Waiting for a Feast (newsreel "Planeta segodnya #8" [Planet of Today #8]).. (1988)

Film-document №9650 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:00 to collection Price category A

Part 1 digitized in HD 0:09:43

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Khovenko S.

Script writers: Khovenko S.

Operators: Simakov S., Kamionskiy A.


The entertainment industry in Soviet country and abroad.

Life and leisure

Social life

Temporary description

The fact that the Soviet weekdays from holidays are no different. For comparison - foreign news about the development of the entertainment industry abroad.

Reel №1

People in the Gorky Park (Central Recreation Park named after the writer Gorky), soldiers and a militiaman among them.

A girl’s face.

Legs of the people walking and standing in the queue, a panorama of a small dog.

The vegetable fair near the subway station "Rechnoy vokzal” (“River Station"), people at the counter.

A female animator is speaking from the stage.

The spectator’s gloomy faces.

A male-animator is applauding on the stage.

A child in a perambulator.

A queue.

The seller is weighing vegetables to the woman.

A panorama of the female-animator speaking, awarding a man with a prize - a tambourine; a man is singing.

A man is dancing in the round of spectators.

An old woman is standing with her purchases.

Soldiers at the counter with the keyrings.

Militiamen, guys are standing.

A girl is playing the guitar in the street.

A small table in the street with the uneated food , a panorama of a small girl standing under the table.

A queue to the attractions; children are standing and watching.

People at the closed doors of the video club.

Faces of the people looking through the window of the video club.


Fashion Show in a Paris street .

A Festival in the Disneyland: actors wearing the costumes of Disney heroes are walking by, talking to the children; the Water Carnival (carriages are floating, huge figures, etc.).

The Statue of Liberty is being carried by, a turkey figure (a masquerade procession) etc.

The city of Moscow -

The light in the windows of Moscow newly-erected buildings is being switched off and on; cars are rushing along the streets.

The restaurant signboard; a tablet on the restaurant ("No Seats").

People are running along the street, at the cafe, in GUM [State Department Store], along Old Arbat Street; a pointsman at watch; customers in shops, a queue.

Reel №2

People in the room are looking up.

Clients in the restaurant, waiters are rollerblading.


Horsemen are riding.

Soldiers in helmets are going by.

A torch procession.

Horsemen in ancient suits.

A beauty contest; the winner is being given flowers.

Festival fireworks in New York, the Statue of Liberty.

An American chorus is singing.

A building lighted by fireworks.

Different people are watching video.

People are running out of the shop; walking along the State Department Store; a queue to the café is moving, the house windows are going out and lighting up.

A café window .

An empty night street, a signboard ”Pies”.

Dummies in the shop-window.

Signboards of the sandwich shop, flower shop, metal repair workshop.

Advertising, shop-windows in Gorky Street are shining.

Perfumes in the shop-window.

A high-rise building at night in salute flashes.

A hand is inserting a cassette into the video recorder.

A panorama of a family sitting in front of the video recorder.

A carnival procession on the stadium; procession participants are dancing.

A woman is performing the belly-dance.

Lights in windows are fading down.

Cars in an empty night street.

A man is sitting under a poster dedicated to the City Day Celebration.

Lanterns in a gateway.

An empty café.

Signboards of the shops ‘Vesna” [“Spring“], “Myaso” [“Meat“] are going out.

Telephone boxes in night streets.

A shop-window.

Soda water machines.

A monument to Lenin.

The head of the Monument to the writer F. M. Dostoevsky.

A drunken man is going by the subway crossing and falling down; militiamen, passers-by, a motorcyclist are passing.

Advertisement in a New York street .

A bus is going by.

A shop interior; shop-windows; a saleswoman at the cash register.

Street trade.

A spotlit night city.

A conjurer with a torch; the young people at the cafe tables are looking.

The conjurer is swallowing the fire and sawing his hand.

An animator.

Shadows of dummies on the walls.

Military equipment in a Moscow night street (the rehearsal of the Military Parade).

A high-rise building at dawn.