Holy See. Looking out of Moscow. Third film "Love".. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babak M.

Script writers: I. Ickov, F. Bigacci

Operators: Dobronickiy V., Kochetkov A. S.

Anouncers: V. Zozulin


The third film in the series "The Holy See. View from Moscow. " A film about Pope John Paul II - Karl Wojtyla.

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Social life

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View from top point on the mansion.

Travel to a bed made in the form of the emblem.


Peter's Cathedral and the central square of the Vatican.

Travel in the Vatican: buildings, green landscapes, sculpture, fountain, tower Marconi.

View of the park complex.

Hitting the dome of St.


Story guards in the square.

Joint parade of Italian and Vatican troops.

Military band playing on the go.

Pass soldiers with machine guns and sailors.

Italian officer gives report to the chief of the Vatican Guard.

Church ceremony at St.

Peter's Square on the occasion of Easter procession of priests.

Is Pope John Paul II, hand welcomes and baptizing the crowd.

General view: PNRM. area.

John Paul II on the front podium.

The whole area is filled with people, posters glorifying the Pope.

Parishioners turn to the Pope for Communion.

PNRM. by guards and Italian soldiers.

John Paul II appears on the balcony of the Council, makes the sign of the Cross gathered in the square, shall address (simultaneously in many languages, including Russian) to the peoples of the world.

Parkland Pope's summer residence at Castel Gandolfo.

Stone bench on the lawn, PNRM. with her usual, a wooden bench.

Women's sculpture in the park.

Cemetery of Krakow, Karol Wojtyla parents grave.

Wedding Photography Karol parents and other family pictures.

Photo: Karol Wojtyla as a child in school.

The quarry, which worked Karol.

Portrait photo in a frame on the wall of the young Karol Wojtyla.

Poster of the play, which was attended by Karol.

Big name Karol Wojtyla among theater actors.

Photos Karol different years.

Painting depicting the Virgin and many hearts, burning like a candle.

Showcase Museum, dedicated to the events in Katyn.

Photo: Karol Wojtyla in thought.

Museum exhibits, manuscripts Wojtyla, a book of poems, essays.

Photo: John Paul II with a censer in his hand, covered his face with his hands on his knees praying.

The icon of the Madonna and Child with the Polish national shrine.

Concert Hall at the Vatican, hit a sculpture of Jesus, decorated with a scene.

Hall gets applause welcomes the appearance on the stage of John Paul II. Primate of the Roman Catholic Church sits in a chair.

The audience are the Pope, the group stand up, waving their hands, acclaim John Paul II. The whole hall rises, John Paul II, standing at the microphone singing.

The Pope is coming to the people in the room, touching their hands or heads, blesses the children.

A woman from the crew requests (synchronous) Pope say a few words for the Soviet viewer.

John Paul II says (synchronously) into the microphone: "Hello people from Moscow, thank you!".

Pope walks down the aisle of the hall, touching the outstretched hands, kisses young children Freeze John Paul II with his hand raised.


John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) - Pope, primate of the Roman Catholic Church, playwright, poet and educator.


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