Materials for the film " Evidence of the prosecution" (1945-1983)

Footage №99060, 10 footages, duration: 1:00:13

Scene №1 Materials for the film " Evidence of the prosecution"

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Inspection of the corpse of a Hitler double in Berlin in May 1945.

The cameraman is shooting.

The corpse of a double of Hitler with a portrait of Hitler on his stomach.

The face of the deceased double.

Soviet officers collect physical evidence of the suicide and destruction of Hitler's corpse on the ruins of the Reich Chancellery.

A tunic found on the ruins.

An elderly German answers the questions of the officers, shows the territory of the villa.

The officers enter the house.

The corpse of a Nazi functionary who hanged himself in the attic.

The corpses of children and women in the attic.

Bullet holes in the body of a dead girl.

The officer's uniform of the Wehrmacht.

Inspection of the burnt corpse of Goebbels.

Fragments of Goebbels ' corpse, burnt head and legs.

Officers examine the corpse of Goebbels.

The faces of captured German officers involved in the identification of Goebbels ' remains.

The destroyed buildings of Berlin.

Inspection of the ruins of the Reich Chancellery.

Goebbels speaks from the podium.

The burnt corpses of Goebbels ' wife and children.

Representatives of the international commission examine the remains of Goebbels ' wife and children.

A captured German officer confirms the identities of the victims.

The corpses of German soldiers and officers on the ruins of the Reich Chancellery.

A fragment of the burnt corpse of Goebbels.

Views of the ruins of Nuremberg, people with bicycles on the street.

Panorama of the destroyed city block.

Types of destroyed neighborhoods, people pass through the streets.

The corpses of dead civilians and Volkssturm soldiers.

The door of the fence of the American prison camp closes.

The sentry is on duty.

Views of the territory of the American prison camp, captured officers and generals on the territory of the camp during a walk.

Prisoners with bowlers in their hands enter the dining room.

A captured German general reads a book, the interior of the room of a captured general.

One of the captured generals is lying on a bunk, reading a book.

German generals during their stay in the American camp.

Captured generals during the rest.

One of the generals is hanging freshly laundered laundry on a rope.

The inhabitants of the camp put together wooden boxes, are engaged in carpentry.

One of the captured German generals carves a shoe block out of wood.

A captured German general is darning a sock.


Gebbeljs Jozef Paulj -- german statesman and politician

Calendar: 05.1945-08.1945

Locations: Berlin [821] Germany [84]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Scene №2

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Meeting of the international commission on the establishment of the borders of the occupation zones on the territory of Germany.

Map of Germany, divided into occupation zones.

Refugees waiting for a pass to the Soviet zone.

A pointer to the border of the American zone.

Refugees enter the American zone after lifting the barrier.

Refugees returning to their homes are walking along the street of the city, carrying carts with things.

Refugees return home by various means of transport - bicycles, carts, trucks.

Refugees transport things on carts.

Installation of a stand with rules of conduct at the entrance to the English zone.

Employees of the archive take out documents from the ruins.

British officers are talking to a German aviation specialist.

Aircraft designer Werner von Braun and his entourage exit the American plane.

Von Braun's face.

Schacht among German industrialists talks with representatives of the American military administration.

The faces of German industrialists.

View of the fence of the concentration camp.

Views of the destroyed quarters of one of the German cities (from above).

Types of destroyed houses.

Employees of the German address bureau sort out the cards of citizens.

Sorting emails.

Folders with documents for lost minors.

The radio announcer reads the names of the wanted children.

Sheets of the case of wanted children with photos.

Red Cross typists at work.

The return home of German prisoners of war.

Former prisoners get out of passenger cars.

Relatives meet the returned prisoners.

Delivery of clothing to one of the returned prisoners.


Braun Verner fon -- german and American designer of rocket and space technology

Calendar: 1945-1946

Locations: Germany [84]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Scene №3

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Architects study the plans of destroyed German cities.

Views of the destroyed quarters of Berlin (from above).

The destroyed residential buildings of Berlin, the surviving piece of the wall.

Views and panorama of the destroyed Dresden (from above).

The destroyed historical buildings of Dresden.

The remains of the cathedral.

Views and panorama of the destroyed quarters of Leipzig.

Young people pass by with shovels on their shoulders (from above).

A column of German citizens returning from the British zone, on the street of the city.

Panorama of the rally of residents of West Germany with the demand for work.

A representative of the administration speaks from the rostrum.

Views of the destroyed quarters of German cities (from above).

Views of the destroyed streets of Berlin.

Destruction in German cities, residential areas destroyed as a result of air raids, a destroyed railway junction (above).

Residents of one of the cities at the tables of a restored summer cafe.

Homeless people cook food and heat water on a fire on the street.

A woman is squatting on the pavement.

Panorama of the analysis of rubble, people disassemble the remains of the building.

Residents of one of the cities put lawns and flower beds in order, remove garbage.

A helmet on a soldier's grave.

Panorama of the square littered with construction debris, people are sorting through the rubble.

People choose for household needs parts of gas masks and straps of soldiers ' helmets, piled in a pile on the street of the city.

A man with a bicycle examines a wooden box.

A woman examines a gas mask box.

Helmets and gas masks are lying on the ground.

Performance of a street artist, street panorama.

An organ grinder on the street of one of the cities of Germany.

Performance of a street musician in a helmet with bells.

The girl is sitting on the asphalt near the wall of the house, with her head on her knees.

Calendar: 1945-1946

Locations: Berlin [821] Dresden [973] Germany [84]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №4

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View of the American aircraft carrier.

Former Wehrmacht soldiers in a class at an American intelligence school.

An American instructor at the blackboard.

One of the cadets opens a textbook on the geography of the North American continent, the instructor officer shows the regions of the United States on the map.

Cadets of the school cover their faces with open textbooks.

The instructor conducts a lesson in English.

View of the hall where the solemn ceremony of awarding graduates with documents on graduation from a special school takes place.

A document on graduation from school.

Presentation of documents to graduates.

A boy sells newspapers on the street.

The queue at the newsstand in Moscow.

People on the streets are reading newspapers.

Residents of cities in Europe and Asia read newspapers while sitting on benches.

Workers discuss newspaper articles.

Passers-by on a street in New York.

Street sign.

Children from Asian countries in the hall during a charity concert.

The performance of young artists, the faces of the audience.

The choir performs an oratorio.

The face of a black singer.

Children come out of the cathedral with flowers in their hands.

American bombers at the airfield of one of the US air force bases.

The pilots are standing in line in front of the plane.

The fighter is standing next to the bomber.

US identification marks on the wing of the aircraft.

View of an American bomber.

View of the tail section of the bomber.

Technicians are checking the bomber's engines.

An English policeman shakes hands with American pilots.

Landing of a carrier-based fighter.

A solemn meeting on the occasion of the arrival of American B-29 bombers at an air base in the UK.

The military holds in their hands the national flags of the United States, Great Britain and the banner of the British Air Force.

Representatives of local authorities are speaking.

Bomber crews are in formation in front of the planes.

The faces of American pilots.

The face of a French Air Force officer.

Panorama of the deck of a French aircraft carrier with deck fighters on board.

Light advertising of the cinema.

Participants of pickets against the Iron Curtain pass in front of the cinema with banners in their hands, the poster of the film "The Iron Curtain".

The clash of picketers with the police, the police are trying to push the picketers away from the entrance to the cinema on May 12, 1948, during the premiere of the film.

The queue at the cinema.

The audience enters the cinema, the police maintain order.

Workers at the machines in the shop of one of the enterprises.

One of the workers gives an interview to a journalist about the film "The Iron Curtain".

The face of a worker giving an interview and simultaneously chewing a sandwich.

Calendar: 1946-1947 12.05.1948 1950s 1960s

Locations: USA [851] New York [856] Moscow [820] UK [232] France [77] Western Europe [911]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Scene №5

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American tanks make a march during the Korean War in 1950-1953.

Tankers load ammunition into the tank.

American tanks are firing.

The American machine-gun crew is firing.

View of a railway bridge with destroyed spans.

Refugees cross the river on a wooden deck near the bridge.

Refugees on the railway tracks.

An American patrol examines the road, the faces of American soldiers.

American infantrymen during the fighting.

American tanks on railway platforms, panoramas of the railway station.

The face of an American soldier.

A US Army unit on the march.

Refugees walking away along the road.

The refugees are leaving along the railway tracks.

American planes take off.

Bomb explosions on the territory of North Korea (above).

The plane launches missiles at a ground target.

American attack planes and bombers are attacking targets.

Dropping bombs on populated areas.

The consequences of American air raids, a panorama of ruins.

Removal of the wounded from the burning ruins.

Women and children who were injured and killed as a result of American air raids.

People are leaving the ruins of their homes.

An elderly woman is crying.

Parents carry out injured children.

People leave the destroyed area, a woman next to things rescued from a destroyed house.

A column of refugees is moving along the road.

An American flamethrower is firing.

The burning man.

Calendar: 1950-1953

Locations: Korea [117]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №6

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American pilots during the briefing.

The officer shows the bombing areas on the map, the faces of the pilots.

The pilots get up from their seats.

View of the nose of the bomber.

A bomber taking off.

The crew of an American plane at the airport puts on flight suits and parachutes before departure.

Taking off B-29 bombers.

Bombers in flight.

The flight director with binoculars in his hands.

The face of an American officer.

The pilot, sitting in the cockpit of the plane, reads the newspaper.

Japanese bombers in flight, dropping bombs.

A burning locality.

The ruins of a burning house.

US President Truman G. descends the plane's ramp, officers greet him.

Truman awards one of the pilots.

The reward is on the pocket of the uniform.

Truman awards one of the officers.

Truman's face, speaking to the military.

Loading of artillery pieces on board the ship, a panorama of the berth of the cargo port.

A concrete pillbox with an inscription on the wall.

The troops are passing through the city street.

Men with hoes work in the field.

W. Churchill speaks from the rostrum.

American armored vehicles drive through the streets of West Berlin.

People's faces.

Street riots in West Berlin.

An American officer gets out of the jeep.

American officers at an observation post during a nuclear weapons test.

Nuclear explosions at the landfill.

View of the Pentagon building (from above).

Officers of various staff units at work.

Employees of the archive while working with secret file cabinets.

Workflow in the departments of the Pentagon.

A view of the streets of one of the US cities during the celebration of the new year, 1950.

View of a part of the banquet hall (from above).

Dancing participants of the New Year's banquet.

Balloons descend on the square, people catch them.

Types of squares with dancing people (from above).

Panorama of a part of New York (from above).

The production process in the printing house, the production of posters and newspapers.

A political figure gives an interview.

Panorama of the ruins of a quarter of one of the German cities.

People at temporary homes.

People are sitting on a broken railway platform.

Panorama of the ruins, a movie poster on the fragments of the wall.

People on the streets of the city.

Beggars on the street beg for alms.

Women pick up scraps from the garbage.

People are standing in line for food.

A woman reads ads on a pole.

Children play on a broken anti-aircraft gun.

People who have lost their homes are sitting on the street with things.


Trumen Garri -- american statesman and politician Cherchillj Uinston Leonard Spenser -- british statesman and politician

Calendar: 1945-1950

Locations: New York [856] USA [851] West Berlin [858]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825] Autumn [826]

Scene №7

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Western designers of small arms are preparing a prototype of a machine gun with a laser sight for shooting.

The target is in the shooting range.

One of the testers points a laser sight.

A glowing dot on the target.

Shooting weapons with a laser sight.

Bullet holes on the target.

Scientists in the laboratory are conducting experiments to create laser weapons.

Demonstration of the capabilities of laser weapons, the destruction of a satellite in outer space (animation).

American planes are in the air.

Planes taking off.

Engineers are preparing a radar installation for work.

The faces of the engineers.

Conducting an experiment with a radio tube.

Conducting experiments with light beams to create new types of weapons in the early 1970s.

The course of the experiment.

The scheme of the use of one of the types of space weapons (animation).

The rocket is flying over the water.

The engineer takes the data of the control devices.

Operation of the beam installation.

Calendar: 1970s

Locations: USA [851]

Scene №8

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Types of streets of one of the US cities.

Extinguishing a fire and a burning car.

The owners of the store pick up the fragments of the window from the sidewalk after the earthquake.

Vit of the destroyed trading floor of the store.

Store employees clean up the shopping halls.

Types of residential buildings.

People in the affected apartment.

A sinkhole on the side of the highway, cars are passing by.

March of members of the Ku Klux Klan in a US city.

Marches of war veterans in the United States.

The demonstration of Russian and Ukrainian nationalist emigrants.

The faces of the participants of the demonstration, dressed in Russian and Ukrainian national costumes.

Distribution of Nazi leaflets on the street, a swastika on the sleeve of the jacket of a person distributing leaflets.

Speeches by leaders of American Nazi organizations.

"Mona Lisa" at an exhibition in the USA.

Marines guard the painting.

The pointer of the passage to the masterpiece.

President of the United States J.

Kennedy and his wife ascend to the podium during the opening of the Mona Lisa exhibition in the United States in 1962.

Kennedy makes a speech from the podium.

Kennedy and his wife inspect the Mona Lisa.

Visitors to the exhibition pass by the "Mona Lisa", inspect it.

A new British jet plane is being taken out of the hangar.

The crew takes their seats.

The plane takes off.

The landing of the plane.

The crew members of the aircraft after landing.

American identification marks on the fuselage and tail of one of the aircraft.

The pilot in the cockpit is preparing for the flight.

The plane is in flight.

Landing of a British jet plane.

The plane is taxiing out of the hangar.

A team of technicians prepares the plane for flight.

The faces of the crew members giving interviews.

The crew is at the plane.

American planes at the airfield in 1946.

The tail section of one aircraft is in the repair scaffolding.

The crew of the American intercontinental bomber B-36 puts on suits that protect from the cold at altitude.

A B-36 aircraft with six propellers in flight.

One of the crew members in the cockpit of the aircraft.

Panorama of the dashboard.

B-36 in flight.

A pilot in an oxygen mask at the controls of an airplane.

A neo-Nazi demonstration in London in 1947.

The leader of the British neo-Nazis, Mosley O., passes by.

The demonstrators raise their right hand in a Nazi salute, Mosley rises to the roof of the bus with a loudspeaker.

Mosley is giving a speech.

The participants of the demonstration welcome Mosley.

Mounted police in the alley.

The police are in a cordon, Mosley is making a speech.

Panorama of the demonstration.

Anti-Nazi protesters stand behind the cordon.

The police ensure order at the end of the demonstration.

A rally of supporters of peace in London.

The mounted police are in a cordon, the police are leading the detainee.


Mosli Osvaljd Ernaljd -- british politician Kennedi Dzhon Ficdzheraljd -- american statesman and politician

Calendar: 1946 1947 1962

Locations: London [870] USA [851]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №9

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A car on the highway.

Types of multi-arch bridge in Europe, cars on the highway.

View of a road bridge in northern Italy.

Cars are leaving the tunnel.

A marking indicating the way to France.

Tourists take pictures of the sights of Rome, examples of ancient and medieval sculpture and architecture.

Tourists on the streets.

Panorama of the ancient city.

Panorama of the old city quarter.

A horseman riding on horseback.

View of the seashore (from above), a rider jumps along the water's edge.

An elderly coachman sits on the box.

A horse-drawn carriage pulls away from the sidewalk.

The carriage is driving along a Paris street.

View of the Opera house in Paris.

The bucket is on the carriage axis.

A carriage on the streets of Paris.

The driver's hand presses on the horn.

The driver feeds the horse with oats from a bag.

The driver during the lunch break.

Passengers get into the carriage.

The faces of passengers during the trip.

The carriage goes along the Champs-Elysees.

Tourists are traveling in a carriage.

The driver's face.

View of the Arc de Triomphe.

Passengers in the carriage.

View of the Eiffel Tower.

The driver is carrying tourists.

Views of Paris.

A woman with a stroller runs across the road in front of a horse.

View of the Conciergerie prison building.

The carriage passes by the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

View of the stadium (from above).

Panorama of a part of Paris.

Landscapes of France (from above).

View of a part of the highway (from above).

View of the railway junction (from above).

Views of historical castles and palaces of France (from above).

View of the Eiffel Tower (from bottom to top).

The faces of tourists.

The elevator of the Eiffel Tower.

Passers-by on the streets of Paris.

View of the Disabled House.

View of one of the bridges over the Seine.

Tourists climb on a pleasure boat.

Pleasure boats on the Seine.

View of the part of the island of Cité with the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Entrance to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Tourists with cameras in their hands.

Views of ancient Parisian churches and the Eiffel Tower (from above).

View of the Champs-Elysees through the Arc de Triomphe.

View of the Arc de Triomphe on the Place de l'Etoile (from above).

View of the quarters of Paris adjacent to the Champs-Elysees (from above).

Views of London.

Advertising on board a double-decker bus.

Passers-by on the streets of London.

The head of a stone lion.

Tourists view the sights.

The head of the statue.

Pigeons are swimming in a puddle.

Locations: Italy [110] Rome [874] Paris [850] France [77] London [870]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №10

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Soviet fighters and bombers in flight.

Intercontinental ballistic missiles on parade on Red Square in Moscow.

An American submarine is on a combat mission.

The crew of the boat is preparing for the launch of the Polaris rocket in the 1960s.

The rocket is in flight.

A nuclear explosion.

View of Red Square during the military parade on November 7.

Students of military academies pass through.

Parts of the Moscow garrison are walking along Red Square.

American tanks, ready for battle.

Aircraft designer Tupolev A. N. is walking along the paths of the park, looking at flowers.

Tupolev is walking in the forest.

Tupolev's face during the meeting.

The faces of the officers of the Soviet Air Force.

Technicians uncovered the plane.

Checking the aircraft engines, conducting pre-flight training of a combat vehicle.

The faces of the pilots.

Officers at radar screens during flights.

The pilot takes a seat in the cockpit.

The face of the technician.

Technicians close the lower hatch of the cabin.

Officers at the command post.

The face of the pilot.

A rocket carrier taking off.

The pilot in the cockpit adjusts his mask.

Soviet planes in flight.

One of the planes begins to perform a given maneuver.

The pilot is in the cockpit.

The pilot is in the cockpit of an airplane starting a run-up.

The face of a young pilot.

Jet fighters begin to take off on the runway.

A fighter in flight, a pilot in the cockpit of an airplane.

A fighter jet is on the runway after landing.

Take-off of a supersonic aircraft in day and night conditions.

The locator rotates.

Soviet bombers in a combat training flight.

The face of the pilot in an oxygen mask.

One of the crew members takes off his mask, wipes his face.

View of the dashboard.

The faces of the crew members.

Refueling in the air.

Fighters during acceleration before takeoff.

The pilot signs in the aircraft reception log.

The locator rotates.

A flying plane.

The pilot is walking along the airfield.

A plane taking off.

Performing aerobatics, the pilot in the cockpit.

The command of the helicopter regiment at the airfield.

Technicians are in the ranks.

A flight of attack aircraft flies by, the pilot is in the cockpit.

A flight of attack aircraft during a combat training flight.

Aircraft landing.

A flight of stormtroopers in flight.


Tupolev Andrej Nikolaevich -- aircraft designer

Calendar: 1960s 1970s

Locations: USSR [863] Moscow [820] At Sea [14]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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