What the Forthcoming Year Has In Store For Us (The Planet Today #9).. (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Voynov M.

Script writers: Golubev A.

Operators: Sosnickiy U.


ThinKing about the future of humanity. The film is created using foreign newsreel.

Temporary description

Landing of a U.S. spacecraft. American cosmonauts (astronauts) go down the ladder. Bullfighting in Spain. Newborns in a maternity hospital in Singapore. Holiday brides. Descend into the water from a shipyard of the new ship. An attack on Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Ozal. Fight American professional boxers. Mining diamonds. Australian artist Robert Ullman, who lives on the ocean, watching whales. Rehearsal of the ballet troupe of the Leningrad Opera and Ballet Theater. Kirov. Fighting in one of the world's trouble spots. Rally in Pushkin Square. The meeting and conversation with Mikhail Gorbachev, Moscow (sinhr.).

Reel №1

A spirit-rapping: young men and young girls are sitting at a round table, a table is burning.

Hands are on the table.

Clouds are drifting.

A view of cities from an airplane.

Clouds, a city below.


A river.

A bridge.

A takeoff runaway.

American spacecraft is landing.

American spacemen are stepping down the ramp.

A warship at sea.

Ore discharge.

Celebration of jubilee; one person is drinking champagne.

A master is being given an enormous golden thimble, girls are kissing him.

Bulls are being let out of a corral, bulls are running after people; a bullfight.

Girls are dancing (in some Eastern cabaret).

A band master at rehearsal.

“Four eights” holiday in Singapore: somebody’s hand is drawing eights on a fabric.

Babies, born on 8.08.1988, are lying down, one of them is sneezing, parents are watching.

Newly married couples, got hitched that day, are standing and passing by.

Landscape and a bridge.

A ship at the dock.

People are trying hard to break a bottle of champagne on a ship; an ancient ship is sailing off.

An attempt on the life of the Prime Minister of Turkey, Turgut Özal: T. Özal is speaking, he is being shot; wounded persons are being led away and bandaged; T. Özal and his wife are sitting down.

A river, lovers at the dock.


Teenagers are playing moving dominoes.

Inventors of the game are standing.

Boxers (black ones) on a squared circle.

A referee is raising the winner’s hand – Mike Tyson.

Somebody’s hands are counting money.

A mountainous landscape.

People are washing out diamonds; a man with a large diamond.

A terrorist, who has kidnapped children, is being led away.

Children found are being carried away.

A trunk of a car is being opened.

A man is untying a girl.

A mother with a girl.

Industrial landscape.

Smoking tubes.

A contaminated river, rubbish.

Dead fish in the water.

Poisoned fish being thrown off a lorry.

A meeting of ecologists.

A barrel with spray.

An animated work: greenhouse effect.

A hand is kneading rootballs.

Ground parched as a result of drought.

A black boy pinched with hunger is lying down.

Reel №2

Hands are chiseling letters from granite.

A slab with the“AIDS” title.

A young boy and a young girl are embracing.

Sheep in a pasture near the sea.

A farmer is speaking.

A farm.

Australia: whales in the ocean, they are rising to the surface.

A sea shore.

A house at the sea shore.

Roberto Ulman, an artist, is speaking.

A river landscape.

Russian ballerina, Natalia Makarova (who emigrated to Great Britain), is dancing.

N.Makarova is giving an interview.

A rehearsal of the theatre troupe of opera and ballet named for Kirov, with participation of N.Makarova.

English negotiant, Sir Steven Pears, is talking to a woman.

Machine gunnery.

A fire-fight in a forest.

Helicopters are flying, shooting.


Soldiers are shooting, running.

A tank is passing by.

A wounded soldier is falling down.

Shooting from cannons.

Killed persons are lying around.

Men are crying.

A room after bombardment.

Muslims are prying; a child is praying.

Adults with children are running along the street.

Battles in the city.

Arab women are crying.

Buddha’s statue.

Japanese (women, an old man) are praying.

The UN convention hall.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, Eduard Shevadnadze, is speaking.

The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Mikhail S.Gorbachyov, and the US President, Ronald Reagan are signing a treaty.

An animated work: somebody’s hand is making a signature, a bump to a missile.

A military car is passing by.

Facilities are being loaded into military aircraft.

The aircraft is taking off.

A foreign instrumental ensemble is performing, a guitarist is playing, etc.

People are greeting Soviet soldiers sitting in cars passing by; a pioneer is running towards the car.

A picture, depicted by moving dominoes, is being opened.

A tank top with titles in English.

Sportsmen are running.

A meeting on the square of Pushkin.

People with posters: “Unions – for people”, “Democracy against bureaucracy”, etc.

Mikhail Gorbachyov is speaking to people in the street.

A wall, a panorama to a window.

A girl is covering her face with her hands at the spirit-rapping: a candle is dying.