Lifting the Eyes to the Sky. (1989)

Documentary №9761, 4 parts, duration: 0:38:57
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Vasilev A.
Screenwriters:Mashovec N.
Camera operators:Yatsura A.


The film is about the destiny of the front line poet F.G. Sukhov.

Temporary description:

The film is about the fate of the front of the poet FG Sukhov. The film was filming the following: the landscapes of Central Russia, views of the city of Gorky, FG Sukhova meeting with Secretary of the District Party Committee, FG Sukhov for a walk in the home. FG Sukhov reads his poetry, interviews with residents of a village. Service in one of the rural churches. View of one of the rural churches in the Gorky region. Bread lines in the rural shop, cleaning vegetables for rural gardens, lunch time during the harvest on farm fields "Winner" in the Gorky region. Life of residents of a village: women go to fetch water, the men sawing logs, build a house, go on the wagon, an old woman spinning wool.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The young woman Tatyana Petrova in the studio pavilion is reciting poems by the front poet F.G.Sukhov.

The sunrise over the river.

A panorama of Fyodor Grigorevich Sukhov staying in the street of his native village of Vyselki (autumn).

Summer landscape: the grass is waving on the meadow.

A panorama of a grove, villages.

A panorama of a field, a river, stacks, a man is walking along the road.

The Priest Father Konstantin is speaking about F.Sukhov sitting at the table at home.

F.G.Sukhov is walking to the river, reciting his poems at the river (summer).

The river, a steam-ship is passing by an ancient small town.

A panorama of a withered tree, a grove.

A man in the street is speaking about ruining houses, destroying gardens etc.

An old grey-bearded man.

A country road.

Summer landscape, a church can be seen.

A panorama of an abandoned house and a hut.

Children are sitting on the grass.

An old man is passing by with a stick.

The adandoned houses.

A mountain covered with couch grass.

A herd of cows is passing by.

The shepherd is driving the cows.

The dried up trees.

F.Sukhov staying on the hillock with collective farmers; a collective farmer’s face.

The dried up trees flooded with water.

A flock of crows is flying over the river, over dry trees, rising in the air; a fire is burning on a collective farmer field.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo: the monument to the Russian National Hero Kuzma Minin in the city of Gorky, its dismantling.

In his study-room the writer Shamshurin is speaking about the destruction of the monument and the construction of a nuclear power station.

Electric power lines, traffic on the highway.

Meadow, stacks.

Sukhov's face.

A panorama of the the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) Regional Committee building in Gorky .

A panorama of F.G.Sukhov's application to desert the CPSU.

The Secretary of the CPSU Regional or District Committee is speaking in his office.

A panorama of the interior of Sukhov’s apartment, shelves with books.

Sukhov’s daughter at home is speaking about her father, her daughter is sitting at the sofa nearby.

A panorama of the monument to the writer Maxim Gorky in the city of Gorky.

A panorama of F.G.Sukhov and the young female collective farmer Galya tossing the hay, talking.

Galya is reciting Sukhov's poems in the street.

A panorama of a landscape: clouds, fields, meadows.

A panorama of photos on the book shelf, of an icon.

A portrait of the poet Esenin on the shelf.

F.G.Sukhov in the kitchen, cutting bread, pouring tea.

Hands are breaking off the bread.

Tanya Petrova is carrying buckets with water on the shoulder-yoke.

People and sheep in the village street.

Parishioners are going to the church, crossing themselves, entering the temple; taking the sacrament.

Father Konstantin is communicating the parishioners, consecrating the donations.

Girls at the church entrance.

Crosses on tombs, there are apples on one of them.

Fruit on the tomb.

Cemetery in the village, in the distance a river can be seen.

F.G.Sukhov is sitting in the cemetery.

The rostrum of the boat floating down the river.

The forest, the river.

Temples on the river bank.

A panorama of a semi-destroyed wooden church.

A scorched church building of on the river bank.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A panorama of a temple on the hill.

A panorama of the destroyed temple (inside and outside).

A panorama of the temple and the queue for bread at the shop.

A woman and a girl are buying bread (in the street); other countrymen are buying.

A collective farmer in a cap is sitting.

A man and a woman are sorting out onions on their garden-plot.

An old woman named Lyuba is carrying buckets with water on the shoulder-yoke.

The old lady’s face.

A panorama of a greenhouse.

An elderly man and girls are carrying pumpkins.

A man is lifting up and carrying a sack with vegetables.

A woman is rinsing linen in the river.

A boy is sitting on the river bank.

A panorama of boats on the bank, people sitting.

Dead fish in the water.

Fish is being dried on the ropes on the bank.

A man on the bank.

A panorama of the self-made flag on the flagstaff.

The town of Lyskovo: the building of the ”land berth” on the bank of the dried up lake or river; a panorama of the berth.

A panorama of the local newspaper editor speaking in the street about destroying meadows, lakes etc.

A panorama of the Monument to the Perished in the Great Patriotic War (Soviet People’s participation in World War II in 1941-1945) victims, the inscription ”Your Feat Is Immortal”, a bas-relief.

A man is getting out of the building of the collective farm administration.

A panorama of a house in the village of Red Oselok, people at the house.

F.G.Sukhov in the village street is talking to his comrade-in arm who has deserted the Communist Party.

Apanorama of the book by Sukhov “Moe prizvanie” [“My Mission”] with his wartime photo.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

A train.


A woman is crying by the killed girl.

Soldiers are passing by.

A soldier is bringing a wounded girl.

A soldier is dragging a machine gun.

A killed horse.

The war-time village

A shepherd-accordion player is playing the button accordion on the meadow.

A cow on the meadow.

Dog on the grass.

A panorama of collective farmers having dinner on the meadow (field camp).

The clouds.

A horse in harness.

F.G.Sukhov is walking along the meadow.

A birch in the wind.

A tree branch in autumn.

F.G.Sukhov is walking along the village street.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Feather grass is waving.

The village of Red Oselok in autumn.

A panorama of the currant bushes tied up.

A woman is pouring water from a water-pump.

A hand is holding a bucket, water is pouring.

Sukhov and an old man are sawing fire wood.

Men are building a house, a fog is floating.

Carpenters at work.

The farm, a man is walking along its territory.

A worker in the farm, smoking.

The man is curving a ram carcass.

A dog is gnawing a ram head.

A cart is passing by.

An old woman named Eudoxia Fedorovna is spinning wool.

F.G.Sukhov is talking to Eudoxia Fedorovna.

Trousers and skirts are hanging on lines in the yard.

F.G.Sukhov with a backpack in the field (autumn).

Logs in the field.

A washed out road.

A panorama of a broken tree.

A panorama of a man picking up dry trees.

F.G.Sukhov is leaving the house with his dog.

A wooden mill.

A panorama of Sukhov at the church, staying, walking along the cemetery.

A panorama of the Monument to Participants in the Great Patriotic War in the cemetery.

The wooden cross on the tomb.

A panorama of F.G.Sukhov walking along the field with his dog, walking along the highway, along the forest.

F.G.Sukhov and Tanya Petrova are walking along the field, a panorama of the sky.

Sukhov's face.

The clouds.

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