Lenin Still Alive. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Gavrilova M., Romm M., Slavinskaya M.

Operators: Vinkler A., Giber G., Grigor N., Ermolov L., Zhelyabuzhskiy U., Kozlovskiy N., Levickiy A., Levickiy A., Novickiy P., Tisse

Composers: Kholminov A.

Text writers: Surkov A.


Historic shots of Lenin and his team

Political figures


Reel №1

Newsreel 1918:

VI Lenin - CU.

Kremlin - LS.

Go down the street demonstrators - LS.

The people on the street - LS.

Pass by the monument to Pushkin demonstrators - LS.

Cavalry on parade - different.

In the car, VI Lenin, NK Krupskaya and MI Ulyanov - MS.

Kremlin - LS., PNRM.

Lenin at the entrance to the apartment in the Kremlin - LS.

Lenin on a walk in the Kremlin - LS., MS.

By Lenin suitable Bonch-and talks to him - different.

Lenin and Bonch-stand against the Tsar Cannon, go to the mall - different.

The opening of the monument to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels - different.

Lenin stands - LS., CU.

People listen - LS.

Newsreel 1919:

The funeral of the People's Commissar of Railways MT Elizarova - LS.

The funeral procession, street driven hearse - CU., LS.

Carry the coffin - LS.

VI Lenin at the grave Elizarova - LS., MS.

Are the children - CU.

The coffin was lowered into the grave - are different.

VI Lenin, AI Ulyanov and MI Ulyanov at the funeral - MS., CU.

Kremlin - LS.

Moscow Street - LS.

Column Hall of the House of Unions the coffin of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee Chairman of YM Sverdlov - MS.

Cost Guard - MS.

Funeral procession - different.

Carry the coffin with the body of YM Sverdlov - LS.

The people at the memorial service at the Red Square - LS., PNRM.

VI stands Lenin - MS., CU.

The people listening to - different.

Cost Guard - LS.

Shooting guns - LS.

VI Lenin stands on Red Square to celebrate May 1 - LS.

People listen - LS.

VI Lenin and the secretary of the Moscow party committee Zahorski - different.

House of Unions - LS.

The people at the building - LS.

Pass VI Lenin, NK Krupskaya and A. Lunacharsky, the first All-Russian Congress on adult education - different.

From the arch Iverskiye gate leaves the car and dropped leaflets - LS.

People collect leaflets read - LS., MS.

In Red Square parade of cadet and working regiments - different.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1919:

Parade on Red Square - LS.

The people in the area - LS., PNRM.

VI Lenin and the other leaders of the party and the government are on parade - LS.

Soldiers with a banner - MS.

VI Lenin stands with the People's Commissar of the Hungarian Soviet Republic Tibor Samueli - CU., LS.

Passing cyclists - LS., PNRM.

VI are Lenin and associates (back) - MS., CU.

Troops are stationed - LS.

VI stands Lenin - LS., MS.

The people welcomed Lenin - LS.

The people in the Red Square - LS., PNRM.

Acts Tibor Samueli - MS.

People welcome - LS.

Pass drummers, musicians, army - are different.

Looks VI Lenin - MS.

On the guest platform party members and government - LS.; Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic of LD Trotsky, Chairman of the Moscow Soviet, Kamenev and others - CU.

Pass militias - LS.

Look VI Lenin, Kamenev and others - CU., LS.

VI Lenin at the plane - different.

The building of the Moscow City Council - CU.

On the street are the armed groups - LS.

From the balcony of City Council acts VI Lenin - CU.

Down the street is the cavalry - LS. (Top).

The people welcomed VI Lenin - LS., PNRM.

VI stands Lenin - different.

Listen Red - different.

On the square are soldiers - LS.

The people welcomed VI Lenin - LS.

Kremlin towers - CU.

Spasskaya Tower - MS.

The clock on the Spasskaya Tower - CU.

The Kremlin wall - LS.

One of the areas of Moscow - LS.

Tram - CU.

The people on Red Square singing "The Internationale» - LS., PNRM., MS.

On the podium, VI Lenin and other - MS.

NPL with conductor on singing - CU., LS.

Cavalry parade - LS.

Parade take Lenin, Trotsky, and others - LS.

Passing car with soldiers - LS.

Smiling VI Lenin - CU.

Pass sailors - LS.

Passing tanks - LS.

VI Lenin welcomes the parade - CU.

Parade on Red Square - LS.

Newsreel 1920:

Car in the courtyard of the Kremlin - different.

The building of the Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

A study VI Lenin - LS.

Desk, lamp, telephone in the room - different.

VI Lenin sits in a chair during a conversation with a reporter, said - different.

View from the window - CU.

VI Lenin stands at the window - MS.

Kremlin courtyard - MS.

Dining room, bedroom - different.

VI Lenin is holding a cat - CU.; Told - MS.; Worth NK Krupskaya - MS.

Kremlin (through the embankment of the Moscow River) - LS.

Sverdlov Square - LS. (Top).

Bolshoi Theatre - LS.

VI Lenin and Kamenev tab monument to Karl Marx - different.

Memorial plaque - CU.

Reel №3

Newsreel 1920:

Prechistinskaya Quay - LS.

Bookmark the monument "the emancipation of labor» - LS., MS.

VI Lenin monument on the tab - different.

VI stands Lenin - CU., LS., MS.

People listen - LS.

VI Lenin welcomes people - CU.


Opening of the II Congress of the Comintern.

Ships - LS.

Flags on poles - CU.

People are going to a meeting, PNRM. the Arch - LS.

Pass VI Lenin Moscow delegation - MS.

Palace "Uritskogo» - LS.

Delegates applaud II Congress of the Comintern - different.

VI Lenin, on the podium, on the podium - Various.

Listening room - LS.

VI stands Lenin - different.

People in the square outside the Winter Palace - LS., PNRM.

Lenin speaking at the rally - MS., LS.

People listen - LS.


Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin - CU., PNRM.

Session II Congress of the Comintern, which continues its work in Moscow - MS.

Make a banner - MS., CU.

The presidium of sitting: Lenin, general secretary of the Comintern Executive Zinoviev, Trotsky from the RCP and other - different.

Listening delegates - LS.

He spoke - different.

Hall - LS.

Kremlin - LS.

Out of the doors members of Congress, including VI Lenin, Krupskaya and other - different.

Newsreel 1921:

According to the Kremlin passing car - LS.

At the meeting of the III Congress of the Comintern are going to parties - LS.

Session of Congress at the Grand Kremlin Palace - LS.

He spoke - MS.

Listen to members of Congress - LS.

VI Lenin was sitting on the step and ready for action - CU., LS.

Delegates sit - different.

Lenin is to act, acts - MS., CU.

Listening delegates - different.

The Kremlin wall - CU.

Cathedral Square in the Kremlin - LS.

In the Kremlin courtyard VI Lenin talks with U.S. economist Christensen - LS., CU.

Kremlin courtyard - LS.

Lenin during a conversation in his office - different.

Lenin on a walk in the courtyard of the Kremlin - CU.

Movie №0