Non-Stop (the Planet Today #10).. (1989)

Film-document №9681 2 parts, Duration: 0:17:09 to collection Price category A

Part 1 digitized in HD 0:09:02

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Agadzhanyan E., Kudryashova G.

Script writers: Galkina E., Ryabova M.

Operators: Zaycev A.


A review film about the life of young people in Western countries.

Temporary description

The film is mounted from a foreign film and video material. The film includes the following film-video: a ball in the theater, theatrical presentation, demonstration models of clothes, a car accident, an address street musicians, jugglers, car racing, a colony of hippies.

Reel №1

Clouds, the sky.

An explosion.

The sea; a sand castle on the seashore


A lighting fixture.

A woman wearing an odd dress is dancing on the seashore.

Theater interior.

A pianist and another musician are performing.

A performance on a medieval subject.

Break-dance and other modern dances.

A drummer.

The audience is raving.

Cameramen are shooting.

Passers-by are walking along a foreign city street; a woman is sitting, a dog is running.

Young men with long hair are sitting at the table and smoking.

A horse is galloping on the circus arena.

Palace interior.


Dancing pairs in the palace.

Hands opening a box with cigars.

The young people are smoking.

People on the balcony are applauding.

Young men wearing top-hats are dancing.

Mechanical boots in the museum.

A panorama of ballerinas dancing on the stage.


A dancing ensemble is performing.

Men, wearing women linen, are dancing.

A photographer is taking pictures of young people.

A fashion show (indoor and outdoor).

The crowd is applauding.

Young people in the street.

Two girls are swearing at each other and fighting in the street.

A policeman in the street.

Crushed automobiles.

A dead body is being covered.

A woman in the tram.

A young man and a girl wearing a crown are standing.

An equestrian show in the circus.

People on the escalator.

A man wearing exotic clothes (a peace marcher) is skiing along city streets, standing with a poster.

Girls are walking by and dancing.

Drum beating.

A man is looking.

A boy playing the drum.

A man playing some musical instrument.

A night street of a western city.

An illusionist is letting fire out of his mouth.

The audience is applauding.

The illusionist is collecting money.

Reel №2

A plane in the air.

A rocket at the start point.

A motorcyclist, a motor race; a makeup room; a restorer is working.

Models are walking by.

Passers-by in the street.

A coin dropping into the slot machine; a young man is watching; a woman-exhibit is lying.

Young men are running.

Cars are standing.

A man at the shop window, others – at the car.

A policeman.

A panorama of the wounded persons being laid into the cars.

A panorama of waxworks of legs and broken head.

Actors on the stage.

A man at the microphone.

Passers-by in the street.

A street.

A peace marcher is waving a flag at an ancient temple building.

People are watching.

Children on the meadow, on the merry-go-round, on the playground.

A panorama of the smoke coming out of chimneys.

A balcony and wooden floor are being repaired.

A panorama of trees, flowers.

A young man.

A girl beside a lying young man.

A drug-addict’s hand with traces of injections.

A drug store.

A panorama of customers in the shop.

Chimneys are smoking.

Passengers in a plane.

The ground from the plane.

Dancing people.

An ensemble on the stage.

A female singer with a microphone.

A panorama of the black liquid flowing into water from the pipe.

A seal in the polluted water.

A cameraman is shooting.

A panorama of a car wheel, the wheel track.

Drug-addicts are sitting, smoking.

A naked boy and girl on the bicycle.

Hippies are sitting.

Taiga (a view from the plane).

A panorama of a motorcyclist flying over cars, falling down, lying on the ground; people rushing to him.

A city street, the traffic.

A panorama of a dead wood; roots of dead trees.

A girl lying in bed.

Young people’s faces, one is shouting.

A tractor is plowing the soil.

A panorama of rubbish being thrown from the special vehicles.

A river.

A panorama of water.

A young man is singing, a girl is singing and dancing.


Hands are taking a film from the box.

A projectionist is loading the film inside the device.

Digits on a display (computer).

A performance on a medieval subject.

A starry sky.