So That It Won't Be Very Painful.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Voynov M.

Script writers: Voynov M.

Operators: Komm R.


About the woman-scientist N.N. Garkalina's fate, her struggle through law court with the administration of Khabarovsk.

Courts and prosecutors

State institutions

Temporary description

For example, the fate of our contemporaries are shown conservatism, nonperception new in science, people for whom it is important not the case, and his office. (conflict oceanographer NN Garkalina and staff of the Amur Branch TINRO).

Reel №1

A candle is burning.

The sun and the moon are going.

A cloud, a snowy avalanche is descening along the mountains, a house is being destroyed; a storm; a woman looking into the device; a volcanic eruption; a forest fire; deer are running; a tiger is running away, a bird is flying up, a fishing-boat.

The employee of the Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Fish Industry Nelly Garkalina, is taking a sample of water from the Amur River,speaking about her discovery in oceanography and walking along the Amur River Bank .

A panorama of the trees tops.

The mountains and the landscape.

A wave is washing off the tracks on the sand.

Sea waves .

A ship in the sea; a house is being destroyed; the beams are falling, breaches in the ground and destructions caused by the earthquake, a city destroyed by the earthquake; a heavy hurricane shower is bowing tree branches; tree are falling, stones are falling down.

Nelly Garkalina in the office at the typewriter.

The beginning of the session of the People’s Court of the Kirovsky District of the cityof Khabarovsk.

A wagon is coming up to the Court building; the militiamen are getting out from the wagon.

Cars by the Court building.

The defendant Nelly Garkalina is in the court.

The pictures of Nelly Garkalina of different years.

A fragment from the feature film “Zolushka” [“Cinderella”].

Fragments from the feature films “Kak zakalya las stal” [“How the Steel Was Being Hardened”] and “Kommunist” [“Communist”].

Nelly Garkalina is going by tram and on foot along the street.

The tram is going along the street.

Nelly Garkalina is speaking about her work indoors.

A tablet with the inscription: “ The Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Fish Industry and Oceanography” on the building.

The Director of the Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Fish Industry and Oceanography Vladimir Safonov and employees are entering the Scientific Research Institute building.

Vladimir Safonov is sitting at the Director’s table.

The Head of the Institute laboratory Krykhtin is walking along the street, entering the Institute building.

A panorama of Candidate of Biological Sciences Olga Baikova speaing about the conflict at the Institute while sitting in her apartment.

A copy of the document from the personal archive of Baikova.

A motor boat is sailing along the Amur River.

A fishermen’s village .

Krykhtin is listening to the tape record containing Baikova’s narration about him while sitting on the bank, speaking.

The ducks are flying.

Vladimir Safonov listening to the tape in the office.

The Institute employee Starinets is speaking about the persecuting Garkalina in the Institute.

Nelly Garkalina is in the office, documents are on the table.

Reel №2

Vladimir Safonov is speaking about the conflict with Garkalina.

Nelly Garkalina is knitting in the waiting room of the airport, other passengers are sitting beside her.

A hostess in the train is bringing tea.

The director Mikhail Voinov is listening to the tape recorder in his compartment.

A hand is writing.

A hand is cutting a sausage.

A river in the evening, a motor boat is sailing by.

A boy is on the river bank.

A fishermen’s village .

A dog is in its kennel.

The chairman of the collective farm “50 let Oktyabrya”[“ 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution”] David Fux is being given the tape record to listen.

A fishing-boat on the Amur River.

The fishermen are pulling the seine, fish in the seine.

The interior of the fishermen’s cabin.

A picture of the actor Andrey Mironov.

The fishermen are having a rest, smoking.

David Fux is speaking.

A fisherman is sleeping in the boat.

Nelly Garkalina is taking a sample from the river; working in the laboratory.

The order about the Garkalina’s dismissal is being printed by the typewriter.

The doors are being closed behind Garkalina.

Passers-by in the street of Khabarovsk.

A panorama of a queue to the shop.

The buyers are choosing semi-finished foods.

Sale of toilet paper.

People in the canteen.

The kitchen in Garkalina’s apartament.

Nelly Garkalina is looking out of the window.

A panorama of the trees branches.

A desert.

Treed mountains.

Milk is boiling over from the pan.

Hands are typing.

Nelly Garkalina is typing, putting a letter into a mailbox outside.

A post car is approaching, a post worker is getting out, taking the letter out of the box.

Bags with the letters, letters are being poured out.

Hands sorting letters.

A panorama of the post office.

A window of the house is being lighted up.

Nelly Garkalina is working at night in her study.

The building of the Khabarovsk Territorial Council of Trade Unions with, a tablet on the building.

Passers-by in the street.

Nelly Garkalina is going to work, in her office, taking a book and typing.

An astronomical calendar on the wall.

Hands putting a letter into the box; sorting letters.

The letters are being stamped.

The carriage of the typewriter is moving.

A wheel of the post car.

A doctor is giving an interview while walking along the hospital.

The hospital interior .

Nelly Garkalina is in the dining room.

An old lady is brushing up her hair in the hospital.

An operating room.

Sea waves , a lightning, a water column, heavy shower and a shipwreck.

Nelly Garkalina is at the airport.

Passengers are sleeping and reading in the waiting room.

The building of the Khabarovsk Territorial Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union .

The door of the reception of the Territorial Committee instructor Soldatenkov.

Reel №3

Soldatenkov is speaking about Nelly Garkalina in the office.

The film crew of the Central Documental Studio is walking along the corridor.

A building of the Territorial Committee of the Communist Party.

The monument to the pathfinder Khabarov in the Square.

The Amur River embankment.

Passers-by in the street.

A salesman is selling vodka in the store.

A man coming out of the store with a bottle.

A long queue to the wine store.

A militia car, a prisoner is being guided.

The People’s Court building, a panorama of the windows.

Vladimir Safonov and Nelly Garkalina at the Court Session, she is speaking.

A witness in the Court.

Baikova’s apartament .

Olga’s granddaughter is drawing.

A hand is turning over album pages.

A picture of an insect in the album.

Olga Baikova with her granddaughter are looking through the album.

Vladimir Safonov is smoking a cigarette, listening and smiling.

Nelly Garkalina is talking to the members of the film crew in the yard of the Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Fish Industry and Oceanography.

,The watchman of the Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Fish Industry Maria Pavlovna is looking through the glass door of the Institute.

A hand is turning a key in the door lock, the door is being locked.

Maria is entering the watchman’s room, speaking about Nelly Garkalina and Vladimir Safonov, and about their conflict.

The members of the film crew in the watchman’s room.

A panorama of the Board of Honor with two pictures.

A window of the Institute is being lighted up.

Nelly Garkalina is walking along the corridor; she is at the typewriter.

Headlights are shining.

Hands are twirling a pencil.

Vladimir Safonov is speaking about the conflict.

The Court building .

A judge is reading out Vladimir Safonov’s application against Garkalina.

Olga Baikova, Vladimir Safonov and Nelly Garkalina are present in the Court.

Nelly Garkalina is speaking.

Khabarovsk, street trading .

Nelly Garkalina is walking along the street.

Reel №4

Nelly Garkalina is in the waiting room of the Moscow airport “Domodedovo”.

Passengers are sleeping and watching TV in the waiting room.

Nelly Garkalina is registering the plane ticket; boarding the plane

Foreign newsreel of the 1970-s.

Ethiopia during the drought: a tree, vultures sitting on the tree.

A woman is holding a crying baby.

An atrophied man is carrying a dead child.

A woman is crying.

The eruption of the volcano Nevado del Ruz in the state of Tolima (Columbia).

A panorama of the city of Armero covered with a 6- meter thick layer of mud.

A helicopter, a man is being let down.

A burnt boy, he is being rendered assistance.

A dead man.

A plane is taking off.

A hospital ward.

Patients are lying.

The mourning hall of the crematory.

The faces of crying men and women.

The furnace grating is opening.

Clouds are floating.

A part of the flying plane.

Nelly Garkalina is leaving the airport building in the city of Leningrad.

A car parking.

Nelly Garkalina is taxiing.

A taxi window.

A highway.

A fir tree branch .

The snow-covered Neva River.

Nelly Garkalina is entering the building, coming up to the tribune and speaking at the III Congress of Oceanologists.

People are listening in the hall.

The sun and the moon are going.

A desert sandstorm.

A tent is falling down, the people are being drifted.

Anichkov Bridge in Leningrad.

A plane is taxiing up.

Nelly Garkalina and the Polar Institute employee, oceanologist from the city of Murmansk Yuri Kalmykov are going by suburban electric train.

The electric train doors are opening.

A platform in the city of Tula.

Yuri Kalmykov is speaking while standing on the platform.

Tula ancient streets and a cathedral.

The apartament of Nicoly Korovyakov who works at the Tula Armory.

Nicoly Korovyakov engaged in studying of the system of the universe, laying and hanging the diagrams of his works.

Nelly Garkalina and Yuri Kalmykov are examining the diagrams.

The CDS (Central Documentary Studio) film crew is shooting.

Different devices and a globe on the desk.

Korovyakov’s hands .

Nicoly Korovyakov is speaking about the difficulties he has experienced because of his invention.

An opened notebook.

Nelly Garkalina and Yuri Kalmykov are listening.

The city of Moscow: a panorama of passenger cars coming up to the building of the USSR Academy of Sciences (summer).

The park and gates of the Academy of Sciences.

Nelly Garkalina is going by train.

The inscription on the airport building: “Khabarovsk”.

Nelly Garkalina in a bus, walking along the street.

Reel №5

The building of the Pacific Scientific Research Institute of Fish Industry and Oceanography in the city of Khabarovsk.

Nelly Garkalina is waking along the street.

The Institute emplyees are telling about Nelly Garkalina indoors.

The entrance to the Institute building .

A fish gasping for breath.

Nelly Garkalina is speaking.

The employees of the Pacific Scientific Research Institute are leaving the premise and walking along the corridor.

The building of the People’s Court.

A judge is speaking.

Vladimir Safonov is entering the Institute building .

Nelly Garkalina is speaking in the street.

Nelly Garkalina with her granddaughter skiing.

Skiers are going.

A woman doing exercises in the street.

Pensioners are sitting on the bench.

Pensioners playing chess and dominoes in the park.

An old lady is walking by.

A man is running.

Hands are resetting the chess clock.

Summer sunset.

A leaf is falling and decaying.

A dump.

An hour hand is moving.

Jogging: men are running (winter).

Bare feet running on the snow.

An old man is walking on the snow.

A sea shore.

An icing lamp is slaking.

A manuscript is burning.

The crematory are being moved apart.

Clouds floating.

A riverside, a river.

The USSR Academy of Sciences building.

The building of the Territorial Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Khabarovsk.

A patient is being guided to the operating room.

A hand giving a bottle of vodka.

A queue for vodka.

The defendant is being guided into the Court Hall.

Nelly Garkalina.

Shots from feature films:

The final of the film “Communist”.

The fragments from the films “Cinderella” and “Pavel Korchagin”.