Give me understanding and I will live.. (1991)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Erofeev S.

Operators: Vinogradov V., Byalik A.


The film is dedicated to the problems of drug addiction

Reel №1

Cockroach crawling to the needle of the syringe, drinking from her drug dies.

Girl prepares a dose of the drug.

The medical team runs to the car, sits down, "Ambulance" racing on Moscow.

"Ambulance" stops, the doctors go, stand on the road.

The girl was injected dose of the drug itself.

Pigeons peck feed from the snow.

The letter "M" (large), people go out of the doors of the Moscow Metro.

Legs are on the snow.

A group of people comes into the entrance.

The room is lit and the light goes out.

Men light up.

DJing on the player.

In the room sat a man and a woman, smoking, drinking tea.

Music group rehearsals.

Hospital ward, patients on the beds.

Nurse makes the shot.

Hands of an injection into a vein.

Ducks floating on the river.

Addicts on his bed, his hands tied to the bed, "breaking".

Addict makes a shot.

Close-up: the needle enters the skin.

The snake comes out of its hole, crawling on the ground.

Doctor and nurse helping a patient on the bed.

Key words



Moscow [820]

Reel №2

Give interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) narcologists E. Brun and V. Nazarov options for treatment of drug addicts.

Go to the police with dogs.

Arrest drug dealers, police officer to search his pockets arrested.

Shrubs hemp.

The girl tells about the life of drug addicts.

Give interviews (synchronously) narcologist A. Veltishchev about people who become addicted.

Girl artist recalls (synchronously), which led her to the drug.

Chamber in the hospital, where drug addicts are treated.

The patient takes the pill.

Addict says (synchronously) about their disease.

Hospital corridor, the nurse on duty at the table.

Paintings, drawings made by artists addicts.

Hand with deep cuts.

Close-up: a shot in the arm.

Patients involved in substance abuse department of physical activity, including girl doing exercises with dumbbells.

Close-up: the face of drug addicts.

A group of girls sitting around a bucket, smoke, cigarette butts in the bucket.

Chinenkov Alexander, a former member of the rock band "CB" tells about himself.

The musician plays the drums.

Performance of "CB" in concert.


Moscow [820]

Reel №3

Alexander Chinenkov says (synchronous and behind the scenes) as it came to religion.

Rehearsal music rock band.

A man washes his hands in the sink.

Girl paints a portrait.

Figures addicts.

A man prays in front of the church.

The room Alexander Chinenkova on the table books and icons.

Alexander Chinenkov at the rehearsal playing trumpet.

A musician with a guitar on his lap, sitting on a chair, singing into a microphone.

Tree without leaves against the sky.

Dome of the church.

Icon of the Virgin and Child.

Candles are lit in the church.

A priest with a censer.


Alexis says (synchronous and behind the scenes) for help doctors in drug treatment clinic in dealing with patients.

In the registry on the shelves are maps histories

Church in the village Romashkovo.

Woman paints the face of Jesus Christ.

In the church, light a candle from burning.

Girl in black dress, with a lighted candle in his hand.

The priest and the girl go together riverbank.

View of the church on the hill.

Candles burning in the church.

Cross on the dome of the church.

Girls in the church praying, bow, candles are lit.

Young man cross.

Icon of Jesus Christ (large).

In the church, the inscription: "Christ is risen."

Temple at the First City Hospital in Moscow.

The priest Father Arkady talking with patients.

Syringe in the hand.

Big: eye.

The needle creeps ladybug, opens wings and flies away.

PNRM. with a cross on the church on the blue sky.


Moscow [820]