White Roses.. (1989)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Shkurko V.

Script writers: Andreeva S.

Operators: Gorbatskiy V.


On the disabled children and orphan homes.

Childhood and youth

Social life

Temporary description

On the system of social security of people, from birth disadvantaged health, parental warmth and basic civil rights. (Mentally retarded and mentally).

Reel №1

Beautiful front lawn - LS.

Icon on wood - CU., PNRM. on the crown of the tree.

It takes a nun - MS.

Children's bedroom - MS.

Toy "Owl» - CU.

Sick Boy - CU.

Another boy - CU.

Children around the table singing prayers in German - MS.

Children pass the corridor - MS.

Portrait, children go up the stairs - LS., PNRM. the portrait on reaching children.

Pass children - MS.

The icon on the wall of the classroom - MS.

Children sit - LS.

Inscription in German, "God is love» - CU., PNRM. to be crucified.

The girl goes to work on the loom - CU., PNRM., Departure, LS.

Sick girl with a guitar - CU.

Another girl with a ball - MS.

Nun playing with the children in the ball - CU.

Girl plays - LS.

Girl with guitar - LS.

Pool - LS.

Children playing in the yard - LS. (Shot through the window.)

Home Church - LS.

Nuns are forgiven - LS.

A young man on crutches named Andrew enters the house - MS.

Andrew walks up the stairs - MS.

Door - MS.

Andrew at the door - MS.

Talking to the woman in the doorway with his mother Andrew (synchronously) - MS., Hitting.

Andrew comes out of the house - LS.

Says the woman - mother neighbor Andrew (synchronously) - MS.

Said another neighbor, PNRM. the first (synchronously) - CU.

The new area of ​​the city, on the balcony of a disabled remove clothes from the clothesline and walks into the apartment - MS., PNRM.

Young man is typing - CU.

Tape on the bed - MS.

Stamp on the linen - MS.

Books - CU., PNRM. from books.

Young people with a disability to put the kettle on the stove - MS.

Typewriter on the table - CU.

Book - CU., PNRM. with books in a box of a penny.

Said one young man (synchronous) - CU.

The bell tower, PNRM. from the bell tower on the playground - LS.

Teacher with children - LS.

Child - CU.

Teacher - LS.

Child - CU.

Boy misses - MS.

Boy singing at the window - MS., Hitting the flowers.

Children make boxes - LS., PNRM.

Children make boxes, PNRM. on toys - CU.

Children's bedroom - LS.

Boy swings, sleeping - CU.

Reel №2

The bell tower, PNRM. from the tower to the site with the sick - LS.

Sign - CU., PNRM. a sign on the ad.

Accordionist - MS., PNRM. with accordionist on women singing on stage patients (synchronous).

, The men - CU., PNRM.

Patients with a cat - CU.

Rocking sick - CU.

Patients on the bench - LS.

Children in the - MS.

Girl plays - CU.

Children play - LS.

Children crippled - LS.

An employee pension - CU.

Doctors enter the room - LS.

Lay sick, talk with one of them - MS.

In bed sick woman sitting - MS.

Lenin on the poster - MS.

Young man listening to a tape - MS.

Actress on the poster - CU.

Hospital room - LS.

Flowers at the window, PNRM. down the street - MS.

The boys climbed on the fence - MS.

Woman says (synchronously) - CU., Hitting, PNRM., CU.

Women, PNRM. with women in the belfry - CU.

The girls in the room - MS.

Tell the doctor (synchronously), PNRM. the girls - MS.

Bedroom, PNRM. with bedrooms on the corridor, where children run - MS.

Go through the corridor men - MS.

Take drugs - MS.

Locked patient - MS.

Running sore on the corridor - MS.

Room with chairs, hitting the portraits of the leaders - MS.

The doctor is trying to open the room - MS., PNRM.

Woman says locked (synchronous) - MS., PNRM. to another.

Sickroom-idiots - MS.

Said one young man (synchronous) - CU.

Wall of the destroyed temple - MS.

Fill a wall - MS.

In the ruins of the temple sick old woman sweeping the floor - LS.

Reel №3

Apartment - MS. (Removed from the passage), PNRM.

Includes doctors, and her Siamese twins - MS.

Bedroom - MS., PNRM.

Andrew sings patient (synchronous) - MS.

The interior of the hospital - MS.

Go through the hallway Volodya with his players on crutches - Andrew - MS.

Volodya and Andrew are in the hospital yard, hitting the remaining patients - LS.

Andrew smokes on the balcony - MS.

Volodya says (synchronously) - CU.

Icons - MS., PNRM.

The leaves on the sidewalk, are Vladimir and Andrei - MS., PNRM. the poster in the window.

Disabilities on the porch boarding - MS., Departure.

Telephoned old - MS.

People with disabilities are removed, wash the floors - MS.

Says invalid Valera (synchronous) - CU., PNRM.

Help - CU.

Man sitting on the window sill - LS.

Hospital courtyard - LS. (Shot from above).

Valerie says (synchronously) - CU.

Drive through the Siamese twins in a stroller - MS.

Old woman sitting in the lobby - LS.