The Secret of Buenos Aires.. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Vesenskiy V.

Operators: Bgancev I.


The film about Argentina, about the consequences of a military dictatorship in the country and about the violent attacks waged by international banks and transnational corporations.

History of Latin America

History | History of foreign countries

Reel №1

Buenos Aires late evening view of the obelisk of the 400th anniversary of the city at the Republic Square.

Showcase electrical store.

People walk past the stalls.

In the shop window goes lion.

One of the streets of Buenos Aires.

Christmas decorations.

Statuette of Jesus Christ in the prison.

People on the streets of the city.

The wedding ceremony in the church.

A stream of people, shop windows.

People dance to the accompaniment of street musicians.

The man playing the concertina.

The bas-reliefs on the walls.


Couple dancing Argentine tango in the alley.

The artist carries the picture.

Paintings on the bench.

Family on the balcony.

The artist shows drawings of the journalist.

The dancers in the circle of spectators.

Man avoids the ranks with his hat in his hands, the audience is put into a hat money.

Market San Telmo.


A young woman walks through a shopping arcade.

Sold with a souvenir revolver in his hand.

Sold old weights reading a newspaper.

Man includes a gramophone.

Souvenir sellers.

The woman-seller corrects doll dress.

Little girl drops the ball.

Alternating: the stands, football game.

The team D.A.Maradona.

Fragments of the monument to General San Martin and the army of fighters for independence in the Republic Square.

Women in white kerchiefs, weekly procession at the Monument to the Republic.

Women accompanied by relatives, people carry pictures of the victims.

Memorable stand with the photographs.

Chronicle of the 1976: A man puts shutters on a shop window.

Soldiers give vehicles crossing.

Police detained the driver searches.

People with guns at a checkpoint.

A female police officer searches a female driver.

People at a crossroads. V.R.Horhe Rafael and E.E.Massera for signing documents.

Memorable stand with the photographs.

Chronicle of the 1987:

The soldiers mutinous garrison.

One-storey house behind a fence.

The journalist interviewing soldiers.

Alternation: cartoons, soldiers in the square.

A woman in a white scarf with a photo on the chest.


Maradona DA - Football coach, world champion, honorary citizen of Buenos Aires. Jorge Rafael VR - Argentine soldier and statesman, a member of the military junta. Massera EE - Argentine soldier and statesman, a member of the military junta.


1987 1976



Towns and countries

Reel №2

Elderly woman hugging and stroking the child.

Voice-over: yes I.E.Fereyra Vilyaneda tells the story of a son.

La Plata River, fishermen throw rods from the bridge.

The inscription on the fence of the bridge.

Women in white kerchiefs, weekly procession at the Monument of the Republic, including the accompanying man with a child in a stroller and other young people.

Teacher P.Dias, the only survivor of the punitive operation "Night of pencils."

Voiceover: P.Dias tells the story of classmates. P.Dias walks down the hallway of the school.

P.Dias in an empty classroom.


City view from the window, lowered the blinds.

Photo D.Barselo second lieutenant of cavalry in the hands of the mother.

A fragment of an interview with his mother and sister D.Barselo.

Women in white kerchiefs reading letters.


An elderly woman with a photo on the chest.

Memorable stand with the photographs.

Tells E.Sabato.

The courtroom, where the trial of war criminals.

Alternation: stained glass on the wall behind the seats of members of the court, the defendants' bench, benches for spectators.

Behind the scenes is the voice of the prosecutor Strasser.

Says a member of the court.

Chronicle of the 1987: Persons rebel soldiers.

Among the soldiers of Colonel Rico.

Protesters civilians on the road.

Soldiers talk with people.

Riots in the streets, soldiers blocked the road.


E. Sabato - Argentine writer, essayist, painter.





Reel №3

Young woman kissing a baby in a stroller and places.

Tells H.Asis.

A woman runs along a path between stone fences.

In the courtyard of drying clothes.

On the ground, the child sits.

Women wash clothes, children run around.

Alternating: the faces of children, fragments of interviews with residents of the poor neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

The path between the fences, yards poor.

A rally in support of human rights in the prison walls.

People handing out the newspaper.

A banner above the crowd.

One of the organizers of the rally - A.P.Eskivel.

Alternating: the participants of the rally protest, the prisoners waved from their cells.

Protest meeting of shareholders of the Argentine National Bank.

Chronicle 1976 year:

H.A.Martines de Hoz at the signing of documents.

K.Heller part of the bank building. K.Heller climbing stairs. K.Heller enters the elevator, the doors are closed.

A fragment of an interview with K.Hellerom.

Buenos Aires, flocks of pigeons in the square.

Adults and children feeding birds.

Young people respond to journalists' questions.

People on the streets of the city.

A young couple with a baby girl sitting on the ground.

Visitors summer cafe.

Rent a pony on the street.

The men sleep on a park bench.

The child sleeps in the stroller.

Posters on the wall of the building.

People dancing tango.

Young couple sitting on a rock by the water.

Children sit on the fence of the monument.

Those children.

From the windows of offices emit accumulated for the year of paper.

Children pick up the paper.

Alternation: people walking on the street, wipers raked debris in the air swirling sheets of paper.

Women with children at a crosswalk.

Woman seats baby in a stroller.

Girl with a hot dog in his hand.

Young parents with a baby.

Smiling man.

Kiss of man and woman.

View of the reservoir due to the branches of a tree.

People walk and rest on stone ledges.

Panorama Republic Square.

View of the city and the main street of Buenos Aires.


Asis H.K.Z. - Argentine writer and politician. Esquivel AP - Argentine writer, sculptor, architect, public figure. Martinez de Hoz HA - Argentine politician, Minister of Economy of Argentina. K. Heller - financier, CEO of Banco Credicoop.