Who Is For It.. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pavlov A.

Script writers: Yakovenko A.

Operators: Izvekov V.


On the political situation and the party today. The workers and employees of JSC "AVTOVAZ" in Togliatti express their views about the party, about the changes in the society, about how the party should build relationships with people. Included are excerpts of the film "two meetings" Kuibyshev studio newsreel.

Domestic policy | Restructuring


Reel №1

Alternation: Street Togliatti, snowing, the beginning of a meeting of voters with the candidate V.V.Kadannikovym.

People on the street to discuss the candidacy V.V.Kadannikova.

Agitation among the population (the city riding a car with a loudspeaker, a woman reading a text).

Fragments meeting voters, the candidate of the discussion.

The street goes propaganda machine (to take the bus).

Singer-songwriter Yu.

Livshits sings.

The front part of a passenger car.

Driving on the highway (shooting from the car).

Production processes in the shops of the plant.

The meeting of the party group of the plant.

Discussion of candidates at a party meeting.

A fragment of an interview with V.M.Malyhinym.

Party meeting of Economic Planning, discusses the candidacy V.I.Isakova.


Kadannikov VV - Industrial and statesman, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AvtoVAZ (1988-2005), Hero of Socialist Labor. Malihin VM - Electricians foreman AvtoVAZ, Hero of Socialist Labor. Isakov VI - Soviet and Russian industrialist, CEO of AvtoVAZ (1982-1988).



Reel №2

Party meeting, discussion of conditions of nomination of candidates.

Asked responsible party secretary of plant Yu.V.Arhipov.

The opinion of one of the factory workers.

At the microphone S.I.Turkin.


Tells V.M.Malyhin.

Production processes in the shop.

Past the monument on the square passing vehicles.

The building of the Kuibyshev Regional Party Committee.

People in front of the building.

Alternation: E.F.Muravev acts, footage of the documentary "Two of the rally."

Meeting of the AvtoVAZ workers, discussion of solutions.

E.F.Muravev in the film "Two of the rally." E.F.Muravev presents candidates. V.I.Isakov.

Automated mechanical assembly production A.A.Melnikov.

Tells S.V.Kleymenov.

Fragment assembly AvtoVAZ workers council at the meeting and present S.V.Kleymenov A.A.Melnikov.


Turkin SI - Party and state leaders, 1st Secretary of Party Committee of Togliatti. Ants EF - Party and state leaders, 1st secretary of the Kuibyshev (Samara) Regional Party Committee. Kleimenov SV - Soviet worker, Hero of Socialist Labor, chairman of the staff AvtoVAZ, honorary citizen of the city of Togliatti. Malihin VM Isakov VI


Togliatti Kuibyshev

Reel №3

Alternating fragments council meeting of the staff AvtoVAZ (discuss production problems) and interviews with A.A.Melnikov and S.V.Kleymenov.

Work in the shops of the plant.

Alternation: footage of the documentary "two meetings" (protests against E.F.Muraveva), members of the Kuibyshev Regional Party Committee.

A.A.Melnikova Speech at the XIX Conference of the CPSU. A.A.Melnikov back into place.

Conference delegates. A.A.Melnikov and other delegates in the lobby during a break between meetings.

A.A.Melnikov factory.


Mikhail Gorbachev - State, political and public figure, the last general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, the last President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the first chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the only president of the USSR. Kleimenov SV Ants EF Turkin SI


Togliatti Kuibyshev Moscow

Reel №4

Party meeting factory A.A.Melnikov colleague answers the question.

Tells S.V.Kleymenov.

Fragments of interviews and performances on the board of the staff AvtoVAZ sociologist S.N.Maneshin.

Factory workers perform at a party meeting.


Kleimenov SV Turkin SI



Reel №5

Stills of the documentary "two meetings" (speech E.F.Muraveva, crowds of protesters booed and speaker).

Parade through the streets.

Awarding AvtoVAZ factory in Moscow.

Car assembly at the factory.

Member of the Politburo of the USSR visited AvtoVAZ. Alternation: clowns, mimes on holidays, clothes shops.

Line at the grocery store.

New cars.

Food coupons.

Clowns on stage.

Children at the edge of the stage.

A fragment of the regional party committee meeting, discussion of food issues and the problems of supply.

Auto racing.

Persons working in the shop at the meeting.


Ants EF Isakov VI Turkin SI




Togliatti Kuibyshev Moscow

Reel №6

Delegates gather at the IX reporting election party conference of the plant.

Discussion S.N.Perevezentseva candidacy for the post of party secretary. S.N.Perevezentsev answers questions.

Powered counting commission.

Announcement of the election results.

People take off their candidacy with a further vote.

Driving on the highway (shooting from the car).

Agitation among the population (the city riding a car with a loudspeaker).

People near the walls with posters. V.V.Kadannikov answers the questions of journalists and colleagues.

Singer-songwriter Yu.

Livshits sings. V.V.Kadannikov on the podium.

Those workers.


Livshits with guitar goes on the area.

Ferris Wheel in the city park, it is snowing.


Kadannikov VV