Fragments of the d/f " Liberated Czechoslovakia" (1945)

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Scene №1 Fragments of the d/f " Liberated Czechoslovakia"

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The old clock on the town hall.

National Theater.

Panorama and general views of the city, old and modern buildings.

Literature and sheet music in shop windows.

People are standing at the window.

Urban transport traffic.

Soldiers on the streets.

Mass protest rally against fascism.

Tank troops.

Planes at the airport.

People read messages posted on the walls of houses.

Soldiers ride on a truck.

German patrol, the barrier is lowered.

Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia on the border post.

Sentries at the border.

Residents of Prague.

Selling newspapers on the streets.

Calendar: 1945 1938-1939

Locations: Czech Republic [59]

Scene №2

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Prague before the war (people look at political literature and gas masks in shop windows, read newspapers).


Flags of Czechoslovakia and the Third Reich.

Meeting of Ribbentrop and Daladier.

Chamberlain's visit.

Signing of the Munich Agreement on the division of Czechoslovakia 29.09.1938.

Fascist troops on the streets of Czech cities.

The expulsion of the indigenous population, Czech refugees.

Fascist troops march through the streets of Prague, capture of the capital 15.03.1939.

Chamberlain and his wife on a walk in the park.


Chemberlen A.N. -- British statesman, Prime Minister of Great Britain (1937-1940). Daladje E. -- French politician, Prime Minister of France (1933-1934, 1938-1940). Gitler A. -- founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, Reich Chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany, Supreme Commander of the German Armed Forces in World War II. Mussolini B.A.A. -- Statesman and politician, president of the Council of Ministers of Italy (1922-1943), dictator, one of the founders of Italian fascism. Joahim fon Ribbentrop U.F.V. -- German politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany (1938-1945).

Calendar: 1938-1939

Locations: Czech Republic [59] Germany [84] England [67]

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