Two days in may (1966)

Documentary №97057, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:14
Production: LSDF
Director:V. Efremov, A. Beltov
Screenwriters:Yu. Fedyanin
Camera operators:A. Kiselev, I. Saranskij, V. Fedotov, V. Bulgakov
Sound mixer:I. Schenov
Other authors:A. Stepanov


The film tells about two days of life in the village of Pavlo-Kurakino, Penza region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Views of the village of Pavlo-Kurakino, Penza region, rural landscapes.

The colt rolls on the ground.

View of a rural street.

The goose jumps into the water.

A speaker on a pole.

Rural landscapes.

A shepherd drives a herd of cows past a well.

A loudspeaker on a pole, hearing a radio broadcast.

View of wooden sheds.

Well by the road.

A rooster on the fence.

Local residents ride in a wagon.

A bird flies out of a birdhouse on a pole.

Women walk down the street for water.

A woman brings a rocker with buckets of water into the yard.

The sowing unit goes into the field.

The conduct of Seva.

The state flag of the USSR over the village council.

A horse with a foal grazing on the street, a tanker truck with milk passes by.

A man in the yard chopping wood.

The girl gets water from the well.

A cuckoo clock on the wall.

A child walks in the yard.

The girl is standing at the well.

Men leave the yard on a motorcycle.

The cat hides in a crack in the barn door.

The boy is standing on the street.

Installation of the Honor Board in front of the village council.

Local residents watch the installation of the Honor Board, talk to each other.

Portraits of collective farm leaders on the Honor Board.

The boy sneezes.

People look at the portraits on the honor board, people's faces.

A car drives down the street.

The villagers go to celebrate on May 1.

A man brings a table into the gate.

A man and a woman get out of a taxi that has pulled up to the house.

People enter the house.

The man closes the front door.

Tractor on the plow.

The gramophone needle is placed on the record.

A kid with his pants down runs around the yard for a chicken.

Faces of adults and children.

A girl walks around the yard.

The boy sits at the log wall of the house.

Boys, girls and children play catch-up in the yard.

The bell is on the table.

Internal view of the local school classroom.

Inkwells on the table.

The children open the window.

High school students make a protective fence for a young tree from boards.

View of the village.

A woman with a wheelchair is walking along the road, people on the road dance to the accordion.

The harmonica player is playing.

Dancing women sing ditties.

Young people on the porch of the house.

Two men sitting on a bench near the house, drinking alcoholic beverages.

Reflections in the water of cows passing along the river bank.

A herd of sheep on the road, passing a cyclist.

The car honks at the sheep on the road.

A woman walks through the courtyard of the house.

Interior view of one of the rooms.

A young man and a girl are talking at the window, a record is spinning.

Bicycles at the logs under the wall of the house, girls look out of the windows.

Rural landscapes.

A tractor passes through the field.

Performance of a local dance group in the House of Culture, the faces of the audience.

The host announces the next number.

The girls perform the song from the stage, the faces of the singing girls and the audience.

Evening rural landscape.

Glowing Windows in the houses.

On the night road, a car is driving with its headlights on.

Calendar: 1966

Locations: Penza region [796]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A passenger bus passes on the road through the village.

View of the glass window of a rural store.

An elderly woman goes to the store.

Cart wheels against the wall of the house.

TV antenna on the roof of the house.

The cartwright is planing a board with a plane.

The face of a carpenter who is Smoking a cigarette during the holidays.

Cars and trucks pass along the road.

The boy's face.

Children sit by the side of the road, watching the passing cars.

Cars and buses passing by the village.

A carpenter makes a wooden part of the cart body.

Transportation of long logs in carts.

View of a part of a wooden mill.

Two men at the mill.

A millstone leaning against the wall.

One of the men talks about everyday worries, about the times of collectivization, about life on the collective farm (synchronously).

Views of the village (top).

The wind sways the branches of trees and flowers.

One of the collective farmers talks about the difficulties that arise during the construction of their own house (synchronously).

View of a house under construction.

A man's face.

People are running to extinguish the growing fire.

Men break the fence of a burning house.

The neighbors take out the injured woman.

View of a burning house.

The old man passes by the fire.

The fire was extinguished.

A child sits on furniture rescued from a burning house.

The policeman puts things in order.

An elderly woman with a saved icon in her hands.

Students carry buckets of water.

Neighbors comfort the owner of the burned house.

Extinguishing the remains of a burning house.

Panorama of the conflagration.

The old man is sitting on a bench by the fence.

Construction of a new house, carpenters work crowns.

View of a burned-out house against the background of the construction of a new one.

Views from the windows of the erected log house.

A mother rocks a baby in a hanging cradle.

Plowing a field with a plow.

Tractor with a cultivator in the field.

View of the log cabin of the new house.

Carpenter at work.

The carpenter sits on a log to rest, the carpenter's face.

Evening rural landscape.

Calendar: 1966

Locations: Penza region [796]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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