A Non-Personal Case.. (1987)

Film-document №9492 3 parts, Duration: 0:25:50 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Arlauskas A.

Script writers: Gurnov B.

Operators: Ivanov V.


The story of former soldiers known business executives, the chairman of the collective farm of the village of Odessa region V.P.Belokone Serbs, became a victim of slander Secretary of the Communist N.I.Makogona.

Agriculture | Public figures

Biography | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Mantis eats prey.

Ladybug crawling on a human leg.

Ladybug crawling on canes, spreads its wings and flies away.

The cane lying on the grass.

A man holds a reed fingers.


View of the house behind a fence, garden tree branch.

Alternation: V.P.Belokon at the gate, the village is a funeral procession. V.P.Belokon turns and leaves the house.

V.P.Belokon sitting at a table in the yard (view from the window).

A pillar of power lines, tree branches swaying in the wind. V.P.Belokon the table.

Dog near the booth.

V.P.Belokon the table.

On the porch at the entrance stands a cane. V.P.Belokon.

The branches creeping shrub.

Title V.P.Belokonya the former Secretary of the Communist Party N.I.Makogonu.

The inscription. V.P.Belokon with villagers harvesting corn.

Purified corn.

Crohn tree.

View of the village. V.P.Belokon under the trees at the edge of the field.

Panorama of the collective farm.


Mantis drags its prey. V.P.Belokon sitting on the grass, tapping his fingers on the stick.

Investigator for Special Assignments of the Odessa Police V.S.Sando.



Reel №2

Alternation: V.S.Sando says, V.P.Belokon sitting on the grass.

My wife and grandson V.P.Belokonya.

Woman sews.

A boy with a magnifying glass is considering military and labor awards grandfather.

V.P.Belokon working in the garden.

Apples on the branches.

Rows of trees.

Letters in support of the chairman of the collective farmers.

Tells K.N.Yankovsky.

View on the field, on the road going car.

K.N.Yankovsky at a table in the courtyard of his house.



Reel №3

Streets Kodyma.

Building Kodyma district agricultural association.

At the edge of flower beds sit children passes by a married couple with a pram, an elderly woman in a headscarf.

Entrance to the building.

Opened the door entrance.

It opens the door to the office.

Empty office, voice-overs and journalist N.I.Makogona.

Journalists access to the backyard, to the garages.

The camera runs on the track and in the yard.

The journalist tries to stop the car, the car drives off.

Collective farmers harvesting fodder beet.

Tells V.S.Sando.

The building of the Odessa Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Entrance to the building.

Paved path and ate in front.


A man goes to the car.

Journalists ask questions, the person gets into the car and drives away.

V.P.Belokon and his fellow villagers are sitting in a meadow.

Panorama farm fields (shooting from a helicopter).