Vyk And Russia. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Sarakhatunov B.

Script writers: Latiy E.

Operators: Akkuratov E.

Composers: Geviksman V.


The Soviet and Yugoslavian film. Joint rights of the Moscow Central Documentary Studio, Sovinfilm ["Soviet Foreign Film"] , TV Belgrad, Inex Film. It's dedicated to the 200-th anniversary of birth of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, the Serbian philologist and writer.

Foreign policy | Literati | Architects

Biography | Persons of arts | Policy

Reel №1

Yugoslavia, Serbia: District Trshich - MS.

Birthplace scholar and writer, founder of the Serbian literary language Vuk Karadzic - CU., Diff., MS.

Bust Vuk Karadzic - CU., Hitting.

Glasses and pen Karadzic - CU.

Inkwell - CU.

Karadzic's personal items - MS.

Architectural monuments in Serbia - MS., Various.

Fresco paintings on religious themes - different.

Temple (inside) - MS., PNRM.

Kosovo Polje - LS., PNRM.

Fresco paintings on religious themes - different.

Monument - CU., PNRM.

Guslyar playing and singing (simultaneously in Serbian) - CU.

Man listens - CU.

Woman's hand - CU.

Listen to women - CU.

Candles - CU.

People around the men, playing the harp - LS.

Fortress - different.

A painting of a man playing the harp - MS.

Psaltery - CU.

Landscape at the temple - LS., PNRM.

Mural painting in the Orthodox Church - different.

Orthodox church - different.

Portrait of Vuk Karadzic - CU., PNRM.

Reel №2


Portrait of the leader of the first Serbian uprising Karadjordje - CU., PNRM.

Painting of the uprising - MS., Various.

Portrait of Prince Milos - CU.

Portrait Vuk - CU.

Book - MS., PNRM.

The illustrations in the book - different.

Books - different.

Serbian dictionary - MS., PNRM.

Portrait and the book Wouk - CU., MS., PNRM.

Dictionary - MS.

Order - CU.

Vuk travel scheme - CU.

Travel - Various.

Coach - CU., PNRM.

Sculpture: team of horses - MS.

Landscape - different.

Wooden leg (foot), Vuk - CU., PNRM.

Montenegrin town of Cetinje - MS., CU.

Poet Njegoš - CU., PNRM.

Landscape - MS., PNRM.

Monument Njegos - MS.

Portrait Vuk - MS.

Team of horses - CU., PNRM.

House in Pskov - different.

Pskov - MS.

Team of horses - MS., PNRM.

Monuments of Pskov - different.

Landscape - LS.

Passport Vuk - MS.

Reel №3

A cross in the box - CU.

Winter landscape - LS., PNRM., MS.

Pushkin's house in St.

Michael - MS.

Room, where he lived and worked for AS Pushkin - different.

Portrait of Alexander - CU.

Lights on the house - CU.

Winter landscape - LS.

Chapel - MS.

Fence - CU., PNRM.

Leningrad - LS.

Monument to Peter I - CU.

Carriage rides - MS.

Portrait Vuk - CU., PNRM.

Painting portraits of Russian poets and scholars - MS.

Books - different.

Magazines - different.

Table with art - CU.

Antique mirror - MS.

Antiques - MS.

Dictionary Vuk - MS., CU.

Bookshelves - CU.

Manuscript on the table - MS., PNRM.

A study of AS Pushkin - different.

Manuscript of poems - different.

Leningrad - LS.

Paintings - LS., MS.

Carriage rides - MS., PNRM.

Room in Tsarskoye Selo - CU., LS.

Works of art - CU.

Piano - CU.

The picture of the ball - LS.

Portrait Vuk - CU.

Leningrad - LS.

Sculpture University - CU.

University of St.

Petersburg - LS., PNRM.

Portrait Karamzin - CU., Hitting.

Portraits VA Zhukovsky, Count Rumyantsev, Admiral Shishkov, philologist FP Adelunga - CU.

Portrait of a linguist and publisher of PI Köppen - CU.

Recording the album - CU., PNRM.

Vuk painting - CU.

Leningrad - MS., Removed from the movement

Reel №4

Austria, the

Vienna - MS.

Quay - MS.

Portrait of his wife Anna Vuk - CU.

Anna's letter - CU., Departure, PNRM.

Family portrait of Vuk (with his wife, son and daughter) - CU.

Trees - CU.

Winter Landscape, wagon rides - LS., MS. and movement.

Wheels - CU.

Landscape - MS., Removed from the Motion.


Novgorod - MS., PNRM., LS.

Gate - CU., PNRM.

Dome - CU., PNRM.

Monument - CU., PNRM.

Portrait Vuk - CU., Hitting.

Moscow - LS., PNRM.

A painting of the streets of Moscow - LS., MS., PNRM.


Basil's Cathedral - MS., PNRM.

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky - MS.

Architectural monuments of the Kremlin - CU., MS., PNRM.

The Kremlin wall - CU.

MSU - CU., PNRM. - MS.

Photo: Professor Kainovsky - CU.

Magazine - CU., MS., PNRM.

Portraits of the chief of the Moscow archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malinowski and poet Ivan Dmitriev - different.

Book - MS., Hitting, PNRM.

Team - CU., LS.

Reel №5

Girls sing (synchronous) - CU., MS.

Icons - CU.

As she enters the room - MS., CU., PNRM.

Book - CU.

Hands - CU.

Book - CU.

Girl with needlework - MS.

Running horse - CU.

, Kiev - MS.

PNRM. the monument - MS., PNRM.

Kiev-Pechora Lavra - MS., Departure, PNRM.

House in Kyiv - MS., PNRM.

Portrait Vuk - CU., Departure.

Typography Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - MS.

Printing press - CU., PNRM.

Book - CU., PNRM.

Movable type - CU., Hitting.

Blanks woodcuts - CU.

The Bible - Various.

Bible Cover - Various.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - CU.

Road - CU.

Chisinau - MS.

Street Chisinau - CU., PNRM.

House where AS Pushkin - MS., CU., Departure.

Chisinau Park - LS., PNRM.

Tree, tree crown - different.

Street - CU.

Portrait Vuk - CU., PNRM.

Building - MS., Removed from the movement.

Picture - Various.

Picture: Moscow - Kremlin - different.

Reel №6


Books Vuk - different.

Turning page - CU., Departure.

Portrait Vuk - CU.

Browse pages - MS.

Russian ABC - MS., CU., PNRM., Hitting.

House Vuk Karadzic - MS., Hitting.

Sculpture Vuk Karadzic - CU.

Movie №0