Open The Gate Slowly.. (1990)

Film-document №9879 3 parts, Duration: 0:29:34 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zhukovskaya I.

Script writers: Zhukovskaya I.

Operators: Zhukovskiy A.


About the young Muscovites Irins and Alexander Matveev, who left for the ancient village Usvyaty of the Pskov Region after graduating from the institute, about problems of city and village.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

The bank of the Yauza River, a monastery.

Streets in the central part of Moscow.


A panorama of the house.


A panorama of the kittens in the street.

Horses are pasturing in the forest.

A rural landscape, house against the dark sky.

A panorama of clay toys of on the table.

Irina Matveeva, who has moved from Moscow to the village of Usvyaty, is speaking.

Hands moulding the toy.

A rural landscape, a river.

A boat on the river.


The Yauza River.

A bridge

The kitchen interior. I.Matveeva is in the kitchen, cooking together with her children Timosha and Anya, ironing.

A panorama of the room interior.

Irina’s husband Alexander Matveev at the table.

Fish in the aquarium.

A.Matveev at home is speaking about the life in the village.

A panorama of him going along the washed out road towards a house in the course of building.

A panorama of house in the course of building..

A builder is having a rest on the roof.

A panorama of the architector A.Matveev inspecting new houses, talking to the man next to the fence.

A panorama of the builders ramming down the asphalt material at the house, covering the house with the roof.

A panorama of the bricklayer at work.

The village of Usvyaty.

A panorama of the fisherman repairing a net next to the house.

The house.

A panorama of the tree.

An old woman is sitting on the porch.

A panorama of the central square of the village of Usvyaty.

A school teacher is speaking.

Photo of the Cathedral.

The old woman is leaving the house, speaking, while sitting in the yard.

A black cat in the street.

Reel №2

The Usvyaty inhabitant Alexander is sitting in the cemetery, speaking about his relatives,

walking along the cemetery.

A panorama of the graves.

A panorama of the photo and flowers on the grave of Alexander’s grandmother Ekaterina Terentyevna.

A panorama of the main street of Usvyaty, a car is going by.

Irina Matveeva is coming out of the shop, walking along the street.

A village house, windows with architraves.

An old woman is taking water from the well.

A townley house.

A boy on the swing.

I.Matveeva at home is speaking about her life.

Matveevs’ children are playing at home.

A cart is going by.

A man and a woman are walking by.

A panorama of Irina Matveeva and village women gathering the flax.

A spinning wheel.

Woman is spinning.

A panorama of the made-up jackets.

A girl is looking out of the window.

A house, yard, flowers, a woman is feeding up the hens

A panorama of the clay toys.

A panorama of the woman coming up to the dog and caressing it.

A panorama of a cat on the tree, dogs sitting on the back paws under the tree.

A cat on the steps.

The teacher Efrosiniya Mikhailovna is firing up a furnace, making dinner in the furnace, speaking about herself.

School photos.

A clock.

A tablet with the text “Karl Marx Street.” on the house.

A village street.

An old man Kiriyanich is singing, standing next to the house.,

Reel №3

The Integrated Plant in Usvyaty.

A worker is speaking in the workshop.

A young worker at work.

A drill is rotating.

An old worker with his son next to the machine-tool.

He is rolling out the finished wheels into the plant yard.

A fisherman with a boat-hook in the boat on the lake.

The fisherman is pulling the net from the lake.

A panorama of the lake at the sunset.

Irina Matveeva is walking along the forest, coming up to the girls who are drawing in the field.

A panorama of the girl drawing; boys are watching.

A panorama of the girls sewing stuffed toys; Irina Matveeva is watching.

A girl is playing the piano, another girl is playing the accordion.

There are jackets hanging in the corridor.

A panorama of the school building.

The park, Irina Matveeva is coming up to the window, going upstairs, walking along the corridor, along the hall, going upstairs.

Firewood in the furnace.

An long-standing building.

Alexander is sailing on a boat along the lake.

a lake, houses on the bank.

A branch of the fir tree.

A landscape, a river.

A woman with a basket is passing by.

A river landscape.

The lake at the sunset.

I.Matveeva is talking to her children in the kitchen..

I.Matveeva and her children are singing a song.

A panorama of clay toys.

A.Matveev near the fire.

Alexander is pilling potatoes; a panorama of the fire.

Hands are opening a tin and cutting the tinned food.

Alexander is next to the fire.