A Person Needs a Thunder to Cross Himself and Wonder. [Present-Day Planet #11].. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kheyfets S.

Script writers: Kheyfets S., Gudieva L.

Operators: Duplich V., Pershin O.


The film tells about establishment of the State Rescue Service in the USSR.

Temporary description

The film is about the need to create in the USSR special rescue service. Shots taken during natural disasters: floods, earthquake, volcanic eruption. Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy I. Janicki said about the earthquake in Armenia in 1988 (simultaneously). Streets in the Armenian SSR affected by the earthquake. People make the rubble after the earthquake. Victims of the earthquake tell of their experiences (synchronous). Funeral of Armenians killed in the earthquake. USSR People's Deputy AA Sobchak gives interviews (synchronously). Participants are interviewed rescue. Various reconstruction process in the street of a town in Armenia. People sit around the fires in the street. A doctor from Italy, who arrived in Armenia to carry out work for the salvation of men, is interviewed (simultaneous translation). People affected by the earthquake in the ward. Rescuers work caver A. Terentyev gives interviews (synchronously). The streets of Leninakan affected by the earthquake. USSR People's Deputy GS Igityan gives interviews (synchronously).

Reel №1

Japan: people are staying at their work places during the earthquake.

Armenia: the statue that has fallen down after the earthquake.

A city after the earthquake.

A stretcher with a dead body is being carried; a wounded person is being carried.

A flood in the city, a panorama from the helicopter.

Rescuers, standing belt-deep in water, are helping flood victims.

People are passing by.

An eruption.

People are running.


Consequences of the earthquake: people are carrying coffins, crying at the coffins.

A small boy is watching.

A panorama of I. N. Yanitsky, Ph.D. in Geology and Mineralogy, speaking about the earthquake.

A city after the earthquake.

A destroyed street.

An old woman.

People are sorting out rubbles.

A person lying under the slab.

The witnesses of the earthquake are telling about it.

A destroyed house.

Rescuers are at work; a dead body is being put into the coffin.

People are crying.

A boy at the coffins.

The USSR People’s Deputy A.A. Sobchak in his office is speaking about the need to establish a State Rescue Service.

A panorama of a destroyed elevator.

Mountain rescuers from the town of Vorkuta are working.

A crane is operating.

Reel №2

Equipment in a destroyed city street.

Coffins in the city streets.

A car with a coffin is going along the street.

The rescuer-speleologist A. V. Terentyev,is speaking indoors.

An old woman in the street.

People are sitting at the fire in the street.

A woman is sitting at the destroyed house.

Cars and coffins in the square.

Foreign rescuers with a dog and a radio set are working.

Polish rescuers are working at the rubbles.

An Italian doctor, a representative of the Association of Alpine Shooters, which rendered assistance to Armenia, is speaking indoors.

A panorama of rescuers working; women crying; a panorama of doctors rendering assistance to the rescued people; people are being carried down from the helicopter and up to the helicopter; a panorama of rescuers brining a woman into to Emergency Ambulance.

A.A. Sobchak is making a speech.


Earthquake victims are in the hospital.

Destructions in the city.

Rescuers are walking by.

People are carrying coffins, crying.

A grave.

The USSR People’s Deputy G.S. Igityan is speaking in the room.

Women are crying, a panorama of a stand with pictures of the dead or lost people.

A woman with a child is standing.

A woman is holding the passport of her dead son.

A small Armenian boy is looking.