Doctor Nazloyan. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Agadzhanyan E., Kudryashova G.

Script writers: Agadzhanyan E., Kudryashova G.

Operators: Belov I.


About Doctor Gagyk Nazloyan, who treats psychotics, and his method of treatment.

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Temporary description

Spite of doctor Ian neyroendokrinologicheskogo center sculpts in clay sculpture workshop patients to recover quickly.

Reel №1

A panorama of a female dummy lying at the painted wall.

An eye.

A logotype of the Neuro-endocrynological Centre.

A panorama of a door with a center sign on it being closed.

Doctor-sculptor Gagik Nazloyan who cures psychotic patients by creating their portrait masks is sitting in his studio.

A cup and an open sandwich in somebody’s hands; a patient – 20-year-old Olga – is sitting.

A work piece of modeling clay for a mask.

Treading woman’s legs.

Nazloyan’s hands – he is working at a work piece.

Olga is sitting close to him; the hands.

Gagik Nazloyan is working at Olga’s sculpture mask.

A panorama of a copy-book with records on a table.

Olga is standing close to Nazloyan at work, a face.

A mask and a show bill with the title “Secret of the disappearing sculpture” on a wall in the studio.

A panorama of mask casts.

A panorama of a curtain in the studio.

Nazloyan’s hands are working at a mask.

A panorama of Olga’s mother – Lyudmila - watching.

Actors of the Leningrad Little Theatre “Derevo” [“Tree”] are performing plastic acts “Embryo-1”, Embryo-2”, Embryo-3”.

A shop window, Olga’s face is being reflected in the glass.

Reel №2

A panorama of Gagik Nazloyan standing by the window, then getting back to work at Olga’s sculpture portrait.

A panorama of Olga’s eyes.

A panorama of Olga looking at her portrait then approaching a mirror and looking at it.

Reflection of the curtain in the mirror.

An actress is performing the sketch “Embryo”.

A samovar and a stock of letters on the table, Nazloyan is at table.

A panorama of patients’ masks.

A panorama of masks on the wall.

A panorama of Gagik Nazloyan is sorting out the letters.

He is telling about the patients whom he helped to cure.

Nazloyan is talking to Olga.

Nazloyan’s eyes.

Nazloyan’s hands when he is working at a mask.

Lanterns, branches.

A shop window, reflection of branches, of people who are going by.

A panorama of Gagik Nazloyan working at a mask.

Reel №3

Olga is smiling.

A panorama of Nazloyan’s hands when he is working at a portrait mask.

Olga’s hands.

Gagik Nazloyan is talking to Olga, laughing.

A hand is scraping a mask with a scalpel.

Olga is cleaning her sculpture portrait with a brush, her hands.

A panorama of Gagik Nazloyan sitting in an arm-chair at a tea-table and reading patient records.

A panorama of patients’ masks in the corner of the studio.

A panorama of Olga standing with a mask in her hands at the easel.

Lyudmila’s hands are writing down in a copy-book.

Nazloyan is helping Olga to mould.

A hand is kneading modeling clay.

A face.

Nazloyan and Olga are coming closer to a mirror, Olga is looking, speaking.

Gagik Nazloyan and Lyudmila are sitting in the studio, Olga is looking in the mirror, she is smiling.

A panorama of the Kalininsky Avenue reflecting in a shop window, a face of a dummy in the shop window.

A panorama of Lyudmila and Olga walking in the Old Arbat street.

Passers-by are in a street.

A panorama of paintings exhibited in the Old Arbat street.

People are looking at the paintings, Olga is among them.

A panorama of Olga making a call on a pay-phone.

Olga’s sculpture portrait.

A panorama of Gagik Nazloyan working at a portrait; he is talking to Olga.

A panorama of a photograph on the wall: Olga and her mask; a panorama of Olga smiling.

People are coming in glass doors.

A panorama of a girl reflecting in a shop window.

Gagik Nazloyan is at his desk.