The Tsar's Illness.. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Khoryakov A.

Script writers: Gromov A.

Operators: Elanchuk V.


About the illness from which tsarevitch (the son of the Tsar) Alexey suffered- hemophilia, about modern methods of preventionism and treatment.


Social life

Temporary description

Film about hemophilia, modern views on the nature of the disease, its prevention and treatment. The film is made by the order of All-Union Scientific Center of Hematology the Ministry of Health. Moscow. Union hematology center. Children's ward for reconstructive and orthopedic rehabilitation. Center staff at the conference. Head of Department of N. Andreev gives interviews, talks to the mother patient (synchronously). Getting cryoprecipitate - for the treatment of hemophilia. Academician A. Vorobyov said about the drugs used in treatment of hemophilia (synchronously). Operation. Patients in the wards of the Center. Meeting of the Association hemophilia. Association chairman S. Abdrasuilov (synchronously). Photos of Prince Alexei and members of the royal family. Prerevolutionary footage chronicles: the young officers and the girls run a race, play in the snow, the Tsarevich Alexei sits astride a horse, Nicholas II and Empress of the court. 1917. Removing the symbols of imperial power demonstration. Ice drift on Neva.

Reel №1

A boy is walking on crutches along the blossoming meadow.

The church domes.

A panorama of the village church.

The church.

A picture: the Tsarina Alexadra Fedorovna (Tsar Nikolay II’ wife; last Empress of Russia) with Prince Alexey, her son.

A picture: the tsarist (royal) family.

A newsreel of the beginning of XX century.

The members of the tsarist (royal) family are passing by, they are sitting down into the cart, they are going downstairs.

A panorama of the All-Union Haematological Center of the Ministry of Public Health of the USSR; Department of Reparative and Restorative Orthopaedy: the children chamber.

The Head of the Center, Doctor of Medicine Yu. N. Andreeev is speaking about the hemophilia in his cabinet.

A panorama of a doctor at the patient’s bed, checking him up.

The doctor’s hand examining the patient’s knee.

A panorama of the steamship walking along the river.

A picture: the people on the boat.

Newsreel of the beginning of XX century.

The boat on the river.

A picture: Alexadra Fedorovna, G. Rasputin (a famous Russian lying prophet of the beginning of the XX century).

A panorama of the Ekaterininsky Palace [Ekaterina’s Palace] in the town of Pushkin (former village of Tsarskoe Selo).

The Hematological Center: a meeting of doctors, Andreeev and others in the cabinet.

A panorama of the boy Andrey playing in his ward, his hands, the toys.

Andrey’s mother is telling about his desease sitting nearby.

A hand with a medicine dropper.

The patient’s face and hand.

A sick child.

A panorama of the doctors bringing and preparing medicines for the hemophilia treatment.

A preparation is being put into the centrifuge.

Academician Andrey Ivaniovich Vorobyov is speaking about the preparation.

The medicine.

A panorama of the patient lying under the medicine dropper.

A panorama of the patients of the Center.

A picture: Prince Alexey.

The pages from his diary.

A newsreel of the beginning of XX century.

The members of the royal family are playing with the ball and other games.

Prince Alexey is being assisted to sit ahorse.

Reel №2

A panorama of the doctor doing an injection.

The doctor is standing at the patient.

A panorama of the operation, doctors’ faces.

The children chamber.

A panorama of a boy in the bed.

The boy is having lunch.

The hospital corridor.

A panorama of a schoolboy of junior school, discharged from the hospital, he is walking along the street together with his father (autumn).

Newsreel of 1917:

Signboard “Postavshchiki ego velichestva ” [“The Suppliers of His Majesty”] is being thrown down.

The cossacks are standing.

A mass meeting; the people are waving their hands, scanning.

The ice on the river, reflection of the cathedral in the river.

A picture: Lenin, Sverdlov, other leaders of the Russian October Revolution.

A newsreel:

Ipatev’s house in the city of Ekaterinburg (exterior), the room where the royal family was shot.

Red Army soldiers are passing by.

The people holding the portrates of Prince Alexey.

A picture: the tsarist (royal) family, an Ortodox icon.

Yu. N. Andreeev is speaking.

The patient is walking along the corridor with the help of his stick.

Legs and crutches.

A panorama of the patients watching TV.

The screen of the TV-set.

The boys are watching TV.

Members of the Assosiation of the Hemophilia Patients are sitting indoors.


Abdrasulov and other Assosiation members are being interviewed.

A panorama of taking blood from a donor: injection; donor’s hands and face.

Men’s faces.

The sick children.

A picture: Prince Alexey.

A boy is walking on crutches along the blossoming meadow.