Russian People from American Point Of View. (Film 3). (1988)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sveshnikova I.

Script writers: Losev S., Sveshnikova I.

Operators: Durnov K., Izvekov V.

Text writers: Bogachev V.


The consequences of "Soviet Hazard" American propaganda, "enemy image", and first steps to mutual understanding.

Foreign policy


Reel №1

Alarm at the US military base.

Action officers to bring the technology to combat readiness.

Telephone conversations.

Americans are running down the hall, a car drove up to the airfield, run up to the plane.

The plane of the US President at the airport.

Helicopter US President over the surrounding area of the White House.

Far hit a building residence of the President of the United States.

Figure: American generals with handsets.

Figure: President Reagan said by telephone.

Zbigniew Brzezinski is responsible (synchronously) on the question of the evacuation of the President of the United States, in the event of nuclear war.

American officers during a fire drill.

Collection of Christian patriots, performances at the microphone (synchronously) on the Communist threat.

Picture in the newspaper of David Rice.

D.Rays in prison, goes up the stairs and down the hall.

David Rice gives interviews (synchronously) on their beliefs.

Crime Scene Investigation David Rice: apartment, where he killed a man with his wife and their children.

General Moore performs shows pointer on the map of the landing site of the Soviet assault.

Caricature depicts the Russian Bear and American Eagle.

American cartoons of the Soviet military threat.

World map, arrows are drawn from the Soviet Union in all directions (multrabota).

Soviet cartoons on American millionaires, politicians and the military.

German cartoons of the 1930s.

Key words



Brzezinski ZK - American political scientist, sociologist and statesman of Polish origin.



Reel №2

Images from the Nazi propaganda film "The Eternal Jew": rats eat the grain in sacks.

Go down the street people of Jewish nationality.

Caricatures of Jews.

Photo: children in striped cloth behind the barbed wire of the concentration camp.

Newsreel of the Second World War: the prisoners of the concentration camp.

Bear on two sticks the corpse of the prisoner.

Corpses thrown into the ditch.

Pictures of the victims of the concentration camps, including children.

Gives interviews (synchronously) American psychologist about the image of "the enemy."

Photos: Vietnamese on the road, portrait Vietnamese children play, man, children smiling.

American Vietnam War veteran says (synchronously).

Photo: corpses.

Newsreel of the Vietnam War (1965-1975 gg.): American soldier is near the corpses.

Photo of American soldiers.

Newsreel of the Vietnam War (1965-1975 gg.): Vietnamese Americans are captured, tied with a rope around their necks.

The soldier put a gun to the head of the Vietnamese girl.

American Vietnam War veteran says (synchronously) their feelings.

Images from the feature film about an American soldier Rambo.

Images from the various feature films where the characters are fighting, shooting, fighting.

Killer David Rice gives interviews (synchronously) on their beliefs.

David Rice led the police down the hallway with his hands handcuffed behind his back.

The picture of the crucified Christ.

Nuclear explosion.

Photo: Vietnamese girl running naked down the road from the American soldiers.

Chronicle 1930 GG .: paced fascist soldiers.

Hitler (large).

Posters of different times of the fascist, American, Soviet military threat.


Foreign observers are present during the destruction of the Soviet medium-range missiles.

The signing of the papers in the field, shaking hands.

US Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci in the Soviet Union, meeting at the ramp with the Soviet military.

Americans climb aboard a Soviet bomber.

Soviet military delegation visited the US aircraft carrier.

Take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier fighter.

Military exercises, examples of advanced military equipment for aircraft.

The crew of an American bomber runs to his plane.

Soviet military delegation visits the US facilities.

Gives an interview (synchronously) about the dangers of a nuclear catastrophe.

Key words

USSR - USA Military aggression


1941-1945 1965-1975 1930s

World War II; Foreign War

Reel №3

Communications center between the USSR and the United States, the officer gave a report to the commander.

Technical means of center-based computers.

Electronic clock on the wall shows Moscow time and Greenwich Mean Time.

Major General Medvedev says (synchronously) on the tasks of the center.

US military aircraft Boeing at the Moscow airport.

Out of the plane inspectors who will monitor the implementation of the Soviet-American agreements on arms reduction.

Meeting with Soviet colleagues handshake.

Head of the US inspection team says (synchronously) on the increased understanding between the two countries.

A team of specialists is going to and from work.

Inspection missiles destined for destruction.

American Inspector Smith says (synchronous and behind the scenes) the successful teamwork.

PNRM. on missiles lying in the meadow.

The officer is counting down.

The blast destroyed the rocket.

US Vice President George.

Bush looks through binoculars as the destroyed missile "Pershing".


Bush stands (synchronously) on the Elimination of weapons of mass destruction.

Young man playing on the machine in the "Star Wars".

Advertising with the image of Rambo.

Boy shoots a gun in the slot machine at targets.

Computer games related to military activities.

Boy playing on the machine, turning heads, freeze-frame their faces.

Key words

US - USSR Disarmament


Bush George. - President of the United States.