Where Money are Lying. (1990)

Film-document №9844 3 parts, Duration: 0:24:40 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Reznikov A.

Script writers: Plyusnina S.

Operators: Starikov S.


About reasons of the economic crisis in the country.

Temporary description

Manufacturing banners and flags in one of the businesses. Manufacturing Electrogarlands for festive illuminations. Artists write celebratory slogans. Warehouse Capital Construction Academy of Sciences. Cargo and equipment are in the open air in the warehouse during the winter. Containers Hungarian company "Medicor." Warehouse. Warehouse gives interviews (synchronously). Oil refinery in the city of Ufa. Moscow. Arbat Street. The pedestrian part of the street. Artists and bands. Opening Day. Counterpart Mikhail Gorbachev. Laboratory building of the Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology. Construction. The unfinished building. Representatives of national control are interviewed (synchronously). City of Zaporozhye. Autoworks "Kommunar". Construction of one of the shops. Boxes with the equipment at the construction site. Assembling the motor vehicles. Cars "Zaporozhets." Laboratory plant. Dummy test.

Reel №1

An aristic workshop.

A panorama of buckets filled with the paint.

A panorama of lying banners and red fabric.

A sewing machine is sewing the fringe to the fabric.

A panorama of the artist laying out the letters on the table.

A panorama of the flags and other attributes of the festival decortation.

The production of the design: a woman is blowing into the glass pipe.

A panorama of a woman drawing a placard.

The warehouse of the Major Construction Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences: a street lamp outside, the people in the yard (winter).

A dog in the yard.

The boxes with the hospital equipment outside in the yard covered with snow.

A panorama of the head of the warehouse speaking about bad storing conditions.

A panorama of the board with the slogans and figures.

A panorama of the warehouse premises.

A panorama of the warehouse interior.

A panorama of a dog sleeping on the floor.

The head of the warehouse is speaking while sitting at the table.

The goods in the warehouse.

The Novoufimsky Oil Refining Plant (outside); the chimney (winter).

The rails in the yard.

A panorama of the goods in the plant yard, trucks are going by.

The head of the warehouse is speaking outside about bad storing conditions.

A panorama of the boxes with equipment, covered with snow.

A panorama of motorcars in the yard.

A panorama of the warehouse worker speaking.

A panorama of a multystorey building in Moscow, a man is going upstairs.

The mural panel “My stroim kommunizm” [“We Are Constructing Communism”] on the building; people are walking along Old Arbat Street.

A panorama of the bypassers in Arbat Street.

The street performance - impromptu “Gde dengi lezhat” [“Where Money is Lying”] by the Theatre of Drtamatic Improvisation in Arbat street.

The Prosecutor of the Office of Public Prosecutor in the city of Novomoskovsk is speaking inside.

A panorama of the woman – streetcleaner spreading the sand in the street, walking along the street; the boxes filled by bottle can be seen, posters saying “Perestroika” (Radical political and economic reforms in the Soviet Union in 1985-1991) (winter).

Reel №2

The economic columnist of the newspaper “Trud” [“Labour”] Yu. S. Krasnopolsky is conducting a round table dedicated to the problem of mismanagement with the representatives of Ministries and Departments, the People’s Control Committee, the USSR Office of Public Prosecutor.

A panorama of rotating rolls of the tape-recoreder, the sound technician is working.

The fence, a panorama of the construction site of an apartment house which has been under construction for a long time (winter).

The watchman - woman is speaking.

A panorama of the laboratory building of the Central Scientific Research Institute of the gastroenterology which has been under construction since 1983: the fence made of wire, a panorama of the building.

A view from the broken window to the neglected area.

A panorama of a woman - cardboard dweller sitting in the unfinished building.

A panorama of the town of Zelenograd: a builder is rotating a handles of the wire reel.

A panorama of the unfinished building of a 22 – storey hotel uncompleated since 1968.

The representatives from the People’s Control Committee are talking next to the building.

A panorama of the neglected costruction site.

Outside placard: “XXVII Congress of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union”).

A panorama of new buildings.

A panorama of rotating wheels, gear wheels.

Men with briefcases are passing along the wooden wall.

The continuation of the street perfomance in Arbat Street; a panorama of passerbys looking.

A panorama of the cars going along the highway, passing by cargo boxes.

The buildings of the “Kommunar” [“The Communist”] Automobile Plant in the city of Zaporozhye.

The Head of the CPSU Plant  Committee is speaking inside.

A panorama of the boxes with the foreign equipment outside in the Automobile Plant’s yard, the constructions.

A panorama of the workshop costruction site.

A panorama of the workshop inside, welding of the constructions.

A panorama of exhausting the air from the inflatable mannequin.

The screens of the monitors.

A plaster bust.

A panorama of the slogans outside: “The Road of Creation, Road of Acceleration”, “The Party is the Immortality of Our Affair”.

A panorama of the workers hanging up the fabric with the slogan outside, nailing the fabric to the frame.

The slogans of the Perestroika Period.

Reel №3

The Festival Demonstration, the children are among the demonstrators.

A panorama of a worker fixing a flag at the lamp-post.

A panorama of the people passing by, the workers with a pipe (winter).

A panorama of the workshop of the automobile plant “Kommunar”; blank board with the inscription “Trade Union Life”.

A worker is speaking in the workshop.

A panorama of the workers assembling the cars.

A girl is sitting inside the car to check it.

The ready-made cars in the workshop.

The Head of the CPSU Plant Committee is in his office, speaking.

A panorama of young people working in the workshop.

The festival column of marchers is walking along the Moscow streets on May 1.

A girl with a balloon is standing in front of the soldier rank in the Red Square.

A panorama of the people holding the slogan “God, Please Give us the Strenth to Stay till the CPSU Central Committee and the State Security Committee is dissolved”.

A panorama of a dummy.

A panorama of an actor singing in Arbat Street.

A panorama of the decorative workshop, the banners.

The slogans are lying, the artists are working.

A panorama of the continuation and finishing of the round table at the editorial office of the newspaper “Trud” [“Labour”], a man is making a speach, people are leaving.

A panorama of the houses made from old carriages, made from plywood, the swing (summer).

A boy is swinging.

A panorama of the outside performance in Arbat Street; the hands are passing a ticket, a key on the plate, appending a stamp.

The red fabric is covered with a white one.