Star Wars (1987)

Documentary №9496, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:24
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Mostovoy P.
Screenwriters:Bovin A., Pumpyanskiy A.
Camera operators:Orlov U.


About the elaboration of the Star Wars Program in the USA.

Temporary description:

Opinions Soviet and American public and politicians about the program "Star Wars" (SDI): Reagan, Bovina, Chalforta (England). Scheme of the missile shield. Speech by M. Thatcher on SDI speech of ordinary people.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

England, London: a military band is marching; soldiers are in ceremonial dress.

Land from the Cosmos; nuclear explosion.

Pictures from a feature film called “A Dead man’s letters”.

Alexander Bovin – a political observer of “Izvestiya” newspapers is talking about American nuclear weapons.

An animated version of strategic defense – “star wars”.

USA. Washington: the White House.


The US President – R.Reagan is speaking about strategic defense.

Members of the film crew: A.Bovin – film writer, P.Mostovoy – producer, V.Ivanov – sound engineer and executive of State Department – Edward JerryJohn are sitting at the table in a street café.

England, London: the Thames embankment.

Lord Chalfont – a famous political figure - is speaking in the office.

The action of defense shield – “star wars”.

Pictures from the American feature film “On the next day”.

American people of different age are speaking about “star wars” outside.

Front page of the “Week news” newspaper.

The head of the organization responsible for implementing “star wars” program – General James Abrahamson is appearing inside the building.

The New Mexico state; the Kertland air base; a car is passing by; a control board.

Work at inventing chemical lasers (device, x-rays).

The Los Alamos military community.

Extraterristerial ray guns.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Lord Chalfont is talking inside the building.

The launch of “Challenger” – American space craft; “Challenger” is up; it is exploding.

The Chernobyl Atomic Power Station.

The famous American atomic scientist Professor Jerome Weadner is speaking.

A camera man is shooting.

Launching aballistic missile.

A locator.

Washington: the building of the White House.

The President of the USA Ronald Reagan is speaking.

The famous social democratic public figure from the Federal Republic of Germany – E.Bar is appearing in the building.

A.Bovin is speaking and watching a video cassette.

USA: the Capitol building.

Members of the meeting are standing, applauding, M.Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain, and persons accompanying her are going through the room.

M.Thatcher is greeting Congressmen, speaking about support for strategic defense initiative.


The monument of W.Churchill.

An airship above the city.

Weinberger, United States Secretary of Defense and Hazeltein, Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, are signing a document.

The Director of Gradual Institute of International Studies Carl Kaiser, Federal Republic of Germany, is speaking.

A man is sitting at the panel of an amusement machine.

Editing plans: military airplanes are up; a pilot is in the cockpit; a panorama of mountains from the airplane.

E.Jerrygan is speaking in a street café.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animated cartoons about star wars.

USA. A missile flies up.

Sky scrapers.

The film producer P.Mostovoy is looking.

The American writer Normann Maider is speaking about “star wars”.

Tape recorder is on.

The cameraman Y.Orlov is working.

An object of the film camera.

The professor of the Harvard University John Gelbraight is speaking inside the building.

The English writer Gram Green in the building.

Computer operation (pictures of the animated cartoons).

A press conference by M.S.Gorbachyev in Washington: a correspondent is asking questions, M.S.Gorbachyev is speaking (about strategic defense).

A TV screen.

A.Bovin (in the office) is speaking.

The director of the Soviet Institute of Economic Research Academician Sagdeyev is giving an interview in his office.

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