Under the Blessed Blanket. Film 1 "Baptism of Russia".. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karpov B.

Script writers: B. Karpov, I. Uljyanova

Operators: Kolobrodov A.


The film is dedicated to the Millenium Anniversary of the Christening of Russia, it explains the importance of the Orthodox Religion for Russia's destiny.


Social life

Reel №1

Cross, dome Orthodox churches.

Patriarch Pimen reads (behind the scenes and synchronous) text about the meaning of the baptism of Rus.

Icon of Jesus Christ.

Silhouettes and types of churches against the evening sky.

The priest goes to the iconostasis, three bows.

PNRM. on the church iconostasis.

Burning candles, PNRM. on the lamps.

Fresco depicting saints.

General view of the church.

Cross on the dome.

The priest is preparing to worship, cut bread.

The bell ringer bell swings language.

View of the complex of churches.

Different kinds of churches and temples.

Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev and Galicia, participates in a ceremony at the Cathedral of St.

Vladimir in Kiev.

Persons parishioners Filaret baptizes all present.

Fresco: Virgin and Child in her arms.

Fresco: Prince Vladimir of Kiev baptized in the font, hitting the face of Vladimir.

PNRM. on the mural depicting the mass baptism ceremony in the river.


Patriarch Pimen (Izvekov SM) - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.


Moscow Ukraine

Reel №2

PNRM. on the Dnieper River.

The icon depicts St.


Silhouettes of churches against the sky.

Image of the first Russian Metropolitan Hilarion.

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev on the outside and inside.

PNRM. on the wall of the cathedral.

Opened church book.

The mural depicts the Princess Olga.

The tomb of Yaroslav the Wise.

Silhouettes of church domes against the evening sky.

Icon of St.


Icon of St.

Theodosius, Nestor.

Open book chronicles written by Nestor.

Incorrupt relics of the saints: hand iconographer Alypy.

Premises and church decorations Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

PNRM. buildings on the laurels.

Bell ringer plays the bells.

A group of priests is on the territory of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Priests pray together.

Icon of the Virgin and Child.

PNRM. on the building of the monastery (winter).

PNRM. the room, house painter at work.

PNRM. on the mural in the Holy Mirozhsky Pskov Monastery.

PNRM. in Novgorod Hagia Sophia.

A general view of the temple against the evening sky.

View of the various ancient temples.


Ukraine Pskov region Novgorod region

Reel №3

Opened old book.

Picture of the funeral brothers Boris and Gleb.

PNRM. on the icon representing the first Russian saints Boris and Gleb.

Church of Rostov, the icon of the founder of the first church in Rostov Bishop Leontius.

The icon of St.

Nikita Stylites.

View of the village and the setting sun, PNRM. at the church.

Icon of the Mother of God of the Sign.

Image Andrew Bogolyubski.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin against the evening sky.

Burial place of Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky.

Church ceremony.

Service is the bishop of Vladimir and Suzdal Valentin.

Parishioners Cross.

Temple in the night sky.

Animation: horses on a red background.

Pictures of the invasion of the Mongol-Tatar yoke in Russia.

Opened old book.

Image Euphrosyne of Suzdal.

The picture of the murder of Prince Michael of Chernigov in the Mongol horde.

Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, hit a person.

Drawings of the war with the Tartars.

Icon of Jesus Christ.

Old picture.

Prince Daniel on the icon, hitting the face.

Drawings of wooden buildings and churches of Moscow.

Metropolitan Peter, Alexis on icons.

Drawings: Moscow stone.

Travel to the icon of Dmitry Donskoy.

Figure: The Kremlin on the banks of the Moskva River, the ship under sail.


Sergius of Radonezh in the icon.

PNRM. on the interior of the church.

The priest reads (synchronous and behind the scenes) prayers.

Candles burn before the icon.


Rostov region

Reel №4

Picture of Andrei Rublev "Trinity": general view and fragments.

Multi-figure compositions with horse soldiers and historical figures.

Landscape plan: sunset over the river.

Antique paintings depicting the Battle of Kulikovo.

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin.

Monument to the fallen soldiers on Kulikovo field.

Icon of St.

Sergius of Radonezh.

PNRM. from the sky on a general view of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

View from top point on the territory of the monastery at the time of the memorial prayer service in honor of St.


A lot of people are involved in the church ceremony.

Icon with portraits of saints followers of St.

Sergius of Radonezh.

PNRM. the river.

PNRM. by pines in the forest.

Icon of St.


View of the Bohr monastery.

A painting of the Reverend Makarios Uzhinsky.

View of the Makaryev Monastery.

Icon of Saint Sava.

Zvenigorod monastery, founded by St.


Paintings Valaam elders.

The founders of the Solovetsky Monastery: St.

Zosima and Sabbatius.

PNRM. from the bottom up through the building of the monastery.

Icons and frescoes depicting Jesus and the saints, written by Andrei Rublev, Theophanes the Greek, Dionysius.

The girl's face.

Church ceremony: the output of ministers during the liturgy The ceremony was attended by Metropolitan Pitirim of Volokolamsk and Yuriev.

Parishioners bow.



Reel №5

View of the Volokolamsk Monastery.

The icon of the founder of the monastery of St.

Joseph of Volokolamsk.

A group of priests in the monastery wall background.

PNRM. Cathedral of the Assumption Monastery on the outside and inside.

Priests, headed by Metropolitan Pitirim, standing at the burial place of Joseph of Volokolamsk.

One-story wooden church in the woods.

The bird sits on the cross.

The candle burns.

Hit a mural with the face of Jesus.

Domes and crosses the Kremlin churches.

View of the Ivan the Great Bell.

General view of the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin.

The fresco of the Virgin and Child on the outer wall of the cathedral.

PNRM. Internal hall of the Assumption Cathedral, painted on the columns.

PNRM. on the iconostasis.

Fresco: St.


The image of the Archangel Michael.

Burial place of Russian tsars in the Archangel Cathedral.

General view of the Archangel Cathedral in the Kremlin.

General appearance and domes with crosses of the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kremlin.

PNRM. for interior decoration and iconostasis of the cathedral.

Frescoes masters Andrei Rublev and Theophanes the Greek.

PNRM. from the bottom up by St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Temple dome against the sky.

Temples of the Kremlin in the old pictures.

Murals depicting the holy fool Basil.

PNRM. by VM picture Vasnetsov, "Ivan the Terrible".

The bed of the book: illustrations and texts.

The picture shows the royal Oprichnina victims.

Icon: Metropolitan Philip.

Picture: Metropolitan Philip with the environment in the Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin.

Fragments of paintings illustrate Metropolitan Philip conversation with Ivan the Terrible.



Reel №6

Construction of the Pskov-Caves Monastery.

Icon and hanging lamp in front of her.

Priests with lighted candles in hand involved in church ceremony in memory of the martyrs of the Russian Church.

Wooden sculpture of a priest, in front of her burning candles.

The painting depicts a lot of ships and boats on the river.

View of the church near the water.

Close-up: the face of Jesus Christ.

PNRM. on the water surface.

Fragments of paintings VI Surikov "The Conquest of Siberia by Yermak".

Fresco: Portrait of a Cossack Yermak Timofeyevich.

Fragment of the picture: the priest with a cross in his hand.

Candles burn before the icon of the crucified Christ.

Close-up: a parishioner baptized.

Open Gospel.

The ceremony of the liturgy.

Girls, the elderly and other participants of the ceremony.

Icon of the Church saints, righteous martyrs.

Travel to St John of Tobolsk.

Church in Tobolsk.

Religious procession near the church on the feast day of St.

John of Tobolsk.

The bell tower, hit a bell.

Frescoes with the plot of the murder of Tsarevich Dmitry in Uglich.

Winter landscape: tree branches, snowing.

General view of the church complex in Uglich in winter.

Portrait of Tsarevich Dmitry.