Newsreel of the people's Republic of China (1950-1966)

Footage №96736, 9 footages, duration: 1:25:46

Scene №1 Newsreel of the people's Republic of China

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Panorama of the yellow river Bank.

Sculpture group at the top of the monument to the heroes of the Chinese revolution.

Children at the fountain in the Park.

Musicians with musical instruments in cases pass along the embankment.

People on the riverbank.

View of a building in Harbin, hidden by trees.

People play table tennis in the yard.

Young people walk among the trees.

View of the building of the Orthodox Church in Harbin, a bus passes by, people ride bicycles.

People read the news in posted on the street dazibao, panorama of the fence with posted dazibao.

A campaign truck passes along the street, people run after it and catch leaflets.

Participants in the festive demonstration carry portraits of Mao Zedong and banners with slogans.

Pass the column of Chinese pioneers.

Panoramas of the beach, on the beach there are people with banners.

Adults and children swim in the river, go boating.

Landscapes at sunrise.

The sun rises.

View of the field.

People work in the field.

View of a Chinese village.

A farmer with buckets on a yoke goes to the well, starts pumping water and filling buckets.

The farmer gets a bucket of water from the well, pours water into their buckets.

View of a peasant house in one of the provinces of China.

Smoke from a chimney on the roof.

Panorama of the reservoir and the village.

Women on the riverbank washing clothes.

View of a village street, passing a cyclist.

Portrait of Mao Zedong above the entrance to the Central manor of the village commune.

Farmers remove a pig from the cart.

Pig in the fence.

Threshing on the field by hand.

Farmers with hoes on earthworks.

Panorama of the building of the livestock complex under construction.

Types of enterprise construction in rural areas.

Transportation of a large tank using ropes and sledges.

Engineers discuss the production issue, the faces of engineers.

Panorama of rural power lines.

Interior of the office of one of the party leaders of the district level, the head works at a Desk.

Views of the city street (above), trolleybuses and cyclists pass along the street.

Cyclists and pedestrians on the streets of the city.

Smoke from the factory pipe, the inscription in hieroglyphs on the pipe, workers in the cradle paint the pipe.

Production process in the open-hearth shop.

Engineers and workers of the metallurgical plant discuss the production issue.

The face of one of the engineers.

Processing large-sized parts on the machine.

Calendar: 1960-1966

Locations: China [46]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2

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The face of an engineer from one of the Chinese industrial enterprises.

Turning a large-sized shaft on a lathe.

Young workers watch the turning process and the work of the Turner.

The master tells the young worker about the features of the specialty and methods of processing parts, the girl-Turner starts working.

Faces of the master-mentor and the girl-Turner.

Panorama of the factory floor, workers at the machines.

The process of processing large-sized parts.

Parts of a factory-made crankshaft.

Production processes in the factory floor.

Employees of the design office of the plant at work, a panorama of the design office premises.

Design engineers at Kuhlman discuss the production issue.

Face of the chief engineer.

Production processes, equipment operation.

Engineers discuss the production issue.

Meeting of factory innovators sitting around a table with a drawing.

Faces of workers discussing the rationalization proposal.

View of the factory floor, workers at the machines.

Panorama of the new city quarter.

A watering machine is passing along the street, cyclists are riding.

Passengers with children get on the bus, show tickets to the conductor.

Faces of passengers outside the bus Windows.

Students walk down the street.

Types of streets and houses of the working village.

Cleaning the street with a mechanical broom.

Children's faces.

Parents take their children to kindergarten.

Teachers bring children to the territory of the kindergarten.

Parents say goodbye to their children until the evening.

Teachers bring children to the gates of the kindergarten, the faces of parents.

The music Director of the kindergarten plays the piano.

Children during a music lesson.

Children playing with blocks.

Children in needlework class.

The cook pours soup on plates before dinner, the children sit on the bench.

Children at tables during lunch.

Children make beds before the start of the "quiet hour", make clothes, put them in bed.

Panorama of the sleeping area, the teacher watches the sleeping children.

Calendar: 1958-1966

Locations: China [46] Peking [977]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Scene №3

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Panorama of the sleeping area of one of the kindergartens, children sleep in beds.

Faces of sleeping children.

Panorama of the territory of the educational institution.

Junior class students learn hieroglyphs, the teacher at the blackboard.

Students at their desks raise their hands.

Employees of one of the enterprises in the dining room at lunchtime study Mao Zedong quotes.

View of a city street.

Cleaning leaves, loading leaves into the truck.

A woman at home sits on the bed and sews, the interior of the room.

Radio and thermos on the table.

Framed photos on the wall.

A woman prepares food in the kitchen, the interior of one of the rooms, a girl at the table doing homework.

Books on the shelf.

Workers on advanced training courses.

The engineer explains the device of the unit on the example of a visual aid.

Workers listen to the engineer's explanation.

Faces of workers discussing the issue with the engineer.

The engineer draws on the blackboard with chalk, explains the subject.

The party organizer speaks at a meeting of the labor collective, the workers listen to the party organizer, smile.

Faces of participants in the meeting.

Performances of Amateur dance and music groups.

An Amateur orchestra of one of the enterprises performs.

Amateur artists are preparing to perform.

Performance of a dance group.

View of the building, decorated with evening illumination.

Masons are masonry on the construction of the building.

Workers bring the solution to the masons in buckets on rocker arms.

A team of builders manually prepares the concrete solution.

Young people at the corn harvest.

The doctor fills the syringe with medicine.

A doctor gives a lecture on first aid to members of an agricultural commune.

Veterinarians vaccinate piglets.

Pigsty workers take the pigs out for feeding.

Pigs eat and drink from feeders.

The pigsty drives the pigs out into the street.

Pigsty drives piglets into an open fence.

The face of a pig.

Calendar: 1958-1966

Locations: China [46]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

Scene №4

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Banners above the columns of the demonstration in honor of the next anniversary of the proclamation of the people's Republic of China.

Ahead of the column of demonstrators go wheeled tractors, one of them numbers - 1949.

Pass members of the Communist party of China with Mao Zedong citations in their hands.

Faces of women and girls.

A column of demonstrators passes by a cameraman with a movie camera.

A child sits on the pavement next to portraits of Mao Zedong.

People on the streets on the way of the festive procession, children with flowers in their hands greet the demonstrators.

The types of the columns of the demonstration (above).

Fireworks in the sky over evening Beijing.

A column of young people going to work in the village passes along the street.

Panorama of the station square.

Students with shoulder bags go to the station.

View of the platform, passengers boarding the train.

Girls with backpacks are waiting in line to Board the car.

On the road pass tractors with trailers and trucks with students in the back.

Horse-drawn vehicles move on the side of the road, trucks with people driving on the road.

View of the column of tractors and trucks.

Panorama of the field during plowing, tractors are on the road.

Loading bundles of straw into trucks.

Maps of railway tracks in Southwestern and Northern China.

View of Tiananmen square and the entrance to the residence of the Chinese leadership, portrait of Mao Zedong over the gate.

Beijing residents and foreign tourists on the square.

The types of the Monument to the people's heroes in Beijing.

People take photos at the monument and on the square.

School children's faces.

Panorama of Tiananmen square.

People stand in the square with quotation books and read aloud in chorus quotes from Mao Zedong.

Arrival of the train at the station.

People climb the stairs of the overpass.

People stand on the overpass and look into the distance.

Views of the great wall of China, mountain landscape.

View of the overpass at the railway station.

Children drink water from the kettle.

Selling pies at the station.

The girl pours boiling water from a teapot into the mugs of passengers exposed from the Windows of the cars.

The driver's assistant wipes the wheels of the locomotive.

View of the locomotive, the driver stands on the footboard of the booth.

The station attendant blows a whistle.

Wheels of a moving locomotive.

Outgoing passenger train.

Landscapes outside the car window.

Calendar: 1960-1966

Locations: Peking [977] China [46]

Seasons: Spring [825] Autumn [826] Summer [824]

Scene №5

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The sun shines through the sorghum.

Harvesting of millet and green foxtail manually.

The farmer binds the sheaves.

Faces of peasants.

Cleaning the collected corn cobs from the leaves.

Panorama of the field during the corn harvest and cleaning the cobs from the leaves.

Horses graze on the edge of the field.

Farmers rest on the edge of the field.

One of the peasants is sharpening a sickle for harvesting millet.

Agronomists taste the grains of the new crop.

Faces of young agronomists during a discussion on harvesting.

Covering the roof with raw clay during the construction of the cowshed.

View of the cowshed under construction.

An employee of the weather station takes readings.

The agronomist observes the seedlings in the experimental field, makes notes in the log.

The crew of the oil rig at work.

The process of making ropes, workers rotate the rope machine manually.

Melting of steel in a homemade blast furnace during the "Great leap forward".

Workers ' faces.

Liquid steel spill.

Production of steel pipes in rural areas using artisanal methods.

Workers throw fuel into a makeshift blast furnace.

The process of smelting steel in a homemade blast furnace, the faces of Steelworkers.

Panorama of a large industrial enterprise.

A factory train passes by.

Steelworkers at work.

Calendar: 1960-1966

Locations: China [46]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №6

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Steelworkers at work at the blast furnace.

The steelmaking process.

Types of open-hearth shop of a metallurgical plant, production processes.

Steelworkers watch the steelmaking process from a special site.

Steelworkers throw scrap piles into the molten steel.

Steelworkers watch the process of melting steel.

Operators at the control panel of the rolling mill, the work of the rolling mill.

The operators ' faces and hands.

Cooling the finished product with water flows.

Production processes in the sheet rolling shop.

A girl operator manages a sheet rolling mill.

Production processes in the rolling shops of the plant.

View of the rolling shop (top).

Engine Assembly at the Changchun automobile plant.

Trucks are coming off the Assembly line.

View of the finished product site of the car factory in Changchun (top).

It takes a train with trucks on the platforms.

Train on the horizon.

Tractor driver in the cab of the tractor.

Trailer driver on a plow cultivator.

Plow-cultivator, towed by a tractor.

Cultivation of a plowed field.

Children walk across the field.

The tractor is deployed in a field while plowing at sunset.

The tractor is ready at the site.

Tractor Assembly in the factory shop in Luoyang, Henan province.

Assembly of crawler tractor chassis.

Repair of tractors in the factory shop.

Tractor parts on the floor.

The process of circular welding on a special machine.

Factory-made tractor headlight reflectors.

Slogan on the wall of the shop.

Production processes in the workshops of machine-building enterprises, processing of parts on machines.

Panorama of hills.

Members of a campaign team with equipment for broadcasting and showing movies walk through the hills to a remote village.

The villagers welcomed the members of the propaganda team, to welcome them.

Preparing the canvas of the movie screen before the start of the session in the open air.

Installing audio speakers.

The beginning of the movie show, the projector in front of the screen.

Mao Zedong on the screen greets the demonstrators from the podium.

Faces of Mao Zedong and welcoming participants of the event.

View of Tiananmen square during the festive event (top).

Faces of moviegoers watching the chronicle.

The face of Mao Zedong and the celebrants greeting him.

View of Tiananmen square (top).


Mao Czedun -- Chinese revolutionary, statesman and politician

Calendar: 1958-1966

Locations: China [46] Peking [977]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

Scene №7

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Panorama of Tiananmen square in Beijing during a solemn event.

Panorama of a part of the territory of one of the village communes, the flag of the people's Republic of China over the government building.

Doctors sterilize their hands before surgery, panorama of the operating room, deployed in a rural house.

Doctors perform the operation.

Doctors leave the house after the operation is over and go on foot to another village.

Doctors examine the patient, measure her blood pressure.

Examination of the patient.

one of the doctors makes entries in the patient's chart.

Residents of one of the villages accompany students who helped them in field work.

Students leave the village on the road.

The peasants stand and watch the students leave.

View of a cultivated field.

People on the streets of the city read the news in the dazibao houses hung on the walls, look at posters, people's faces.

Trucks are driving on the frozen LNA river ice.

Boats and small vessels on the river Bank.

Bagrami people extract ice blocks in the shape of a cube from the river.

Children ride down the slides on the embankment, go out on the ice.

Children ride on the ice on a wooden sled.

Children play on ice, a girl tries to ride on two bricks.

A girl rides on a wooden sled.

Panorama of a frozen lake in the countryside.

Children playing on the ice, children's faces.

Types of land cracked by drought.

Red flag over the well.

People rotate a vertical gate for drilling a water well.

Farmers dig an irrigation canal with hoes.

Loading of the earth on the cart.

View of a field in one of the village communes.

Water tanks for irrigation of fields.

Interior view of the workshop for the repair of agricultural machinery.

Repair process, workers ' faces.

The tractor is down for maintenance in repair workshops.

Workers repair the gearbox of one of the tractors.

Repair process, workers ' faces.

Repair shop workers at a General meeting.

Calendar: 1958-1966

Locations: China [46] Peking [977]

Seasons: Winter [823] Autumn [826]

Scene №8

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Workers of workshops for the repair of agricultural machinery during political information.

Workers make notes in their notes.

Panorama and views of one of the coal deposits in China (top), coal export by rail.

View of the railway junction (top).

Views and panorama of the coal Deposit.

Old entrances to the coal mine.

Types of old, unused roads for the export of the breed.

Panorama of the area.

The trolley is moving along the train tracks.

Lifting the trolley for subsequent unloading.

Workers climb down into the car.

Types of coal mine.

Loading coal into railway cars with an excavator.

The face of the excavator driver.

Passing the composition of coal trolleys.

Miners wave their hands after the train.

View of a part of a coal mine, working excavator.

The flag is the slogan on the squad of red guards, making a March through the countryside.

Faces of marching red guards.

Flag bearer at the head of the squad.

Members of the squad are on the road, the faces of young people.

The group enters one of the villages.

Members of the squad enter the building of the commune Board, outfit members of the squad.

Farmers prepare stew for guests in large bowls.

Members of the squad eat soup prepared for them by the peasants.

The party gathers at the house after lunch and goes on.

Youth groups go along country roads.

View of the field, in the distance there is a detachment with a banner.

The group goes away along the road, the peasants go home to the village.

Calendar: 1960-1966

Locations: China [46]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

Scene №9

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A worker strengthens a portrait of Mao Zedong on the arch of the entrance to the construction site, decorated for the holiday.

View of a festively decorated arch.

panorama of the construction of an industrial enterprise.

Transportation of equipment for installation and installation.

A farmer carries vegetables in a cart.

Arrival of a cart with vegetables at the food hall.

Unloading vegetables.

Rural landscape (panorama).

Participants of the festive rally carry red banners.

Children clap their hands to the beat.

Faces of the rally participants.

Panorama of the rally.

Director of the chemical plant under construction Zhao speaks at a rally, reads the text of the speech.

Participants of the rally applaud.

The Chairman of the local agricultural commune Chang speaks.

Faces of farmers listening to the Chairman's speech.

Presentation of gifts to industry leaders, participants of the rally applaud.

Faces of the rally participants.

Performance of artists of music and dance groups in front of farmers and chemical plant workers.

View of the rally and the stage with artists performing at it.

Panorama of the green massif in Beijing.

Holiday posters and slogans on the walls of the building.

Red guards reading aloud quotes from Mao Zedong.

Panorama of Tiananmen square during the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the proclamation of the people's Republic of China (top).

The main column of the festive demonstration enters the square.

Calendar: 1966

Locations: China [46] Peking [977]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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