Nazi criminals (1938-1946)

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Scene №1 Nazi criminals

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Hitler A. during a meeting with military and Nazi functionaries.

An air defense searchlight illuminates the sky.

Anti - aircraft guns are firing at air targets.

Corpses of civilians shot by the Nazi occupiers in Malmedy on December 17, 1944.

Text of the description of the SS atrocities in Malmedy.

The military dig up corpses from the snow.

Corpses dug out of the snow.

An American Warder walks down the corridor of the prison, approaches the cell where General Sepp Dietrich is being held.

The viewing window opens.

Dietrich is in the cell.

Photo of Goering's corpse.

Ribbentrop in the dock during the Nuremberg trials.

Hitler, Ribbentrop and Mussolini during diplomatic receptions in the late 1930s.

Ribbentrop signs the document.

Photos and portraits of Ribbentrop.

Ribbentrop's face during one of the sessions of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

Admiral Donitz K. in the dock.

Portrait Of Donitz.

Goering listening to a speech by one of the prosecutors.

Hess R. in the dock rubs his forehead with his hand.

Donitz listens to the Prosecutor's speech.

Person Yu Streicher and other defendants.

Field Marshal Keitel's face.

Donitz looks into the room, lifting his dark glasses.

Faces of the defendants.

Photo of the Nuremberg Tribunal courtroom.

The gallows for those sentenced by the Tribunal.

Demonstration of the gallows.

Demonstration of the device for execution by shooting in the back of the head.

View of the camera with the guillotine used for execution in prisons of the third Reich.

Details of the guillotine, a grate for draining blood from the body of the decapitated.

Demonstration of preparing the gas chamber for operation.

View of the crematorium oven.

Panorama of the Auschwitz concentration camp (top).

Photos of Himmler during his visit to concentration camps.

Plan of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Former Auschwitz commandant Hess R. answers questions during the trial.

Panorama and views of the territory of Auschwitz.

Photo Of Hess.

Ribbentrop at the table gives a speech for broadcast on the radio.

Marching Italian Blackshirts.

Mussolini speaks from the balcony.

Map of the Anschluss of Austria (animation).

Goering's arrival in Vienna in 1938.

Viennese residents welcome Goering.

A military band is playing.

Goering bypasses the guard of honor.

Viennese residents welcome Goering.

Goering and Ribbentrop in the dock.

The face of one of the defendants.

Departure of Chamberlain N. to Munich in 1938.

A plane taking off.

Hitler, Chamberlain and Daladier E. climb the steps of the Palace in Munich to sign the agreement.

Chamberlain gives a speech to reporters.

The building where the Munich agreement was signed.

Chamberlain arrives at the signing ceremony.

Fragment of the text of the Munich agreement.

General Jodl in the dock.

Yodel's signature under the document.

Berlin residents greet passing through the city of Hitler and Mussolini.

Hitler, Mussolini, Goering during a meeting with the military.


Gitler Adoljf -- German statesman and politician Gering German -- German statesman and politician Ribbentrop Ioahim fon -- German statesman and politician, diplomat Ditrih Jozef -- German military commander Jodlj Aljfred Jozef Ferdinand -- German military commander Mussolini Benito -- Italian statesman and politician Denic Karl -- German military and statesman Gess Rudoljf -- German statesman and politician Shtrejher Yulius -- German statesman and politician Kejtelj Viljgeljm Bodevin Johan Gustav -- German military commander Chemberlen Nevill Artur -- British statesman and politician Daladje Eduard -- French statesman and politician

Calendar: 1938 12.1944 1946

Locations: Berlin [821] Munich [872] Germany [84] Belgium [22] Poland [177] Vienna [913]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

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