The USSR: Time of Changes.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Egorov YU.

Script writers: Tarnoruder L.

Operators: Simakov S.


About the perestroika (is the Russian term (now used in English) for the economic reforms introduced in June 1985 by the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev), democracy implementation and glasnost in the USSR.



Reel №1

View of the Moscow River near the Kremlin.

Pedestrians on Arbat Street and other streets of Moscow.

Sale of flowers.

Interviews (synchronously) Russians about the situation in the country, democracy, reconstruction.

Valerian plant manager Kuramzhin talking to workers, it interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) in the office of the table on the development of the country.

Factory workers in the workplace.

Meeting at the table at the firm "Introduction."

Shop Kolomna diesel locomotive factory, work machine metal processing.

Hot shop of the plant, smelting metal.

Steelworker Filippov says (synchronously) on the implementation of his invention at several factories with the assistance of the company "Introduction."

Meeting of Heads of "Introduction".

City of Leningrad, a monument to Peter the Great, the traffic on the streets.

Shoe factory shop "Lenvest."

Conveyor belt, workers for the machines for sewing shoes.

Samples of the plant's products: boots and shoes of different styles.

Joint management of production by the USSR and West Germany.

Interviews (synchronously) Gerhard Gins joint venture Leningrad shoe factory and the company "Salamander" (Germany).

The box labeled "Lenvest."

The sign "Biocor international".

Meeting at the company.

Girl with diabetes being treated by a new technique on the unit Dr. A. Cousin.

Interviews (synchronously) on the improvement of the patient's health.

Organizer and director of "Biokor" Kuzin said (synchronously) about the new opportunities the organization of work during the adjustment period.

View of the cafe "Turkey".

Inside the cafe customers sit at tables, a waitress carrying a tray.

Interview Zoe Korchavy (synchronous and behind the scenes) on the opening of her family cafe.

Work in the kitchen cutting vegetables, pots on the stove, cutting chicken, bread baking cakes in the tandoor.

Granddaughter mistress wipes cafe dishes.

Services to visitors at the tables.

Foreign visitors cafe.

Log in Moscow cooperative cafe.

Premises cooperative cafe "Razguliay."

Visitors at the tables.

The waiter brings order.

Parnu, streets, pedestrians.

The car rides on a country road.

Agricultural enterprise, work in the field, forage.

A herd of cows.

Repair combine.

The building of the village shop.

Houses farmers.

Key words


Reel №2

The building and the interior rooms of the Commissary.

PNRM. by the sales department clothing.

Customers in the store.

Fashion show on the catwalk.

Passers-by at the paintings on display for sale.

Artists at Arbat write portraits from life.

In Izmailovo Park on the grass of the capital exhibited paintings.


Sales of Icons, wooden dolls.

Historical buildings, restoration construction work.

People are working on the restoration of architectural monuments, transmit chain bricks.

Types of museum-estate Kuskovo.

PNRM. from the main building in the park with sculptures.

Sailing boats.

Work on the brick wall of a residential building in high altitude with insurance.

Interviews (synchronously) climber.

Fans of air-traffic collected gliders.

Preparing to start, moto hang-gliders in flight.

Landscape plans: forest, field of flowers, a haystack in a field, a pond, a bee on a flower.

City of Tallinn, pedestrians.

Turn to the kiosk "Sojuzpechat" buy newspapers.

People read the newspaper "Moscow News" on a street bench, discuss.

The man with the newspaper "Pravda" in the hands of standing in the queue.

People at the newspaper stands.

Interviews (synchronously) on the restructuring of the citizens.