Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (1992)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Osipov I.

Script writers: Lisovoy N.

Operators: Shpiz I.


From the series "The essence and meaning of Twelve Great Feasts" - Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Religious Holidays

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Temporary description

Moscow. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II makes a festive evening service at the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Epiphany, the Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Great Ascension. Patriarch prays, blesses the school, the people, the priests pray at the altar, the faithful in the church. Religious procession led by the patriarch. Church of the Ascension at Kolomenskoye, Alexeyev Novaya Sloboda. The icon of the "Ascension" in one of the museums. View of Pskov Kremlin, Mirozhsky, Old Ascension Nunnery, the Great River.

Reel №1

Church of the Ascension in Moscow - LS.

People come to church - MS.

Candles, chandelier in the church - LS.

Old woman lighting a candle - LS.

Pass the clergy - LS.

The faithful pray in the temple - LS.

Patriarch Alexy 2 is festive vsenoshnuyu at Epiphany Cathedral.

Are believers - MS.

The priest blesses the icon "The Ascension" (removed from the collisions).

Icons "Ascension" and "Resurrection» - MS.

Open the gates of the altar - LS.

Pray for priests - LS.

Praying people - MS.

Candles - CU.

The church are priests - PNRM.

Praying woman - CU.

Icon "Descent of the Holy Spirit» - MS.

Out from the altar, Patriarch Alexy 2 and clergy - MS.

Panorama of the believers in the church.

Praying child - MS.

Patriarch blesses icon (removed from the collisions).

Panorama from the chorus to the clergy.

Candles in the church - LS.

Page Psalms of David - MS., CU., Hitting.

Miniature from the Gospel Ravuly - MS.

Panorama from the river on the Pskov Kremlin - LS.

Cathedral of Old Monastery of the Ascension - LS.

Cathedral "New Ascension» - LS.

Mirozh monastery - LS.

The dome and the frescoes of the monastery - LS.

Frescoes "Christmas", "Purification", "Baptism", "Transformation",

"The Crucifixion", "The situation in the coffin", "Triumph of the Resurrection" - removed from the collisions and departure.

Panorama of the dome of the cathedral.

Frescoes "Virgin" and "Virgin Mary with the Apostles» - CU.

Panorama of icons.

Icon "Ascension» - MS.

Multrabota - Icon "Resurrection", hit a rock, from which the risen Savior.

Photos: Jerusalem, the mosque, which was built on the site of the Ascension, with traces of stone

human foot, a Russian monastery on Mount Olivet, the Holy Ascension Cathedral;

stone, on which stood a Virgin.

Pages from the Kiev Psalter of 1397.

Reel №2

Church of the Ascension in Moscow: Church of the Ascension - hitting;

Church of the Ascension in Alekseevskoy new settlement - leaving;

Church of the Ascension on the Field of Peas - LS.; Great Ascension Church in Watchmen - LS.

In the temple, praying children, Cossacks - MS.

Patriarch Alexy 2 serve the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of the Great Ascension.

Patriarch Alexy 2 praying, kissing the icon.

The icon of "Ascension" - view.

Pray for parishioners, blesses the faithful Alexy 2 - LS.

Are the priests at the altar with censers - LS.

Vestments of Alexy 2 - MS.

Pray for believers - CU.

Views boy (shot through the burning candles) - MS.

Alexy 2 kisses the holy book - LS.

Patriarch Alexy blesses two members - removed from the departure and arrivals.

Deacons pass - MS.

Panorama from candles to worshipers.

Panorama on the icon with the image of St.


The altar praying priests - LS.

Clergyman communion children - MS., LS.

Candles - MS.

Multrabota - Icon "Ascension", a panorama on the icon.

Religious procession - LS., MS., CU.

Patriarch Alexy 2 pass and clergy - LS., MS.

Church of the Ascension - the panorama of the church, hit a cross.

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