Surgut. What Is Next…. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva A.

Script writers: Khinchagashvili V., Soloveva A.

Operators: Stupin V., Sosnickiy U., Sysoev V.


About the meeting of Komsomol leaders of certain organisations in Surgut in January 1989.

Activities of the Komsomol

Policy | Domestic policy

Temporary description

Surgut. Young people on the streets of Surgut. Youth Ensemble played. Girl-painter paints. January 1989. Meeting of the leaders of Komsomol organizations of the country in Surgut. Speakers (synchronous) Baikov, Dudarenko V., V. Putrin and other participants of the meeting. Interviews (synchronously) O. Dyatlov. Cameramen among the participants. The participants signed the final document. Says (synchronously) of Anna Politkovskaya. Issues of "Neutral" on the table version.

Reel №1


A panorama of girls walking along a Surgut street.

A guy is watching.

A girl with a cigarette is waving for a passing car.

A group of young people who are talking to each other in the street.

A newspaper page with the inscription “About the young people’s problems”.

A street crowd is listening to a performing amateur poet.

Young people in the street.

Young people’s musical ensemble is performing.

A female painter is working in the street.

Girls and a guy with guitars.

The page and the cover of the magazine “Sobesednik” [“Interlocutor”], a bannerette.


A drill rig is operating.

A winter landscape of the Tyumen Region.

Alexander Baikov is making a speech at the Meeting of the Young Communist League Leaders in Surgut.

Issues of the magazine “Sobesednik”.

Participants of the Surgut Meeting are in the hall.

An inscription on the wall.

Participants are listening.

A “Sobesednik” cover.

Vadim Dudarenko is making a speech.

A panorama of the journalists sitting at the Press Table.

Meeting participants are listening.

Vitaliy Putrin is speaking.

A cameraman is shooting.

Alexander Fomin, Yuri Vetrov, Alexander Supromanov, German Ivantsov, Yuri Levchuk are giving speeches.

Participants are listening.

A. Politcovskiy is walking along the Conference Hall, sitting, listening.

A female operator by the camera.

Konstantin Lutskiy, Igor Lisogor, Maxim Sotnikov are making speeches.

Press photographers are shooting.

A slogan of the democratic fraction; representatives of the Movement “People’s Front” are sitting.

A panorama of the Meeting Leaders and other participants.

Meeting participants are sitting.

Alexander Fomin is making a speech.

A girl is listening; a panorama of the Meeting Leaders and participants (in the hall and in the lobby).

Reel №2

Meeting participants are talking to each other in the lobby.

Yuri Fantanov, one of the participants of the Surgut Meeting, is giving an interview.

A cameraman is shooting.

Meeting participants are talking to Maxim Sotnikov.

Audience in the hall.

Meeting participants are sitting at the table, writing.

Experts are talking to each other while sitting at the table in the hall.

Fedor Siziy, Andrey Dyagterev and Efim Ostrovsky are making speeches.

A participant’s badge and “People’s Front” badge on the jacket.

Efim Ostrovsky’s face.

Vadim Dudarenko’s hands and face.

A female participant is listening, experts.

Timur Khubaev is making a speech.

Participants of the Meeting are listening, Yuri Vetrov is among them; Vitaliy Putrin, Yuri Raptanov.

Viktor Goncharov is making a speech.

Participants are listening, the Presidium; Sergey Zhuravlev is listening.

German Ivantsov is making a speech; Andrey Degtyarev is listening.

Valeriy Chirkov and Vadim Dudarenko are making their speeches.

A cameraman is shooting.

Participants are having a conversation at the table in the café.

Oksana Dyatlova is giving an interview.

Participants of the Meeting are in the café.

Andrey Degtyarov is walking along the Conference Hall.

An operator with a camera is talking to the Meeting participants.

Participants of the Surgut Meeting of the Young Communist League Leaders of the country are having a break between Sessions.

Reel №3

Participants during the Meeting.

Igor Demin is making a speech; Oleg Kurtiyan.

Participants’ faces, Alexander Baikov is among them, Vitaliy Putrin.

Efim Ostrovsky at the opponents’ table during the Meeting.


Pictures are being exhibited in the street.

Young people are sitting and walking by.

Materials of the Meeting are on a participant’s table.

Fedor Siziy, Vitaliy Putrin, Svetlana Anuchina and Yuri Raptanov are making speeches.

Participants of the Meeting are in the Conference Hall; A. Airapetyan, Igor Demin.

The emblem of the Surgut Meeting “Leader” is in the newspaper.

A slogan on the Hall’s wall.

Maxim Sotnikov and Vitaliy Putrin are listening.

Sergey Zhuravlev and Alexander Emelyanenko are talking.

Journalists are taking pictures.

Meeting participants are listening.

Efim Ostrovsky, Alexander Meshkov and German Ivantsov are making speeches.

Alexander Baikov and Aleksander Kiselev are among the listening people.

Journalists are typing.

A text.

Hands are typing, a participant’s hands with a folded sheet of paper.

Thomas Saar is making a speech at the Meeting.

Vadim Dudarenko and Igor’ Demin are listening.

Selling of T-shirts with the Meeting Emblem in the lobby.

The participants are listening.


A drill rig in the city of Tyumen.

A worker at the rig.

Workers’ faces.

The operating drill rig.

A worker is running down the stairs in the drill rig.

A panorama of Tyumen in winter.

Thomas Saar is making a speech.

A cameraman with a camera.

Meeting participants are signing the final document.

Reel №4

Meeting participants are having a break between Sessions.

Alexander Politkovskiy is giving an interview.

Cameramen are shooting.

Issues of the magazine “Sobesednik”.

The journalist from the “Sobesednik” editorial office Rustam Arifdzhanov is talking to participants of the Surgut Meeting.

Maxim Sotnikov, a participant of the Meeting, is speaking.

Alexander Kiselev, Yuri Raptanov and Timur Khubaev are making speeches.

Participants of the conversation are listening.

A notebook on the table.

Levon Airapetyan, Maxim Sotnikov, Alexander Kiselev and the other participants of the conversation are in the Central Committee of the All-Union Lenin Young Communist League.

Alexander Baikov is making a speech.


Young people in the city street.

The father, carrying his son on the shoulders, is walking along the city street.