Private Owners.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tatulashvili U.

Script writers: Yanelis V.

Operators: Volkov V.


About the first steps of people who . The film characters are: the dressmaker L.M. Korolyova, builder B.S. Plyugin, watch-maker B.K. Tseits, baker M.T.Soonurm, mechanic M.A. Rabinovitch.


Social life

Temporary description

Personnel of foreign news: flights, the launch of the spacecraft, the Pope blesses Catholics, demonstration models of clothes, a fire at one of the ships, the wedding in Finland, car racing, a nuclear explosion.

Reel №1

The city of Tallinn: people are in a queue at a taxi stop in winter.

Traffic in a Moscow street.

Faces of film characters engaged in the individual labor activity: the dressmaker L. Korolyova, builder B. Plyugin, watchmaker B. Tseits, baker M. Soonrum, car fitter M. Rabinovich.

A horse with a cart is going along a street.

A crowd of people at a railway station.

Crowds of people in Moscow streets .

A car-care centre building.

A driver is speaking about car service.

Cars are standing.

A panorama of a car approaching the car-care centre building, coming in, the inscription on the plate “maintenance of motor vehicles”.

A panorama of the car fitter M. Rabinovich opening the gate, selecting instruments, working.

A panorama of the patent for individual activity issued to M. Rabinovich.

M. Rabinovich is speaking about his work.

Clients of the car-care centre sitting at the table talking about M. Rabinovich’s work.

A panorama of car spareparts.

A panorama of a cottage village in the town of Zagorsk in winter.

A panorama of the builder B. Pilyugin processing wooden structures.

Other builders at work.

A panorama of B. Pilyugin speaking outdoors about his work.

Builders’ hands.

A panorama of the house finishing.

The Rizhsky Market in the city of Moscow.

A panorama of the drapery; lady buyers are choosing fabric.

The dressmaker L. Korolyova at work; talking with a lady customer, offering clothes to the customer; a panorama of trying-on.

L. Korolyova is cooking in the kitchen, speaking about her work.

Reel №2

An ancient emblem – a tin loaf on the building in the Old Tallinn.

The baker M. Soonrum and his family at work.

Hands molding the dough.

A panorama of pies on the baking sheets.

A panorama of a girl running along the street, entering the door of the bakery.

A panorama of bakery products.

A panorama of people in the café.

A radio equipment repair workshop , a master at work.

A panorama of receiver details.

A window of the watchmaker’s in the city of Tallinn, a panorama from a street.

A panorama of the workshop interior.

B. Tseits at work, speaking about work difficulties; a panorama of various watches and clocks.

A panorama of the Rizhsky Market, clothes .