A House. (1990)

Film-document №9862 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:17.84 to collection Price category A

Part 1 digitized in HD 0:09:50

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kurskaya T.

Script writers: T. Kurskaya

Operators: V. Gorbatskij


The film is about the home for elderly.

Social life

Reel №1

Close-up: an elderly man holding his hand over his head.

Woman shaves old man's face.

The corridor nursing homes are older people.

PNRM. on the table, people eating at the tables.

The old man pulls out of the pockets of his mug and spoon.

PNRM. on a plowed field, the path goes near the field on a board with wheels invalid without legs, pushing sticks in their hands.

General view of the nursing home.

The path to the entrance is the director of the institution.

In the hallway greets director, talking to the old man passes the House, talking to guests.

Grandmother plucked chickens.

Close-up: hands clean potato.

Several older women peeling potatoes.

Invalid legless rides along the corridor.

Elderly men playing cards.

The old man walks alone.

Guests sit on the bench nursing home.

Grandma tells scarf (synchronous and behind the scenes) about his life.

Woman talking with the staff.

Is disabled with a wooden prosthesis instead of legs.

Sits grandmother, hit a person.

Icon and steam Photo of man and woman standing on the windowsill.

An elderly woman in a scarf on her head lying in bed.

Pass along the corridor past the nursing home living rooms.

The hall in which retirees are watching TV. PNRM. the faces of older women and men.

Elderly Resident sits silently, his picture of middle age.

The corridor is disabled with a stick.

Close-up: the face of an elderly man.


Ryazan region

Reel №2

An elderly man in a winter cap.

The corridor is invalid.

Close-up: individual guest.

In the room the man sings accordion.

Guests sit, lie on beds.

Joiner makes a coffin.

Close-up: the candle burns (Rasfokus).

Old people in the room talking.

The corridor passes invalid without legs.

Women's Room, grandmother sitting on the beds.

Departure from the empty bed, one of the grandmothers are taken out of the nursing home.

Pass through the corridors of the nursing home, the inhabitants and staff are silently.

Grandmother leaves the nursing home, along with its accompanying woman sit in the cab of the truck, leave.

The old woman looks after departed.

Family photos laid out on the table, PNRM. thereon.

Long corridor nursing home.


Ryazan region