Cooperation and Security for the North of Europe.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Fedyaev E.

Operators: Durnov K., Maksimov L.

Text writers: Efimov E.


About the visit of Nikolay Ryzhkov (Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR) to Norway and Sweden in January of 1988.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

Visiting President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR NIRyzhkov in Sweden: a meeting at the airport, the negotiations between NI Ryzhkov, Prime Minister of Sweden Inevarom Carlson, a visit to the Swedish Parliament and lay a wreath at the grave of Olof Palme, a reception at the City Hall of Stockholm, Stockholm inspection , visit industrial enterprises, the group Volvo, the signing of a Soviet-Swedish documents. Stay NIRyzhkov in Norway: a reception at Government House, a visit to Parliament and lay a wreath at the monument to Soviet soldiers, boat trip, a visit to oil fields, the signing of cooperative documents.

Reel №1

A panorama of the city of Stockholm.

A man at the newsstall.

An animated work: the newspaper “Pravda” [“Truth”]in Russian and other languages.

A panorama of a Soviet airplane taxing up in the aerodrome.

Nikolai Ryzhkov, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, who has arrived to pay a formal call, is going down the ladder with his spouse.

The following persons are meeting the Soviet guests: Ingvar Carlsson, Prime Minister of Sweden, Sten Andersson, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tage Petersson, Minister of Industry, Boris Pankin, Soviet Ambassador in Sweden.

Flags of the USSR and Sweden.

Negotiations between Ingvar Carlsson and Nikolai Ryzhkov.

A panorama of the ancient building of the Riksdag – the National Parliament of Sweden.

Ingemund Bengtsson, Speaker of the Riksdag, is receiving Nikolai Ryzhkov; negotiations.

A panorama of the Parliament Hall.

A panorama of Nikolai Ryzhkov examining the Hall, listening to the explanations.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is speaking to Carl Bildt, Chairman of the Moderate Coalition Party, Bengt Westerberg, Chairman of the Liberal People’s Party, Olof Johansson, Chairman of the Centre Party, Lars Werner, Chairman of the Left Party – “Communists of Sweden”.

Correspondents at the meetings.

A panorama of the grave of Sven Olof Joachim Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is laying a wreath to the grave.

A panorama of the ancient building of the Stockholm City Hall.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is meeting representatives of business community, managers of Swedish industrial and commercial companies.

The following persons are speaking: H.Stale, President of the Board of the Swedish Export Council and Committee for Facilitating Trade between Sweden and the USSR, Nikolai Ryzhkov.

Streets of Stockholm.

A panorama of passers-by in the streets.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is examining the state post and credit institution “PK-Bapken”: going up the escalator, greeting Bank managers.

A panorama of the Bank hall, employees are working.

The building of the Concern “Amfa-Laval”.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is greeting managers of the Concern, examining a workshop.

Finished product of the Concern – a high-speed separator.

The workshop.

The sign of the Milk Cooperative Plant “Arla” in the settlement of Kal’hel’.

A panorama of a workshop in the plant.

A panorama of workers at the conveyor.

The conveyor with packages of milk.

A panorama of Nikolai Ryzhkov examining the workshop.

The dinner hosted by Ingvar Carlsson in honor of the Soviet delegation: Ingvar Carlsson and Nikolai Ryzhkov are speaking, present people are listening to him.

An industrial landscape: buildings of the concern “Volvo”, the highway (the city of Goteborg).

Nikolai Ryzhkov is examining a workshop of the automatic welding of vehicle bodies and the robotized conveyor.

The robots are functioning.

A panorama of the finished cars.

Reel №2

Streets of the city of Stockholm.

Nikolai Ryzhkov and Ingvar Carlsson are signing joint agreements.

Present people are applauding.

Anatoly Kovalev, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, and Storm, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, are signing the Visa Agreement.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is speaking at the Press-Conference; journalists are listening.

An airplane wing.

A panorama of the city of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

A panorama of passers-by in the street.

A panorama of a square.

A bookstore shop-window.

An airplane is taxiing up in the international airport “Fornebu”.

A panorama of Nikolai Ryzhkov stepping down the ladder; the Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland (woman), Ministers, the Soviet Ambassador to Norway Tererin are meeting him.

A panorama of the cars with flags departing.

The Government House building.

Negotiations between Nikolai Ryzhkov and Gro Harlem Brundtland.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is visiting the Storting building – the Parliament of Norway: greeting the President of the Storting Y.Benkov, examining the Hall.

Negotiations between Nikolai Ryzhkov and the Members of the Foreign Policy Constitutional Committee of the Storting.

A panorama of the Monument to the Soviet Soldier; the Eternal Flame; the honor guard is standing.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is laying a wreath to the Monument to the Norwegian Resistance Movement Participants.

Nikolai Ryzhkov, Gro Harlem Brundtland and others on a boat during the voyage to the island of Stord.

A Norwegian landscape.

A panorama of oil derricks in the North Sea.

The Soviet delegation is examining the oil derricks.

A panorama of the plant building of the concern “Norsk Hydro”.

A workshop.

Nikolai Ryzhkov and other members of the delegation are examining the workshop.

A panorama of Oslo streets.

Nikolai Ryzhkov and Gro Harlem Brundtland are signing joint documents, exchanging the documents.

Nikolai Ryzhkov is speaking at the Press Conference.

Flags of Norway and the USSR.

The airplane is taxing out.