Non-Invented Tributes To Vladimir.. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kondakov S.

Script writers: Kondakov S.

Operators: Myakishev G., Matveev V., Kaskov M.


About the artist and poet Vladimir Vysotsky on the occasion of 10th anniversary of his death.


Biography | Persons of arts

Temporary description

Moscow. Vagankovo ​​cemetery. The grave of Vladimir Vysotsky. Monument on the grave. Laying flowers. Gates of the cemetery (night scene). Animation: Vladimir Vysotsky's funeral, there are: Zolotukhin, Lyubimov, relatives Vysotsky, Vladimir M., sculptures, vases depicting Vladimir Vysotsky in the shop window, the audience at the grave Vysotsky cry, read poetry, the couple have Vysotsky's grave.

Reel №1

The inscription on the shirt in English influx guitarist (Wysocki and sings like him) - CU.

People listen, standing outside under an umbrella - LS., Influx, MS., Rush to the monument to the poet-bard Vladimir Vysotsky - MS.


Star in the sky, dawn, PNRM. at the gates of the cemetery Vagankovsky - LS.

In a puddle on the tracks recorded riding the tram - MS.

PNRM. on goal and building on the cemetery - LS. (With motion).

Sign with the inscription of the time of visiting the cemetery - CU.

People go to the cemetery - LS. (Removed rocking).

Boy at the cemetery - MS.

Turn to the tomb of Vladimir Vysotsky - LS. (Top point).

Guides in the crowd, their voice-over - MS., Influx.

Monument Wysocki - MS., CU.

The old man lays flowers at the grave of Vladimir Vysotsky, baptized - MS.

Looking boy influx of candles - CU.

Artist of the Taganka Theater Valery Zolotukhin and others at the tomb of Vladimir Vysotsky - MS.

Newsreel 1980:

Funeral VS Vysotsky Zolotukhin has wreath influx: Vysotsky's coffin carried out of the bus carrying the coffin of - director Yury Lyubimov, the influx: are the wife of Vladimir Vysotsky, and his son, put flowers on the grave - MS.

French actress Marina Vlady sister's funeral, the influx of the candles, the boy - MS.

Vysotsky father, another man, actress Marina Vlady's funeral, the influx of a coffin - MS.

Lyubimov suited to the coffin - MS.

Crying girl rush to the actors, family, boys, and - CU.

The people at the cemetery read poems about Vladimir Vysotsky (synchronous), shot through the influx - MS.

Monument Wysocki - CU., MS.

Icon Vysotsky sweater - MS.

Are young men with placards - MS.

Man shows relief depicting Vysotsky - MS., Influx.

Storefront, the influx of a bust of Vladimir Vysotsky and C. Esenina - LS.

Animation: vases depicting Vysotsky - MS., Influx.

Smiling girl - CU.

A young man kneeling at the grave of Vladimir Vysotsky - MS.

Girl reading a poem (synchronous, on the street) - MS.

The bride and groom go to the grave Vysotsky - LS., Influx.

Teenager launches in sky blue - MS.

Doves in the sky - LS.


The cross on the church dome - LS.

Sunset - LS.

A woman pours water from a bucket - LS.

Tram rides on rails - CU.

Vagankovskoye cemetery gates - LS. (With motion, evening).

People go to the cemetery - LS., PNRM.

Portrait Vysotsky - CU., Influx.