Forgive Us.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Troshkin V. P.

Script writers: Nikolaev L., Troshkin V. P.

Operators: Levenberg M.

Anouncers: Gluzskiy M.


About the destiny of former young prisoners of fascist concentration camps.

Childhood and youth

Social life

Reel №1

War time pictures: refugees are walking along the road; women with children; a concentration camp, a fence with barbed wire; a viewing tower; concentration camp prisoners; a boy, his hands raised; children behind the barbed wire.

Former young prisoners of the concentration camps passing by.

A number on a hand.

A panorama of a woman’s face.

Former young prisoner of the concentration camp are standing.

A picture of the children beyond the barbed wire.

A number on a hand; a panorama of the face of the woman who is recalling the concentration camp.

A picture of a girl – a prisoner of the concentration camp.

Women are crying.

A picture of prisoners’ dead bodies.

L. Litvinenko, a former concentration camp prisoner, is coming with flowers to the Eternal Flame.

V. Kalinichenko, a Mauthausen prisoner is looking at the pictures.

A. Perveev who used to be imprisoned in 9 Gestapo jails and concentration camps in his childhood is making sketches in the street.

People are walking along the street.

A. Perveev is drawing in the boulevard; in his workshop.

Posters devoted to the concentration camps prisoners.

The roofs of the houses out.

A. Perveev’s workshop.

Perveev’s painting: the prisoners of concentration camps.

A panorama of prisoners’ portraits.

A picture of the concentration camp prisoners behind the barbed wire.

A poster: prisoner’s face.

A. Perveev is speaking.

A picture of torture instruments.

Pictures and painting fragments (concentration camp prisoners; tortures)

A picture of A. Perveev after his discharge from the concentration camp; A. Perveev in a soldier’s uniform.

A hand with a number; a woman’s face.

The city of Kiev.

Former young prisoners of concentration camps on a speedboat.

Former young prisoners of concentration camps are looking at the pictures.

A picture of imprisoned women.

A ceremonial welcome in a Pioneer Camp.

Former concentration camp prisoners at the pioneer meeting.

V. Kalinichenko is telling children about his life.

The pioneers are listening.

A picture of children discharged from concentration camps.

A. Perveev is speaking.

A panorama of the town of Enakievo (Donetsk Region).

V. Kalinichenko with his wife and dog in the house.

A picture of V. Kalinichenko.

A panorama of the pictures, boxing gloves and violin on the wall.

V. Kalinichenko is looking at the pictures and speaking.

Reel №2

Magazines on the table.

V. Kalinichenko is showing pictures, speaking.

V. Kalinichenko is printing the pictures and developing them.

The sculpture of the miner in the downtown (Donetsk Region).

V. Kalinichenko is taking pictures in the street.

A picture of the miner’s sculpture.

V. Kalinichenko with his wife; looking at the pictures.

V. Kalinichenko is reciting his poems to children.

Children are listening.

Kalinichenko’s hands.

A picture: concentration camp prisoners are being discharged.

Lyudmila Litvinenko is walking along the street and entering the café “Pelmennaya” (an eatery serving pelmeni – traditional Russian food, a kind of raviolis).

Pelmeni are being cooked; hands are making pelmeni; a panorama of Litvinenko’s face.

Women are making pelmeni.

Lyudmila is speaking.

Litvinenko is walking along the street.

Fallen leaves on the asphalt.

The shopping rows on the market.

Litvinenko is shopping.

Pigeons on the roof.

L. Litvinenko’s passport.

A picture of Litvinenko with her mother.

A picture in Lyudmila’s hands; a panorama of her face.

L. Litvinenko is speaking.

Former prisoners of concentration camps are passing by.

L. Litvinenko is standing near the Eternal Flame.

A. Perveev, V. Kalinichenko with his wife are standing.

A. Likhanov is making a speech at the meeting of the former young prisoners of concentration camps.

A picture of children in the concentration camp – famished ones, with numbers on their hands.

Meeting participants are listening to Likhanov’s speech.

The Eternal Flame.

A picture of famished children.

A panorama of laying flowers to the Eternal Flame.

A picture: a girl covering her face with her hands; scared children’s faces.

The Eternal Flame.

A panorama of the former prisoners of concentration camps.