Encyclopedia of designers.Iosifyan (2016)

Documentary №99796, 1 part, duration: 0:06:57
Production: Studio Roscosmos
Other authors:Rozakova Marina, Kuckij Mihail, Shatilo Sergej, Trudova Nataljya, Pastuhov Sergej


Andronik Gevondovich Iosifyan is a scientist and inventor, the founder of the Soviet school of electromechanics, one of the founders of Soviet cosmonautics and rocket science.

Reel №1

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Photos of Iosifyan.

Valery Sergeev, Adviser to the General Director of VNIIEM Corporation, talks about Iosifyan's invention - contactless selsin.

Contactless selsin, description of the principle of operation.

Chronicle of the war years:

Artillery is firing.

Production of weapons in factories.

Unmanned vehicles on a caterpillar track for the demolition of equipment.

Tank attack, explosions.

Assembly of military equipment at the factory.

Order on the appointment of Iosifyan as director of the plant No. 627.

Moscow, military equipment parade on Red Square.

Khrushchev speaks on the podium.

Iosifyan and his colleagues, factory workers.

A collective snapshot of scientists (Iosifyan, Keldysh, Korolev, etc.).

Baikonur, rocket launch.

Iosifyan writes on the blackboard.

All-Union Research Institute of Electromechanics (VNIIEM).

Memorial plaque.

Leonid Makridenko talks about VNIIEM space satellites.

Computer animation: a satellite is flying over the Earth.

Georgy Zhemchugov speaks about the multidisciplinary work of the institute and the achievements of the team.

Iosifyan is working in his office.

Baikonur, 24.10.1960, chronicle of the "Nedelinsky disaster" (launch pad, preparation for the launch of the R-16 ballistic missile, explosion, fire, loss of life).

Comments by Vladimir Gubarev.

Iosifyan and a colleague are sitting at a table, discussing notes.

VDNH, the exposition in the pavilion "Cosmos".

Baikonur, space rocket launches.

Modern satellites of the Meteor system, space photos of the Earth.

VNIIEM specialists at work.

Photo of Iosifyan.

The scientist's study-museum.

Assembly of spacecraft.

Photos of Iosifyan from different years.


Iosifjyan A.G. -- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Hero of Socialist Labor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR and the Armenian SSR. Hruschev N.S. -- Soviet statesman and politician, Hero of the Soviet Union, thrice Hero of Socialist Labor, 1st Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (1953-1964), Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1958-1964). Makridenko L.A. -- Doctor of Technical Sciences, inventor, full member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky and the Russian Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences. Zhemchugov G.A. -- Candidate of Technical Sciences, full member of the AEN of the Russian Federation, Chief Designer of JSC "Corporation "VNIIEM". Gubarev V.S. -- science fiction writer, playwright, journalist.

Calendar: 1940s 1950s 1960s

Locations: Moscow [820] Kazakhstan [114]

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