A May Morning.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sergienko R.

Script writers: Sergienko R.

Operators: Epifanov G.

Anouncers: Nevzorov B.


On the tragic history of the peasant agricultural commune (collective farm) "Maiskoe Utro" ["May Morning"] established in the Altai Region by Adrian Toporov in 1920.

Agriculture | History

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Photo A.M.Toporova.


The opening ceremony of the monument to the commune "May Morning".

The ceremony was attended by the members of the commune, their friends and relatives.

Lines of people at the monument (top view).

Fragments of the monument.

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

Students give the elderly flowers.

Tells S.P.Titov.

Forms village of Upper Zilina.


Pages documents.

Chronicle of 1920:

Kosari field.

Reaper cut straw and knit bundles.


Tells G.A.Toporov.

Shawl with a portrait of Lenin.

Chronicle of 1925: Road stretching greetings 1st All-Union Teachers' Congress.

On the road, the sleigh pulled by horses.

People on the streets.

Bust of Lenin.

The meeting delegates.

Krupskaya read documents.

Souvenir - a scarf with the portrait of Lenin.

Shawl Toporova family.

Details of registration handkerchief.

Chronicle of 1925:

Poster of the 1st All-Union Congress of Teachers.

Photos and documents.


Titov SP - Writer, painter, musician, father of cosmonaut GS Titov Axe GA - Engineer, architect, public figure, the son Toporova AM NK Krupskaya - Revolutionary party state, public and cultural figure, honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.




Altay region

Reel №2

House A.M.Toporova.

Flowering shrubs.

Natural scenery.

The reflection of the setting sun in the water.

Pages books A.M.Toporova "Peasants of the writer."


Tells S.P.Titov.


They say members of the commune and P.I.Bocharova G.Z.Bocharov.

Chronicle of 1920:

Farmers working in the fields.

The man signals, people are going to lunch.

Women sorted potatoes.

Adults and children mend fences.

Women work in the garden.

Alternating photographs, tells G.N.Blinov.

Tells S.P.Titov.

The edge of a birch grove.

View of the river.

Birch trees at the edge of the forest.

Polyana, flowering meadow grasses.


Titov SP - Writer, painter, musician, father of cosmonaut GS Titov




Altay region

Reel №3

Broken Birch.

Winter landscape.

Figure S.P.Titova.

Photo S.P.Titova at work.

Paintings S.P.Titova. S.P.Titov reading poetry.

Paintings and watercolors.

They say P.I.Bocharova and G.Z.Bocharov. G.A.Toporov reads the memories of his father.

Plan commune "May Morning" on the table.

Pages of newspapers and letters.

Tells G.A.Toporov.

Pages conclusion of the party commission on the status of the commune.

Portrait of Lenin on a souvenir scarf.

Details of registration handkerchief.

Tells G.A.Toporov.


Alternation: photos, S.P.Titov plays the violin.

Forms village of Upper Zilina. S.P.Titov stands on a hill.

In the village goes the cart.

Tells S.P.Titov.

S.P.Titov is on the field.

Broken fence.

Alternation: S.P.Titov at the village cemetery, monuments, fences, overgrown with grass grave, tree branches.

The star at the top of the monument.




Titov SP - Writer, painter, musician, father of cosmonaut GS Titov Axe GA - Engineer, architect, public figure, the son Toporova AM


Altay region

Reel №4


Memorable sign commune "May Morning".

The natural landscape, the former territory of the commune.

Clouds over the fields.

Tells G.N.Blinov.

Birch logs.

Photo A.M.Toporova.

Chronicle of different years: A.M.Toporov train.

The view from the train window.

Alternation: A.M.Toporov lectures, Soviet newspapers. A.M.Toporov reading poetry.

GSTitov reading poetry.

The launch.

Clouds in the sky, the camera is turned on its side.

Chronicle 1961 year:

Cosmonaut GSTitov.


Tells GSTitov.

The cart in the field.

Pioneer demonstration.

Horse head, festive decorations on the arc and harness.

People near the monument to the Communards.

Detail of the monument.

Photo A.M.Toporova.

Students with flowers.

The inhabitants of the commune, "May Morning" at the opening of the monument. S.P.Titov cutting the ribbon.

Fragments of the monument faces.

Older women bring flowers to the monument. S.P.Titov wipes tears.

Detail of the monument.

Spikes bend in the wind.

Combine harvest.

The opening ceremony of the monument to continue in parallel with the staff of harvesting.

Pioneers in the honor guard.

Flowers at the foot of the monument.

Detail of the monument.


Axe AM - Teacher, educator, writer, essayist, literary critic. GS Titov - Astronaut, 2nd Soviet man in space, Doctor of Military Sciences, Associate Professor, Hero of the Soviet Union. Titov SP - Writer, painter, musician, father of cosmonaut GS Titov




Altay region