Choice "Artek". (1987)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gekker E.

Operators: Zababurin V.


The story about the problems of the pioneer camp "Artek" and on the election of a new head of the camp.

Childhood and youth

Social life

Reel №1

View of the Ayu-Dag.

Types of residential buildings in the camp "Artek".

Group of schoolchildren on a rock.

The road to the "Artek" (shooting from the car).

The monument to Vladimir Lenin.

Competitive selection for the post of head of the "Artek".

Alternating: the candidates on stage, the staff of the camp in the hall.

At the microphone head and the organizer of the contest S.Popov.

People's faces.

Newsreel 30-ies .: Sea waves.

Cottage leaders "Artek".

Pipes bugler.

Curtain rises.

From the house the children run out.

Troop is to the sea.

View of the camp.

View of the Ayu-Dag.

Children thrown into the water.

Distinguished students.

Children splashing in the water.

A unit with a counselor in the garden alley.

Pioneer fire.


A man with a bouquet of flowers among students and counselors.

Spectators in the stands with banners.

The Pioneers welcome the honored guests.

The forests on the mountain slopes, the object of "restricted area" (in the people - "Chinese Wall").

Fragments of the wall.

People in the camp.

People on the observation deck.

Coastal, a view of the Ayu-Dag.

Holiday home for employees of the central committee of the Young Communist League.

About Camp says one of the employees.

The pool and the housing camp.

Tidal bore.

Unfinished package.

Abandoned construction site of a residential building for employees.

Employees camp.

A woman with three children.

Employees camp on the site.

People discuss problems of construction, state a claim.

Cottage leaders "Artek".

People's faces.

View of a group of people through the branches of a flowering tree.

Counselors and other staff talking in the summer theater.

People in the camp.

Friendship Monument.

Panorama camp.

People at the Lenin memorial.

Unfinished object.

Cracks in slabs forming the roof of the Pioneer Theatre.

View of the entrance to the theater.

Stairs to the Lenin memorial.

Assets under construction at the foot of the memorial.

People visiting the specific platforms.

Ayu-Dag in the fog, the view through the branches of a tree.

The sun behind the clouds.

Empty office.

Assembly candidates for the post of director of the camp.

The director of the orphanage V.Dvoyakin.

Persons other candidates.

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Navoi V.N.Shevchenko.

Deputy Head of the "Artek" for the construction of G.G.Kovalev.

Fragments of daily meetings.




Crimea [981]


Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Fragments of daily meetings.

Says V.Dvoyakin.

In the hall are the employees of the camp and the pioneers senior squad.

Speaker S.Popov.

People in the break between sessions.

On the walls in the lobby information about the elections.

Continuation of meeting, adults and children in the audience.

Speak pioneers.

Fragments of the paintings on the walls.

Says one of the employees of the camp, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

Alternating: the story of veteran, views camps face the audience.

Newsreel different years:

The staff canteen carry trays of fruit.

Pioneers at the dinner table.

Children eating cherries.

General view of the dining room.

Detail of the painting.

Empty chairs in the hall.

Continued discussion of new candidates.

Employees camp answer journalists' questions.

Opinions V.N.Shevchenko and other candidates.

People study the results of the first round.

Hall applauds.

At the microphone S.Popov. 2nd Secretary of the Central Committee of Komsomol of Tajikistan V.F.Afanasev. V.N.Shevchenko.

Those listeners. S.Popov. G.G.Kovalev.

The camera runs along the rows of spectator.




Crimea [981]


Spring [825]

Reel №3

Candidates meet with the children and talk about plans for the development camp.

Groups pioneers on the observation deck at the sea.

Group G.G.Kovaleva.

Waves lapping on the shore.

Group V.N.Shevchenko.

Fragments of the assembly camp staff.

The employees of "Artek" argue among themselves.

Waves breaking on coastal rocks.

Says one of the employees.

A fragment of an interview with V.N.Shevchenko.

A fragment of an interview with V.F.Afanasevym.

A fragment of an interview with G.G.Kovalevym.

Employees camp are divided opinions on the remaining candidates.

People in front of the building where the meetings are held.

The order to stop the construction of the "Chinese" walls.

Cottage leaders "Artek".

People in the lobby.

Alternation: S.Popov tells employees and Pioneers camp filled room.

People are missing chairs.

Candidates on the stage.

Go vote.

The work of the counting commission.

Announces the results of voting.


On stage G.G.Kovalev, V.F.Afanasev winner V.N.Shevchenko and members of the administration of the camp.

View of the courtyard in front of the building.

Empty office.

Evening view of the Ayu-Dag, waves lap at the shore.

Clouds near the horizon.


Crimea [981]


Spring [825]