But For This Music. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lebedev S.

Script writers: Karpova T.

Operators: Ulyanov S.


The history of the establishment and creative activity of the Folk Orchestra "Boyan" headed by A.Poletaev, the People's Artist of the RSFSR.


Culture and Arts

Temporary description

Film about folk orchestra "Boyan" and the leader of the orchestra, conductor, People's Artist of Russia Alexander Poletayev. Moscow. A. Poletaev talks about creating an orchestra, his work and life (synchronously). An orchestra in the Concert Hall of the former church of St Blaise (synchronously). The building of the church of St. Blaise (day, evening, winter scene). Artists of the orchestra in the dressing room. Soloist Orchestra G. Kulyukina playing with the orchestra on stage (synchronously) in the car train, in the home, talks about his work (synchronous). A. Poletaev at work on the score, and in the courtyard of his house and in the garden, on the grave of his wife - VA Poletayeva with her daughters and a son. Tambov region. Museum-estate of Rachmaninov. Personnel news: A fly on a rehearsal orchestra, with his wife and child, an orchestra under the direction of Poletaeva at "KAMAZ", at BAM, one of the ships of the Pacific Fleet. Autumn landscapes, Moscow region. Rally on Pushkin Square in Moscow. Police cordon. Concert by the rock group. Garik Sukachev on stage with his guitar. The audience at a rock concert. Participant of beauty contest on stage.

Reel №1

A girl with a basket is running along the forest.

A panorama of a summer landscape: a river, a forest.

An autumn forest, birches.

A panorama of sunbeams in the misty forest.

A panorama of domes in the town of Zagorsk.

A panorama of a bell and a square.

A panorama of houses and St Vlasy Church in Moscow.

Galina Kulyukina, a soloist of the Russian Folk Orchestra “Boyan”, is talking to the audience before the concert.

The Director and Chief cConductor of the Orchestra “Boyan”.

A panorama of People’s Artist of Russia Anatoly Poletaev walking along the courtyard, and then sitting next to the stove in summer cottage.

A small summer cottage with an alight window .

Fire in the stove.

A door is being shut.

A panorama of Poletaev and his picture.

A panorama of snow-covered trees, a church.

Musical instruments: a lyre, cymbals, etc; a panorama of the Members of the Orchestra before a rehearsal.

Poletaev at home is speaking about his work; a panorama of the Orchestra “Boyan”’s. rehearsal.

A newsreel of the 1970-s.

A monument to the singer Boyan.

A panorama of Poletaev and the Orchestra; a panorama of Poletaev, his wife and a child walking by; a KAMAZ [Kama Automobile Plant] workshop; a panorama of Poletaev talking to workers.

Poletaev at the BAM [Baykal-Amur Mainline].

A panorama of construction workers dancing.

A panorama of soldiers at the concert.

A panorama of a seagull flying.

A performance on the shipboard, seamen are listening.

The Orchestra “Boyan” is performing, artists and Poletaev are standing up and bow.

A panorama of the audience applauding.

Saint Vlasy’s Church.

A panorama of men and women making themselves up in the dressing rooms.

Reel №2

A panorama of costumes in the dressing room.

Kulyukina is singing the Russian folk song “Utushka lugovaya” [“A Small Meadow Duck”] and dancing.

A panorama of the audience listening and then applauding.

A panorama of Kulyukina in the electric train coach.

Kulyukina at home is telling about herself.

Kulyukina in the kitchen and then in the room.

A panorama of a street in winter.

A panorama of a summer landscape: a house, trees.

A panorama of a girl with a basket running across a bridge.

Water covered with duckweed; trees in the water.

A panorama of Poletaev walking in athe garden.

A panorama of leaves in the garden.

A garden.

Poletaev is speaking.

Flowers in the garden.

An empty city street.

Broken glasses of the church.

Inscription on the church wall: “Please, Help Me!”

A panorama of a destroyed church.

A panorama of a cathedral.

A city street, a bus stop.

A panorama of the box office and a poster of the Orchestra “Boyan”

A panorama of the Orchestra “Boyan” performing in a nearly empty hall, Poletaev conducting.

Hands are playing the tambourine.

A panorama of the audience listening and then applauding.

Reel №3

Musicians are tuning their instruments.

Poletaev is speaking about musical culture in a dressing room.

A panorama of Poletaev working on the score, a TV set is on.

A rock band performance.

A panorama of musicians playing.

A panorama of rails, electric train windows.


A meeting, people arguing.

A man is sitting.

A woman in a swimsuit.

Demonstrators in masks.

Posters of “Boyan” in a Poletaev’s room.

A panorama of Poletaev working on a score.

A panorama of hands playing the piano.

A panorama of Sergey Rakhmaninov Museum in the Tambov Region (light is on, winter evening).

A candle, a panorama of a picture of Rakhmaninov.

Rakhmaninov’s study room: candles and sheet music on the piano, the desk.

A panorama of Poletaev with teenage children walking along the cemetery, standing at his wife’s grave; children’s faces.

An autumn landscape.

A river, sunrise.

A panorama of a girl with a basket running.

A performance of the Orchestra “Boyan”

A panorama of the audience applauding.

Poletaev is speaking.

A panorama of the members of the Orchestra walking along the forest in winter with instruments.