Everything Will Be Better. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kochetkov A. S.

Script writers: Kochetkov A. S.

Operators: Kochetkov A. S.

Anouncers: Arlauskas A.


About the general elections in Nicaragua.

Foreign policy

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the social and political life and government of Nicaragua. The film was shooting campaign D. Ortega and V. Chamorro. Statements D. Ortega and V. Chamorro (synchronous) at rallies, meetings. Personnel news: 1979. Rally in the square in Managua July 19, 1979 Soldiers of the Sandinista National Liberation Front. Demonstration. D. Ortega stands. Nicaraguans are rejoicing. Release "Contra" from jail Tipitala. Managua. Traffic and pedestrians. Sale of fruits and vegetables in the market. Dancing girls Nicaraguan. Interview T. Borge (simultaneously in Spanish.) Interview K. Chamorro (simultaneously in Spanish.) The building of the Communist Party of Nicaragua. Interview with General Secretary of the Communist Party of E. Altomirano (simultaneously in Spanish.) Sugar factory name of the Revolution. Sugarcane fields. Poor neighborhoods of Managua. Chamorro family photos. Edition of the newspaper, owned by the family Chamorro.

Reel №1

The completion of the election campaign of the Sandinista Front: a mass rally in the square Carlos in Managua.

People waving flags, caps, chanting.

Looking girl.

On the open stage in the square girl, and then a young couple dancing the lambada.

Passes Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega et al.

State leaders.

A banner reading in Spanish "Victory and everything will be better!". D. Ortega comes with a flag on the scene.

Sandinista flags fluttering. D. Ortega serves on the area (from the platform) to the people.

By train platform suitable.

People sit in the cars in the train.

Woman with child, boy, girl-Indian.

People on the platform.

The street passing van with people.

Ruined temple.

Newsreel 1979 .: The soldier shakes the bell, the bell swings.

July 19, 1979 Mr. .: people in the square after the victory of the revolution and the overthrow of the dictator Somoza.

People pick up a man with a gun, hugging.

Children dance.

Waving an old woman.

People passing by car; standing on the balcony of a ruined house, walking down the street with placards.

Acts leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, the coordinator of the Steering Board of the Government of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega.

The helicopter lifted into the air, relieve leaflets.

Children on the lawn, waving flags.

People at the rally. D. Ortega et al.

Members of the national leadership pass mine.

Minister of Labour of the first Government of National Revival, now vice-president of Nicaragua Verhilio Godoy said error first government.

Reel №2

A former member of the National Leadership of the Sandinista Front, the organizer of the party "Movement of Revolutionary Unity" Moises Hassan, sitting in the garden, talking about the wrong policy of the Sandinista Front.

Hands applauding.

People applauded, D. Ortega waves.

Tomás Borge, a member of the National Leadership, co-founder of the Sandinista Front, former Minister of the Interior.

People in the area and rejoices waving flags. T. Borge, D. Ortega et al.

Applauding. b / w Speaker T. Borge.

Are soldiers.

Pass children with guns.

Armed patrols on the streets.

Are people with flags and banners.

Soldiers riding in a car in the city.

Boy soldiers on the street eating ice cream.

Children are on the street.

It takes a formation of soldiers.

Ceremony liberation "contras" from prison city Tapitapa "contras" stand on the parade ground of the prison.

Applaud the guests who came to the ceremony.

See, women and others.

Relatives of former prisoners. "Contra" get documents for release.

People are holding documents.

Liberated "contras" cuddling with relatives.

People in the area.

They talk to two men, one of them disabled on crutches.

Looking girl.

Temple with a statue and Sandinista flag on the roof.

Ruined temple inside.

Children at the temple, the temple roof.

Reel №3


On the way among the trees passing cars.

Report on the streets.

Boys merchants newspapers - sitting on the sidewalk.

Boys selling parrots.

Report on the Mercado Oriental (Eastern Market): shops, trade and other products.


Kids in the middle of the highway sell newspapers and other.

Products people sitting in the car.

The street is a boy with the flag.

Poster of the D. Ortega and his son.

Stand with the campaign slogan of the National Opposition Union DNA. Girls dancing on the street.

Are men, holding flags with the words "DNA."

The building of the newspaper "La Prensa".

The editorial staff at work.

Hands typing on a typewriter, writing. b / w photos of the former publisher of "La Prensa", a national hero Pedro Joaquin Chamorro, the widow of his Violetta Chamorro - member of the Governing Council of the Government of National Revival, and their children.

Son of PH and Carlos Fernando Chamorro B. Chamorro, the editor in chief of the Sandinista newspaper "Barricades" sitting at the table.

Sandinista flag.

Daughter PH and B. Cristina Chamorro Chamorro, director of the publishing house "La Prensa" newspaper says (in the room edition).

Rally in support of the DNA on the central square of Managua.

Violetta Chamorro from the balcony welcomes people.

Reel №4

Street Managua.

The building, a sign in Spanish.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Nicaragua Eli Altomirano in the lobby, give interviews.

Portraits of Marx, Engels, VI Lenin on the wall.

Destroyed and dilapidated houses.

Men passing on the tractor.

The territory of the sugar factory.

Sugarcane field, passing motorcyclists.

Sugar cane.

Sprinkler installation in the field.

Economic Adviser DNA Francisco Mayorga said about the economic crisis.

Passers-by on the street, among them a woman with a pack on his head.

Beggar on the sidewalk.

Poor - the mother of the girl - on the street.

Bird soaring in the sky.

The valley is a farmer.


People on the beach, kids running around in the water, visible mountain.

Poor neighborhoods of Managua, children run.

Women at home, take off clothes.

Girls sweeping the street, carrying wood.

Little boy rolls the tire.

Fence with an inscription in Spanish.

Dog at the railway.

Trolley rides with people.

Along the street are people with flags DNA (demonstration). V. Chamorro welcomes people.

There are children with flags DNA. Pre-election rally: passing riders, some with flags DNA, with other Sandinista flags.

Removes female operator.

Hands applauding women. D. Ortega et al.

Are passing in an open car.

Reel №5

General elections: turn to the polling station, are people. b / w photos in the newspaper won the elections of representatives of the opposition National Union V. Chamorro and V. Godoy.

Journalists front of the TV. Daniel Ortega appears on television after the elections (filmed with a video).

Swinging bell.

Newsreel 1979 .: The soldier shakes bell.

People pick up on the hands of a soldier with a gun.

People with guns with machines greet people.

People on the balcony of a ruined house.

Goes and says Daniel Ortega.

The TV screen.

Worth D. Ortega - filmed with a video.

A poster with a portrait of D. Ortega on the ground, portrait D. Ortega and his son.

Men remove posters with metal poles, carry them to the car.

Children on the street.

Empty square in Managua, poster.

The boy carries a wheelbarrow with garbage.

By area, train rides with open carriages.