The Letters to the Red Commander.. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva N.

Script writers: Kramarskiy E.

Operators: Muratov V.


Reflections on insanity and death of the Commander I.S. Kozhevnikov in the Solovki Concentration Camp.

Historical background

Film about repressed commander KS Kozhevnikov.

Generals and war heroes


Temporary description

About the tragic fate of the commander Igor Kozhevnikov and his death at Solovki.

Reel №1

Part 1.

Newsreel of the 1920-ies:

A boy is running.

Echelons with tanks are moving.

A machine gun muzzle.

A tram bumper.

A cavalry is galloping.

Soldiers are running.

Leaflets are being thrown from a train.

A panorama of M.G.Anisimov, a veteran of the Civil War, typing.

Newsreel: a winter forest, reflection in the water, birches in the forest.

An animated work: a photo of Innokenty Serafimovich Kozhevnikov, the commander of Army.

A panorama of a grilled window.

A panorama of the Solovki monastery domes .

A view of the Solovki islands from an aircraft.

The Solovki islands, churches.

A panorama of a river, trees on a river bank.

A cross on a grave.

A panorama of walls of the monastery.

Newsreel of 1921:


The Pacific Ocean.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov with his wife on the seashore, at a market.

Children are walking across a field.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov is receiving a review.

Soldiers are standing and passing by.

An orchestra is passing by.

A friend of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Far Eastern Republic – Innokenty Kozhevnikov among foreign soldiers.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov with other people at the seashore; waves are impinging.

Newsreel of 1917:

Soldiers are going to a front-line.

Soldiers with flags are standing.

People’s faces.

People are listening to a speaker.

Speakers are speaking.

Peasants’ faces.

A peasant is turning up the soil.

An old village; a destroyed house.

A poor peasantry family in a house.

Peasant settlers are walking.

A train is passing by.

Peasants at a station.

People on a roof of the train.

Beggars are sitting on the ground, on rails, gathering leavings, etc.

Victims of starvation: a hunger-bit man is gathering crumbs, other hungry people.


Reel №2

Newsreel of the 1920-ies:


A fire.

Anarchists are walking; “The God is with us, ataman” banner.

Funerals of Uritsky, people with wreaths are walking.

An animated work: a message about an attempt Vladimir Lenin.

People near wagons, they are getting into a wagon.

Soldiers at wagons.

A train is passing by.

An echelon with soldiers.

Horse soldiers are passing by.

Riders are standing.

General Lavr Kornilov, Admiral Alexander Kolchak are standing.

Mikhail Frunze is greeting soldiers.

Vasily Chapayev among soldiers.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov at a meeting.

A muzzle of a firing gun machine.

An echelon with military equipment.

A cavalry is galloping.

A canon is being charged; a canon is shooting.

A panorama of pictures of holy people on a wall.


A monastery at a bank of the river.

Nuns in the monastery.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov is speaking to nuns.

Soldiers on a steam vessel.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov is obtaining a package with a report.

People at a meeting.

Peasants, who have registered in a partisan detachment, are standing.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov with the Red Army detachment.

People at a destroyed bridge.

Railway tracks are being cleared.

Soldiers near a snow-covered canon.

A security man at his post.

Soldiers are sitting on snow.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov and commander of an armored train – Lyudmila Makiyevskaya near the armored train.

A photo of Lyudmila Makiyevskaya.

An animated work: Innokenty Kozhevnikov, Larisa Raisner, a writer and political employee, Fedor Raskolnikov, a commander of the Volga fleet, are at a steam vessel.

A photo of L.Raisner, F.Raskolnikov.

Steam vessels of the Volga fleet are sailing.

Military men are passing by.

Military men and political prisoners.

The Solovki monastery, a zoom to a title “Management of the Solovki camps of special designation”.

Prisoners are passing by, entering the territory of the camp followed by a convoy.

A tube of a steam vessel, the steam vessel is sailing.

Prisoners are standing.

The sky.

A banner with the title “Death for enemies of the proletarian revolution”.

Demonstrators are carrying a banner with the title “We demand a shooting”.

A scoop of an excavator is under operation.

A steam engine is passing by.


A file and wind band are carrying a poster with the title “Demobilized for combat assault of Magnitnaya mountain”.

Workers are beating concrete.

Workers at a construction site.

Peasants’ faces.

The holiday of “the first furrow”.

A ploughed field.

Reel №3

Newsreel of the 1930-ies:

Iosif Stalin, Vyacheslav Molotov, Konstantin Voroshilov are applauding.

People are applauding.

Iosif is speaking.

People listening to.

Iosif Stalin is talking to a woman, surrounded by other people.

A trial of Prompartiya (Industrial party): persons on trial.

A.A.Vyshinsky, Prosecutor General, and N.V.Krylenko, prosecuting official, are speaking.

Ramsin, a person on trial, and others.

People listening to in a hall.

A night demonstration, posters with words “If an enemy doesn’t give up, he will be killed”, “Death for betrayers”, etc. are carried.

A panorama of premises of the Solovki monastery, walls.

A monastery by the water.


An echelon with military equipment is passing by.

A cavalry is galloping.

People are smiling.

A military parade; an orchestra is passing by.

A wooden figure of Christ.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov, who has lost sanity during his deportation to the Solovki, is walking.

Innokenty Kozhevnikov is ringing the bell.

A falling tube.

An explosion.

A panorama of catacombs of the Solovki monastery.

A dome.

A beam of sunlight in a ward.

A panorama of shadows moving in a prison-yard.

The Red Square.