspaper "Workers» - CU.

Arrowhead with the words "Helsinki" (in Finnish) - CU.

Finnish landscape: forest, houses - LS. (With motion, winter).

Station Liyttoinen - MS., CU., Hit a sign.

Rails - CU.

Port of Turku - CU., PNRM.

Village Street - MS.

The frozen Gulf of Bothnia, the cracks in the ice - CU., PNRM.

Newsreel 1930.

AM Bitter in his office, smoking.

Photos young VI Lenin - CU., Hitting.

Manuscript VI Lenin - CU.

Vault of the Central Party Archive, a woman gets the documents - LS., PNRM.

The case, instituted by the tsarist police VI Ulyanov - CU., Departure for others


The prison in Shpalernaya Street in Leningrad - MS.

Window of the cell, where the VI Lenin - CU., Hitting.

Prison corridor - LS.

Photo of Lenin, filmed in prison - MS., CU., Hitting.

Encyclopedic Dictionary 1907 Article VI of Lenin - CU., PNRM.

Paris - LS. (With a / t).

Paris Street - LS.

Photo 18-year-old Ilya Ehrenburg - CU.

The room where he lived in 1909, VI Lenin - LS.


Plaque on the building - CU., PNRM.

The National Library in Paris - MS.

Reading room - LS.

Newsreel 1914:

People on the street, read the posters.

Turn the barrel of guns on the ship.



House in Poronin, where he lived VI Lenin - LS.

Photo: V. Lenin Poronin - CU., Hitting.

Grille on the window of the prison in Nowy Targ, where he was imprisoned VI Lenin - CU.

Prison cell - LS.; Door - CU., PNRM., Departure.

Photo: V. Lenin - CU., Departure, LS.; Rally in the square in Petrograd performance of VI Lenin in 1917, the counter-revolutionary rebellion: people with placards on the area, the cadets on the steps of the shattered staff Bolsheviks in the car, people read the newspaper in the editorial office - CU.

Apartment on Broad Street where VI Lenin - LS.


Quay - MS., PNRM.,

Room of the newspaper "Pravda» - LS., PNRM.

The case, instituted by VI Lenin prosecutors Petrograd Court of Justice - CU., PNRM.

Photos of French writer Romain Rolland - CU., Departure.

Neva embankment during the White Nights - LS.

The bridges - LS.

Neva - LS.

Nevsky Prospect - LS.

Isaac's Square - LS.

Openwork lattice - CU.

Landscape Spill - LS.

Memorial hut - CU., LS., Departure.

Photo Ordzhonikidze - CU., Departure influx photo VI Lenin.

Track, there is a train - CU.

Railway station in Finland - MS.

Flat (interior) in Finland, where Lenin lived illegally - MS., LS., PNRM.

Windows of the house - CU.

Animation: work VI Lenin, the influx of military personnel working with shelves - MS., ZTM.

PNRM. with the Peter and Paul Fortress on the Neva - LS.

Photo: meetings of workers in Russia, the workers and soldiers, an old Bolshevik PN Lepeshinskii, VI Lenin, in a wig and a cap - different.

Newsreel 1920.:

Soldiers at Smolny.

A pencil portrait of VI Lenin artist Saffron - CU., Departure.

Smolny - LS.

Cruiser "Aurora» - LS.


Sunrise over the Neva - LS., Departure

Photos young Lenin - CU., Hitting, rush to his work.

Photo by English writer Arthur Ronson - CU., Hitting.

Ronson's book "The Great Leader» - CU., PNRM.

Reel №2

Photos of Dan and other Mensheviks, rush to the photo VI Lenin - CU., Hitting.

Photo German diplomat Wilhelm Mirbach - CU., Hitting.


Old Moscow.

Photo: Nevsky Prospekt - LS., Departure; NK Krupskaya - CU., Departure, the People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs of Leon Trotsky - CU., Hitting.

Old newspaper with the materials on the negotiations in Brest - CU., PNRM.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Trotsky speaks.

Spoken by soldiers.

German supply trains pass with guns.

Woman crying.

People on the street.

The signing of the Brest peace, hand puts a stamp.

American journalist John Reed writes at the table.

John Reed's book about the revolution-CU., Hitting his photo.

Newsreel 1920:

Moscow, tram rides.

The old man looked out the window, the view from the tram window.

People on the street.

Photo: Speech VI Lenin at the I All-Russian Congress on Education - MS., Departure, CU.; VI Lenin and others outside (summer 1918) - CU., Impact, departure.

Cabinet VI Lenin in the Kremlin - LS., PNRM.

Maps of the Civil War, etc. - CU., Impact, departure.

Commutator - LS., PNRM., CU.

Lenin's letter to Clara Zetkin - CU., Hitting.

Newsreel of the 1917-1920's.

People on the streets.

In the bag is put a piece of bread.

The queue for bread.

Kremlin embankment.

Petrograd soldiers at Smolny.

Photo: Aftermath of pogrom, photo editor of "Red Gazette" Volodarsky killed SRs, who died a representative of the Petrograd Cheka Uritskogo - CU.

Newsreel 1920:

Funeral Uritskogo.

Vouchers CIM party drawn to Lenin on the performance.

Photo: V. Lenin and his driver Gil and JM Sverdlov in the hall, Nikolai Bukharin, secretary of Zagorski - CU., Hitting.

Page of the book "Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

Biographical Chronicle »- CU.

The building in the Kremlin, where the museum office VI Lenin - LS.; Entrance - MS.; Ladder - CU., PNRM.

Animation: the newspaper reports of the attempt on Lenin - CU.; Newspaper "Izvestia» - CU., Departure.

Photo: doctor VI Lenin Obukh - CU., Hitting.

Newsreel 1920:

Workers read the newspaper.

People on the street listening to a message, bulletins on the state of health of VI Lenin - CU., PNRM.

Photo of Dr.

Rozanov, YM Sverdlov - CU., Hitting.

Photo: V. Lenin at the entrance of the building in the Kremlin - LS.

House in the Hills - LS. (Autumn).

The room where he lived VI Lenin - LS., PNRM.

Interior room, the telephone (in the northern wing) - LS., Hitting, PNRM.

Photo: V. Lenin works at the table - CU., PNRM.

British newspaper "The Times» - CU.

Photos: Meeting in the People's House in St.

Petersburg, VI Lenin on the podium - CU.

Article VI Lenin - CU.

Newsreel 1919:

Parade of universal education; passes VI Lenin surrounded by people, playing, watching a parade.

The orchestra.

Photo cameraman Levitsky - CU., LS., Departure.

Reel №3

Newsreel 1920:

The soldiers at the door handing out newspapers.

People are running, go order.

Newspaper from 1920, the influx to photograph VI Lenin - CU.

Newsreel of the 1918-1920's.

The commander of the southern front, MV Frunze bypasses troops, acts, MS.edi CU.asnoarmeytsev.

CU.asnoarmeytsy stand.

VI Lenin said on the street, in the car, talking to the people from the car.

Book by American journalist Albert Rhys Williams - CU.

Hours in the office of VI Lenin - CU., PNRM.


A. Rhys Williams - CU.

Photo VI Lenin - CU., Hitting.

The door of the office, VI Lenin in the meeting room of the CPC, Hall - MS., LS., Departure.

CU.eslo Lenin in the hall - CU.

Photo: Meeting of the CPC; VI Lenin, JM Swerdlow at the meeting - CU., MS.

Animation: the manuscript of Lenin - CU., Hitting.

Photo of the poet Boris Pasternak - CU.

CU.emlevskih dome cathedrals, lilac blooms - CU.

Blooming apple trees in the garden CU.emlya - LS. (With motion).

Gory, river - LS., PNRM.

Newsreel 1920.

Old Moscow, passing trams.

Sukharevskaya Square.



Theatre Square.

[_] Collected Works of VI Lenin - CU., PNRM.

"Izvestia" newspaper (old) with a portrait of Lenin - CU.

Telephone office VI Lenin CU.emle - MS., LS.

The building, which housed the Moscow Committee of the party - LS. (With motion).

PNRM. with the entrance at the windows.

Internal staircase - LS.

Room without people - LS., PNRM.

Photos old Party member Helena Stasova - CU.

Cartoon: anniversary populist Michael - LS.

Table lamp, candles and inkwell with lamps on the table in the office of VI Lenin - MS., CU.

Lenin's work - CU.

Newsreel of the late 1920's.

Construction of the first hydropower plant.



Photos Secretary of the CPC NP Gorbunova - CU.

Photo: V. Lenin and Yakov Sverdlov MS.edi people - MS.

Newsreel of the 20's:

Lenin stands associate engineer GM CU.zhizhanovsky.

Map electrification.

Fitter conducts electricity in the village.

Smiling girls; CU.estyanin looking at a lighted lamp.

The boys are reading.

Rotating propellers.

Power lines.

Hall of HPS.

On the bridge go train.

English writer HG Wells - CU. and photos.

Hydroelectric power, turbine hall - LS.

Hall NPP - LS.; PNRM. from the control to the map.

Newsreel 1920.

Street Nizhny Novgorod.


The village are radio towers (winter).

Unwind the cable, antenna.

Children are watching and laughing.

Old Moscow (with a / t).

[_] Shop radios, a man tries to headphones.

Shabolovskaya Tower - CU., PNRM.

Reel №4

Book KA Timiryazev "Science and democracy» - CU., Hitting, gift inscription Timiryazev Lenin.

KA photo Timiryazeva - CU., Hitting.

Letter VI Lenin Timiryazev - CU., PNRM.

Monument Timiryazev - CU.

Article KA Timiryazev in the newspaper - CU., PNRM.

Branch of autumn trees - CU., PNRM.

Cathedral CU.emle - LS.

The building of the museum-apartment of Lenin - LS., Departure.

Photo VI Lenin autographed - CU., PNRM.

Photos of English aristocrats - Churchill's niece Claire Sheridan - CU., Hitting.

Bust VI Lenin by K. Sheridan - MS., Hitting.

Book by Sheridan - CU., Departure.

Sculptural portraits of Lenin - CU.

Photo: K. Sheridan studio at work - LS.

Monument Winston Churchill in London - different.

Photo by English writer George Bernard Shaw at work - CU., Hitting.

London, the Thames - LS.

Area in the center - LS.

The building of the British Museum - LS., PNRM.

Building in CU.emle - LS., PNRM.

Cabinet VI Lenin CU.eslo, bookcase with books - MS., CU., PNRM.

Travel to the window - CU.

Interior of the library - LS., PNRM.

Photo: V. Lenin in the library, on the other parties of the Communist International in the Tauride Palace - CU., LS., Hitting.

Newsreel 1920:

Session III Congress of the Comintern.

VI stands Lenin.

The audience applauded.

About VI Lenin to party members - MS., Hitting.

Newsreel 1920:

The territory of CU.emlya passing car.

Delegates pass III Congress of the Comintern.

VI Lenin wrote, sitting on the steps.

He spoke.

Photo: delegates to the congress, Lenin at the podium on the table VD Bonch-- CU., Departure.

Photo: Moscow River - LS., PNRM.

Newsreel 1920.

Travel on the street of old Moscow.

The building, which housed the newspaper "Pravda".

Cover of "The Communist International» - CU.

Article Gorky on Lenin - CU.

Note VI Lenin - CU.

Newsreel 1930.

Mature NK CU.upskaya the table - LS., CU.

People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Chicherin parses paper.

Photo: Soviet diplomat Joffe; VI Lenin with the meeting, A. Lunacharsky, the American journalist Lincoln Stephens - CU., Hitting.

Lenin's letter Joffe - CU.

Flowering chestnuts, leaving the building in CU.emle - CU.

Running old telegraph - CU.; Moving tape - CU.

Cabinet VI Lenin - LS., PNRM.

Lenin notes - CU., Departure, impact.

Photo: V. Lenin MS.edi people on CU.asnoy area, talking with men, FE Dzerzhinsky at the table - CU.


Vladimir D. Bonch-street.

Reel №5

Telegraph - CU., Hitting.

Documents Lenin notes form, the bill - CU., PNRM.

Newsreel 1920.

Old Moscow.

Passing cabs, carts.

Street trading.

Are soldiers.

Tram rides.

Shoeshine boy in the street.

Passengers exit the tram, a tram stop.

Photo: V. Lenin was a group of people - CU., Hitting.

Street in Paris - LS., PNRM.

Apartment, where he lived VI Lenin (interior) - LS.

Photo: MA Ulyanov - CU.; Her grave in the Volkov cemetery - CU.

Chapel of the Volkov Cemetery in Leningrad - CU.


Old Stockholm.

Marina, people sit on the boat.

The captain looks through binoculars.


People on the pier.

Passengers waving from the ship.

Sail boat.

Animation: pictures of the young Nicholas CU.upskoy, VI Lenin and NK CU.upskaya - influx, N. CU.upskaya, VI Lenin in a deckchair influx portrait IV Stalin - CU., Departure.

Note VI Lenin to Stalin - CU.

Photo: V. Lenin, Martov, and other members of the "Alliance against» - CU., MS.


NK stands CU.upskaya.

Plekhanov drew portraits, photo: G. Plekhanov, Lenin and the young, the elderly, GV Plekhanov Plekhanov and others at the meeting in the Tauride Palace - CU.

Monument GV Plekhanov Leningrad - LS., CU., Hitting.

Stela in the Alexander Garden in Moscow, PNRM. the inscription "Plekhanov» - MS.

The top of the tree - CU., PNRM.

Alley in the Hills - MS.

Furniture, autumn landscape - MS., PNRM.

Big House in the Hills - LS., PNRM.; Facade - MS.

Photo: MI Ulyanov, VI Lenin was at work, the old street of Moscow, Vladimir Lenin, in his youth, Rumyantsev reading room of the library.

Newsreel 1917 1918gg.

Bolshoi Theatre.

Tverskaya Street.

Pass sailors.

Photo American journalist L. Bryant - CU., Hitting, meeting of the CPC - LS.

Reel №6

The book "CU.atky review of City Council," notes Lenin in his book - CU., Hitting, PNRM.

Photos Secretary of the CPC Drapkin - CU., Hitting.

A little-known photograph VI Lenin - CU., Departure.

[_] House in the Hills at sunset - LS.; Lighted window - LS.

Photo: Lenin in a wicker CU.esle in Hills - CU.

Animation: a draft letter to Lenin heads of agencies - CU.


Moscow, tram rides, is the crowd with bags.

The railway station, are people.

Unloading firewood, worked as a sailor.

CU.estyane manually inoculated field.

Sentry at the warehouse with food.

Unloading from wagons bags of grain.

Photo actress MAT MF Andreeva - CU., Hitting.

Photo of Lenin - CU.

Lit window in the apartment VI Lenin - CU.

Interior room - LS., MS.

Photo: Lenin in a lounge chair, on a bench in Gorky, Lenin and CU.upskaya with children - MS., CU., Hitting.


Faces of street children; street children at the station handing out bread, kids eat.

The dining room in the children's home.

The teacher and the boy in the doorway orphanage.

Old CU.eml.

The territory of CU.emlya passing cars.

[_] Cabinet VI Lenin CU.emle - LS.

Figurine: monkey with a human skull - CU., MS., Hitting.

Photos of American businessman Armand Hammer (young and old) - CU., Zoom, photo: A. Hammer in the office - CU., NPL, old CU.eml - LS., VI Lenin and U.S. presidential candidate Christensen - CU., Hitting.


Lenin talks to Christensen.

Photo: Lenin in Gorki.

Genoa International Conference: GV Chicherin at the conference, are members of the Soviet delegation, and others, participants at the meeting.

Photo: playing Chicherin - CU., Hitting.


Printed newspaper.

The newspaper with the Decree of the world.

With cars, the tram dropped leaflets.

Smolny, soldiers and sailors talk, read newspapers.

Norwegian newspaper - CU., Hitting.

Oslo - LS.

Old building with a clock - LS., PNRM.; Sculpture outside - CU.


VI Lenin addresses (in the winter in the street) in an apartment in CU.emle; yard CU.emlya.