Solidarity, Peace and Harmony (For the 50th anniversary of the start of Great Patriotic War (Soviet. (1991)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuzova Z.

Script writers: Vasilev V.

Operators: Kuznecov I.


For the 50th anniversary of invasion of the Hitler-time fascist German troops in the USSR.

World War II | Foreign policy

History | Policy

Reel №1

A panorama of the Pushkin Estate Museum Mikhailovskoye: a pond (autumn).

War veterans on the bridge.

A panorama of yellow trees, maple-leaves.

A panorama of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin’s house.

A panorama of war veterans passing by the alley and bridge.

A war veteran is speaking, General B.I.Bogomolov in the park

A panorama of the Monument on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier (Upright Cannons) in the city of Pskov.

A panorama of the Member of Guerrilla Movement, the writer Ivan Vasilievich Vinogradov walking along the forest, and speaking about the war (summer).

A picture: I.V.Vinogradov in the war-time, a wagon train with bread, guerrilla warriors in the forest.

A panorama of the book by Vinogradov “Legendarny Oboz” [“Legendary Wagon Ttrain”].

A panorama of a summer landscape: groves, a back road.

A panorama of an ancient fortress, tower; the refection of the tower in the water.

A panorama of the city of Pskov, the Velikaya [Great] River.

A picture: the destroyed war-time Pskov.

A panorama of the blooming lilac bush.

An ancient building.

City of Pskov.

Members of German Delegation of the Evangelic Church of Rheinland (Germany) in a Pskov square.

The First Secretary of the Pskov City Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union I.E.Kalinin is speaking in the square.

Members of German Delegation - B.Mazer, Mrs. R.Brak, Evangelical Church Pastor D.Shermeier - are speaking.

A panorama of D.Shermeier signing the song “Bolotnye Soldaty” [“Bog Soldiers”], Members of German Delegation and war veterans are listening.

A panorama of Holy Trinity Cathedral and flowers at the building.

Bells, domes of the Cathedral.

The Icon of Saint Princess Olga.

Members of German Delegation and churchgoers during the ministering in the temple.

A panorama of the churchgoers singing.

The Head of the Delegation of the representatives of North Westphalia Land Prezes Peter Bayer and the Archbishop of the cities of Pskov and Velikie Luki Vladimir are kissing.

Reel №2

Members of North Westphalia Land Delegation in the church during the burial service on June, 21.

The Archbishop Vladimir is speaking

Churchgoers during the burial service.

Candles are burning.

P.Bayer is speaking.

The Archbishop Vladimir is performing the burial service.

A panorama of the interior of Holy Trinity Cathedral, and the people during the burial service.

A panorama of the Eternal Flame on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier in the city of Pskov.

A panorama of the war veterans standing.

Soldiers are laying the fir wreathes on the grave.

Members of German Delegation and priests are laying a wreath on the grave.

A sunrise above a river

A panorama of a morning landscape: fog, a field, groves.

A panorama of the war veteran, Colonel, writer Evgeny Pavlovich Nechaev speaking at the monument on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, a panorama of him standing near a cannon on the pedestal.

A panorama of the Order of St.

Alexander Nevsky (first instituted in 1725 by Catherine I of Russia.

It was originally awarded to distinguished Russian citizens who had served their country with honor, mostly through political or military service) and other Orders.

A landscape: field, flowers.

A panorama of Chudskoe Lake, clouds above the lake.

A panorama of the landswell.

E.P.Nechaev is coming up and standing at a lakeside, boats on the lake.

A drawing: Alexander Nevsky.

A panorama of the Icon of Alexander Nevsky.

A panorama of Father Oleg speaking.

A panorama of the Church of Alexander Nevsky.

The interior of the Church of Alexander Nevsky.

A panorama of the Monument in honour of the Victory over the Polacks (XVII century): a chapel, a chepel cross.

A panorama of the Holy Dormition Pskovo-Pechersky (Pskov-Caves) Monastery.

A panorama of the Monastery territory, Delegation Members and other visitors passing-by.

A panorama of the cathedral dome, the bell tower.

A panorama of clover flowers in the grass.

A panorama of the Father Superior of Saint Nicholas Church (in the village of Lubyatovo) Archpriest Vladimir speaking near the church.

A panorama to the Icon of the Holy Mother of God in Lubyatovo..

Reel №3

An ancient tower with a weathercock.

The city of Pskov.

A panorama of the village of Krasnukha: an oven, survived after the village burning, stands amidst a field.

A panorama of the Monument to Mater Dolorosa (latin for "Mother Marked by Sorrow").

A panorama of a stele with the star and the shed frame where German soldiers of Hithler’s time burnt the village’s inhabitants.

People are staying with the burning candles.

A priest is performing the burial service.

Pskov Region citizens and German Delegation Members are present during the burial service.

Burning candles.

The Icon of Holy Mother of God.

Prezes Peter Bayer is speaking outside.

A panorama of the village of Mikhailovskoe: flowers, a river, trees.

A panorama of the grave of fighters perished in the Great Patriotic War (Soviet People’s Participation in World War II in 1941-1945), there are names on the gravestone.

Stairs, House-Museum of Alexander Pushkin.


A drawing by Pushkin, a picture of the Director of House-Museum S.S.Geichenko.

A picture: S.S.Geichenko and soldiers in Mikhailovskoe.

War veterans are laying flower on the grave of the warriors.

A panorama of the grave.

A panorama of the pond.

Alexander Pushkin’s grave in the Svyatogorsk Monastery (the town of Puskinskie Gory [Puskin Hills]); a panorama of the women putting flowers on the grave.

The Director of the Evangelic Academy in the city of Mülheim (Germany) Dieter Bach is speaking outside.

A panorama of new Pskov districts .

Bypassers in the street.

A panorama of the flowers, the city can be seen in the distance.

A panorama of a gull flying above the water.

A panorama of a river, an islet.