Krivoarbatsky, 12 ("Arts" #2).. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Fomina Z.

Script writers: Sviblova O.

Operators: Nikonov V., Sosnickiy U.


About the wonderful Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov.

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Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the architect Konstantin Melnikov. The film features the following motion picture: building a garage on Ryazanskaya Street, House Kommunalnik them. Rusakov, House of Culture "Petrel" and other buildings in Moscow, designed by Konstantin Melnikov. Kind of tall buildings in Moscow. Interior rooms in the apartment where he lived K. Melnikov. Subway station "Kiev" and "Komsomolskaya" ring. Motion train station. Type one of the districts of Moscow, built up by five-storied houses. Type of building the Central House of Architects. Employees of one of the architectural schools at work. Young architects talk about their problems (synchronously).

Reel №1

Moscow, a high-rise building in the morning.

Roofs of buildings, a panorama of the architect Melnikov’s house in a shape of a round tower in

Krivoarbatsky Lane.

Rooms in the house.

Pictures of Konstantin Melnikov of different ages.

The newsreel of the 20-s:

A Moscow street.

A tram is passing by.

Okhotny Ryad Street.

Demonstrates walking by.

People at the book stand, in the book shop.

The unveiling of the monument to Georges Jacques Danton, an inscription in French.

People are being pictured.

The Agricultural Exhibition of 1923; visitors are going to the exhibition.

A picture of the pavilion “Makhorka” [“Tobacco”] constructed upon Melnikov’s project; a panorama of Konstantin Melnikov in the pavilion.

A picture: hands holding a pencil on the sketches.

A panorama of sketches by Konstantin Melnikov.

A panorama of children’s pencil portraits by Konstantin Melnikov.

The newsreel of the 20-s:

Streets of the city of Paris, old cars going by.

A panorama of a picture of the Soviet pavilion constructed upon Melnikov’s project at the International Exhibition of the Decorative Arts in Paris.

A panorama of the picture of the design of a garage in Paris by Konstantin Melnikov.


A picture of Konstantin Melnikov and his wife.

Books with pictures of Konstantin Melnikov’s projects.

Buildings in Moscow constructed upon Melnikov’s projects: a garage, clubs – “Kauchuk” [“Caoutchouc”] and the club named after Rusakov.

A panorama of the desk in Melnikov’s study, projects, the drawing machine.

Pictures: the stand with Melnikov’s projects at the exhibition in the city of Milan; a project of the building of Narkomtyazhprom [People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry].


Basil the Blessed Cathedral in the Red Square.

Sky with clouds.

A newspaper filing of the 30-s with articles criticizing Melnikov’s projects is being turned over page by page.

A panorama of a building in Gorky Street, molding.

A panorama of another buildings with molding – (a style of the so-called “Palace Socialism”).

A panorama of the building of the Moscow State University in the Leninskiye Gory [“Lenin Hills” District].

A panorama of sculptures of the high-rise building in the Vosstaniye Square [Revolt Square].

A panorama of sculptures covered with a net on the roof.

Rooms and stairs in Melnikov’s house.

A panorama of the head left from the Statue of Liberty created by Melnikov.

A newsreel:

The Statue of Liberty erected in the honor of the First Soviet Constitution.

The monument to Prince Yuri Dolgoruky (the founder of the city of Moscow) in the Soviet Square.

A panorama of a graphic panel in a subway station.

A panorama of the subway station lobby; a train is departing.

Reel №2

A panorama of a subway train getting out of the tunnel.

A panorama of a block of five-storey buildings constructed in the 60-s.

A panorama of the Palace of Architects building.

A panorama of stairs in the Palace.

A panorama of an empty hall in the Palace.

A panorama of a stand with pictures of Melnikov’s works.

A picture: Konstantin Melnikov is at the stand with pictures at his Anniversary Evening Party.

A panorama of a block of modern newly-erected buildings.

Construction of a house: a view from the window, a panorama of buildings models.

The first architect and design workshop of the Moscow All-Union Central Scientific Research Institute of Housing Economic Planning: a panorama of architects at work.

A panorama of a hand drawing.

The head of the group A. Sherstyuk and other architects are speaking about their work.

A panorama of young architects standing.

A panorama of designs of buildings with unusual architecture hanging on the workshop walls.

Pictures of Melnikov at the desk, in the arm-chair.

A panorama of buildings of Moscow clubs constructed upon Melnikov’s designs.

A room in Melnikov’s house, a panorama of the stairs.

The stairs.

A panorama of a desk, designs on the desk.

Rooms, the light is being switched off.

Melnikov’s house in Krivoarbatsky Lane; a panorama of the roofs of buildings.

A panorama of Moscow central area with a high-rise building.