Soliodarity of the People in Action.. (1987)

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Director: Kopalin V.

Script writers: Ignatev O., Kopalin V.


Order the film is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Solidarity of the Peoples of Asia and Africa (AAPSO) gained their freedom as a result of the national liberation struggle. The film features the film and photo archives of the Soviet Union, East Germany, Egypt, the Republic of India, Mongolia and Japan.

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Reel №1

Short description AAPSO.

Chronicle 1945: Playing gramophone.

Ruined house.

Military equipment in the streets.

Soldiers listening to records.

Tank rides past the columns of German prisoners.

Japanese prisoners under escort.

Soldiers stacked rifles on the ground.

Military ships at sea.

Signing of the Japanese surrender aboard the battleship "Missouri".

The soldiers have guns.

Storm surges.

Vietnamese guerrillas clean weapons.

The man pulls out a hidden weapon out of the water.

Man descends into an underground passage.

Partisan detachments on the road.

Old man.

Fires Artillery.

Infantry attacks, explosions.

Fighting in Indonesia.

Discounted homes.

The soldiers on the march.

Chronicle 1947: People's unrest in India.

Shooting at the walls of the fortress of the Red Fort.

Changing flags.

The cheers of the crowd.

Jawaharlal Nehru releasing a dove.

A flock of pigeons over the fortress.

The Chinese revolutionaries greet the winners.

The street goes tank.

Marching band of soldiers.

The demonstrators with flags and portraits.

Chronicle 1952-1953: Egypt, the crowd in the square.



The photo.

Tanks in the streets of Cairo.

The crowd welcomed the soldiers.


Cracked earth.

Ox spinning wheel watermill.

People go to the building of the plant.

The ship at the pier, on the ground drawn tubes.

Portrait of Egyptian President G.A.Nasera.

Chronicle 1955-1957: Bandung, the national flags of the participating countries of the conference of Asian and African front.

Conference participants.


Detail of the conference.

View of the pyramids and the roofs of the houses.

Court in the Suez Canal.

People are searched at the entrance to the port.

Top view of the crowd. G.A.Naser announces the nationalization of the canal.

The photo.

People raise the flag.

The crowd welcomed the government.

View of the government building of the trees.

The ships in the channel.


Suez crisis, the bombing of Egypt.

The radio operator sends a message.

Shoot guns.

Tank attack.

Fighter in the sky.

Destroyed houses.

The landing of the Anglo-French troops in Port Said.

People on the ruins of houses.

Weeping women.

Participants of the rally.

Pages of newspapers.

Soldiers climb aboard.

Feed the British vessel.

The flags on the roof of the University of Cairo.

Detail of the 1st conference Solidarity of the Peoples of Asia and Africa.

The French military are preparing to test an atomic bomb in the Sahara.


Peace march in memory of the victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Laying flowers at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Woman ringing a bell.

Flocks of birds.

People pray.

Paper lanterns on the river.

Chronicle of 1960:

Conakry, state flags.

On the road going car.

Participants of the 2nd Conference AAPSO.


D. Nehru - Indian politician, Chairman of the Indian National Congress, India's Prime Minister. Nasser GA - Egyptian military and political leader, Colonel, the president of Egypt, Hero of the Soviet Union.


05.1945 02/09/1945 08/15/1947 1952-1953 18.04.1955-24.04.1955 07/26/1956 10.1956 12.1957 04.1960


Japan Vietnam Indonesia India China Egypt Guinea

Reel №2

Chronicle 1960-1963: National flags.

Excerpt meetings with P.E.Lumumby.

Residents of the Congo welcomed the Prime Minister.


Port cranes.

People sit on the ground, look in the window.

Man under the escort of soldiers.

The landing of troops from the aircraft.

Belgian soldiers in the Congo.

Entrance to the building of the parliament.

Detail of the meeting.


January 17, 1961, the airport Elisabethville (Lubumbashi), the soldiers transported the arrested P.E.Lumumbu.

January 22, 1961, an extraordinary session AAPSO in Cairo.

Sticker posters.

Protests around the world.

Moscow, Peoples' Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba (PFUR).

Students in the classroom.

Animation: independent states of Africa in 1960.

Waves crashing against the rocks.

Fishermen on the rocks.

Caravan in the desert.

Hippos look out of the water.

The man on a palm tree.

Nuts fall to the ground.

National African dance.

In the savanna elephant runs.

Solemn procession on the road.

Antelope crosses the river.

Soldiers on horseback.

Predators chase prey.

Festive folk dances and processions.

Top view of the settlement of Aboriginal people.

The jungle on the banks of the river.

Flags in front of the UN building.

Delegates to the 15th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Detail of the meeting.

Soldiers with dogs, persecution of the civilian population.

Starving children and adults on the streets.

The boy grinds grain.

People are carrying baskets on their heads.

The miners in the mine.

Newspaper pages.

A man collects coins from the counter.

Weigh gold bullion.

Security searches of workers at the checkpoint.

Workers on the plantation, a woman arguing with a soldier.


The dead and wounded on the streets.

A squad of soldiers.

The helicopter flies over the river (shot from the cabin).

The ship on the river.

A column of military trucks.

Education Guinean guerrillas. A.Kabral among partisans.

Troop People's Army goes through the jungle.

Soldiers canoe.

A soldier with a grenade launcher.

View of the house.



Communication line.

People's faces.

Angolan soldiers under the leadership of A.A.Neto study the map.

Guerrillas check and charge the weapon.

March through the jungle.

A soldier in an ambush at night.

Man sets fire to the wick.


Night shootout.

Burning truck.

The guerrillas in the jungle.

The guerrillas of Mozambique.

The flag in the wind. E.Sh.


Women are on the trail, carry the goods on their heads.

Woman with child.

In the jungle, the military helicopter landed.

Residents flee, the village is burning.


Lumumba PE - Congolese public and political figure, poet, 1st Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A. Cabral (Jussi A.) - politician Portuguese Guinea and Cape Verde. Neto AA - The Angolan statesman, poet, 1st President of the People's Republic of Angola. Mondlane Elza - Leader of the national liberation movement of Mozambique.


1960-1963 03/21/1960 09.1960 01/17/1961 01/22/1961 06.1963


Moscow Congo South Africa Guinea Angola Mozambique New York

Reel №3

Chronicle, 1958: Fighting in the streets of towns and villages of Algeria.

Family takes away children.

Those soldiers.

The troops under the flag of the Algerian Republic.

Fragments of hostilities.

Civilians runs from Algeria.

The tent camp of refugees at the border with Morocco.

Mass protests members of the antiwar movement in France.

The population celebrates the victory of Algeria.

Animation: Vietnam on the map.

Vietnamese rice fields.

The photo.

Pages encyclopedia.

The bombing of Vietnam in August 1964.


The aircraft dropped bombs.


Soldiers go ashore.

Squad on the march.

Alternation: bullying soldiers against civilians, burning villages.

Said Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh AAPSO.


The soldiers on the streets.

Children run away and hide.

Class in the destroyed school.

Aircraft sprayed over forests chemicals.

The photo.

The bombing of the countryside, the people run away from the village.

Burning houses, the smoke, the girl's face.

The injured children.

Pomegranate seeds in his hands.

Demonstrations in the streets of cities around the world.

Vietnamese artillery shoot down planes.

Captured American pilots.

A woman with a baby in her arms.

Animation: Middle East map.

Women Israeli army. G.Meir front of the microphones. 1st National Bank USA in New York.

Manufacture of weapons.


Loading bombs in airplanes.

Bombing Egypt June 5, 1967.

The movement of tanks to the Suez Canal.

Israeli soldiers.

The evacuation of the civilian population.

The tent camp of refugees.

Children waiting in line for drinking water.

Ruined settlement.

Old man.

A girl with a baby in her arms.

Smoke on the mosque.


Teachings of Palestinian guerrillas.

On the streets of marching soldiers.

Detail of the meeting of parliament.

View of the mosque.

Cairo flags in front of the building.

A fragment of the 5th conference AAPSO.

Animation: Portuguese colonies on the map - Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Mozambique.

A woman with a gun and the child behind.

Lesson in a village school in the open air.

Meeting guerrillas over the map.


A. Cabral (Jussi A.) - politician Portuguese Guinea and Cape Verde. G. Meir (Meyerson) - Israeli politician and statesman, 5th Israeli Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Foreign Affairs of Israel.


09.1958 02/08/1964 05/08/1964 05/06/1967 01.1972


Algeria Morocco France Vietnam Israel Egypt Guinea-Bissau Angola Mozambique New York

Reel №4

Soldiers work on the minefields.


Transportation of the wounded.

View of the city late at night.

The revolutionary events in Portugal.

Panorama Maputo.

The streets of Maputo.

Miners in Mozambique.

Farmers in cotton harvesting.

Factory workers.

The streets of Luanda.

Fragment of an emergency international conference AAPSO. A.A.Neto at the microphone.

The street in front of the shop.

Girl with a child on his shoulders.

The arrival of foreign mercenaries; passing in front of the cameras, many blind persons.


People at the stands with photos.

Demonstrations in support of the liberation movement.

Animation: South Africa on the map.

Riots, clashes with the police population.

Pages of newspapers.

Members of the African National Congress (ANC). N.R.Mandela.

Explosions (shot from a helicopter).

Shooting a demonstration school in Soweto.

Demonstrations against apartheid.

Guerrillas Namibia. S.D.Sh.

Nuyoma among the soldiers.

Adults and children in the camp SWAPO (SWAPO).

Fighting in cities of Vietnam.

Soldiers with flags on the balcony.

Defeated the US consulate.

Man throws to land an American flag.

The machine on the ground.

Meeting R.U.Reygana and M.Begina.

Bombardment of Beirut.

Residents of the destroyed neighborhoods.

Photos of the victims and their relatives.

Flag of the United States.

US troops in Lebanon.


The deck of an aircraft carrier, the pilots run to the helicopter.

The helicopter takes off.

Volleys of naval guns.

Sea rover.

The starving African children.

Aircraft in the sky.

The explosions on the beach.

The American military equipment.

A woman prepares food in front of the reed hut.

The shelling of the area by helicopter.

From the deck of an aircraft carrier flies a reconnaissance plane.

Soldiers near the truck.

The bombing of the coastal waters.


Neto AA - The Angolan statesman, poet, 1st President of the People's Republic of Angola. NR Mandela - Social and political activist, the 8th President of South Africa, an activist fighting for the rights of man, a Nobel Peace Prize (1993). Nujoma S.D.SH. - Social, military and political leader, 1st President of Namibia. Reagan RU - Actor, radio host, social and political activist, the 40th president of the United States. Begin M. - Israeli politician, 7th Israeli prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize (1978).


02.1974 04/25/1974 1976 09.1981 08.1982


Portugal Angola Mozambique Guinea-Bissau South Africa Namibia Vietnam Lebanon

Reel №5

A woman with a baby.

The children handed out food.

The streets of Algiers.

Flags of countries-participants of the 6th Congress AAPSO. AAPSO headquarters in Cairo.

The meeting of the secretariat.

Secretary-General says Nouri Abdul Razzak.

The secretaries work with documents and letters.

Says President AAPSO Abdel Rahman El Sharkaui.

The photo.

Sea waves.

Photo G.A.Nasera.

The funeral procession.

Photos E.Sh.

Mondlane. A.Kabral in the chronicle.

Riots after the assassination A.Kabrala.

Archive photos: A.A.Neto, K.Dzhumblat, Yusef es-Siba, I.P.Gandi.

S.M.Mashel in the chronicle.

The plane crashed.

At the scene forensic work.

Article with photos in the newspaper.

Palms, surf.

The movement of vehicles.

Residents of countries in Asia and Africa.

Construction of industrial objects.

Factory workers.

Hydroelectric dam.

Smiling man.

Watering gardens.

Factory worker.

Workers stack boxes in a stack.

Camel loaded on the ship.

Surveyors are on the field with flags.


Women pounded grain.

Old man.

Construction of new homes.

Happy children.

Woman with child.

Storm surges.


A. Cabral (Jussi A.) - politician Portuguese Guinea and Cape Verde. SM Machel - Mozambican politician, Marshal, 1st President of the People's Republic of Mozambique.


1969 1970 1973 1986 05/27/1984


Algeria Egypt Guinea-Bissau Tanzania Mozambique South Africa