Moscow Mohicans.. (1991)

Film-document №9942 3 parts, Duration: 0:29:17 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Chubakova T.

Script writers: Golubev A.

Operators: Elanchuk V., Sosnickiy U.


A film about the four Muscovites: Artyom Zadikyan, V.Kazachkov, A.Madekin and V.Molschanov.


Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Temporary description

Grandfather clock. Pendulum. Artem Zadikyan photographs, talks about what it means to him, Moscow (synchronously over). Photos of Tom's. Artem up the stairs to the apartment of one of the abandoned houses. Old furniture in the apartment. Yard. Kazachkov, who graduated from I-st ​​Moscow Imperial Cadet Corps, runs down the hall, sits in a chair, says (synchronously) currently. Old mansion at the intersection of the alley and street Khrushchev Ryleeva. House-building projects. Artist A. Madekin talks about topics of his work (simultaneously), works on the loom. Picture-tapestry. Molchanov at work in the home, he created a "time machine". Figures owls, astrologer, fellows. Victor starts clock, lifts weights.

Reel №1

A pendulum is in a wall clock.


An inscription – “Fotograf” [“Photographer”].

The photographer Artyom Zadikyan is taking pictures in the street.

A panorama of the street.

A panorama of houses.

Artyom is getting on a bus.

A photograph of the beginning of the century.

An alarm clock falling and breaking.

A panorama of an old abandoned house.

A panorama of Artyom going upstairs.

A destroyed house.

A panorama of Artyom in the destroyed house.

A panorama of a broken sofa.

A panorama of an empty flat in the destroyed house.

Artyom is taking pictures.

A panorama of the yard.

Empty beer cans, hanging on the rope.

A man is painting a tree trunk.

A yard.

A photograph of the beginning of the century.

One of the first graduates of the Moscow Military School named after Empress Catherine II Kazachkov is walking along the corridor; he is sitting in the armchair.

An onion on the window-sill.

The old woman is carrying a carriage along the corridor.

Kazachkov is sitting at the table.

Artyom’s face.

Artyom and Kazachkov are at the writing-table.

A panorama of busts of commanders and portraits of the well-known people on the shelf.

A panorama of the shelf.

An old mansion.

A newly erected house; a single-storey wooden house.

New building houses.

A broken alarm clock.

Reel №2

A panorama of an old house.

Artyom Zadikyan is in the destroyed house; a doll is sitting on the window-sill.

Artyom is looking through old newspapers.

Artyom is entering a destroyed house, an old flat.

Artyom is taking pictures.

Empty buildings.

Artyom is going upstairs.

An inscription “Khudozhnik” [“Painter”].

A tapestry with faces of saints by the painter Andrey Madekin.

Andrey Madekin is speaking.

Hands are winding stitching.

A panorama of Andrey unwinding the stitching.

Hands are threading the stitching.

Andrey is at work on the loom.

Andrey is weaving a tapestry.

Artyom is taking pictures.

Andrey is speaking.

A hand is cutting off the stitching with scissors.

Andrey with his wife are at work on the loom.

A tapestry made by Andrey.

Andrey’s wife is standing.

A panorama of the completed tapestries on Christian subjects.

A destroyed house.

Artyom is in his photographic laboratory; he is taking pictures from the developer, he is hanging them out.

Photographs, a panorama of Artyom.

Reel №3

Artyom is standing in the crowd among people passing-by.

Artyom is going upstairs.

The inscription “Vlastelin vremeni” [“The Lord of Time”].

The clockmaster Victor Molchanov is at work.

The clock.

A panorama of the time machine.

Victor is speaking.

A detail of the time machine.

Artyom and Victor are standing next to the time machine.

Figures of an owl, little men, an astrologer.

A panorama of different parts of time machine.

Victor is speaking.

Artyom and Victor are sitting at the table; a panorama from one room to another.

They are pulling the clock poises.

Victor is winding up the clock.

They are setting the clock pointer.

Victor is opening a window.

An apartment house yard.

Destroyed house walls.

A destroyed house.

A window, pleated with bricks.

A wall of a destroyed house.

A well of an empty house.

An autumn alley.

Leaf fall.

A man is walking along the alley.