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theme (1997) 08/05/1997

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:23 to collection V3 7/13/2020

1. Topic of the program: Emigration.

Ours in Israel.

The plot of Israel.

Guests of the program: Sofa Landver and Yuri Shtern-known politicians, deputies of the Knesset.

Evgeny Arie, Lev Kanevsky, Israel Demidov, Evgenia Dodina, Natalia Voytulevich-Monor - actors and director of the theater "Gesher" Representatives of three generations of writers Anatoly Aleksin, David Markes and Joseph Shagal.


Poll on the street.


theme (1996) 12/10/1996

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:00 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Theme of the program: Performance "Threepenny Opera" by B. Brecht.

Guests of the program: artists of the Theater of Satire Valery Garkalin, Yuri Vasiliev and Nina Kornienko.

15 years ago, in 1981, Valentin Pluchek staged the play “Threepenny Opera” at the Moscow Theater of Satire.

Today, this play by Bertolt Brecht is experiencing one production after another.

Fragment of the performance of the Satire Theater “Threepenny Opera”.

Main topics and questions. discussed in the studio:

1. In the present life you meet the heroes of this play?


theme (1999) 08.26.1997

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:00 to collection V3 7/13/2020

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1. What should be our new school in a new country?

2. What should it be different from the Soviet?

The plot of the school-lyceum number 109.

3. You have many different projects and directions at school, how do you manage to earn money?

4.On the wedding of the teacher of biology.

5. What percentage of interesting schools in Moscow?


theme (1998) 08/25/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:36:40 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Program topic: Stuntmen

They are always behind the scenes, the audience will never know their faces.

But this is their profession - stuntmen.

The heroes of the program are: Oleg Savosin, Konstantin Kishchuk and the president of the Russian stuntmen’s association Alexander Inshakov.

The plot of Y. Gusman jumps from the roof of the television center in Ostankino.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1. You are so many years in the profession, how do you come to stuntmen?


theme (1997) 06/17/1997

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:56 to collection V3 7/13/2020

The theme of the issue is "Ambulance".

Each of us at least once in his life called the number 03, and we always waited and waited

immediate assistance, often without even realizing the difficulties that ambulance doctors face in their daily work.

Doctors do not receive wages for months; problems with drug supply and with a lack of sanitary transport are difficult and time consuming.

One of the key problems is the problem of dispatching, Russian services continue to work on phones, while all over the world these services are computerized, The process of transferring a call from the moment of receiving a signal in foreign countries reaches 20-30 seconds.

In Russia, the wait is still stretched for tens of minutes, and traffic jams play an important role in the loss of time on the doctor’s path to the patient.

Why is everything good abroad, but is it different with us?


theme (1993) 06.04.1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:43:48 to collection V3 7/13/2020

The topic of conversation was the snow man.

How did this definition and who is he?

And does it exist at all?

Can we trust the eyewitnesses who had seen mysterious creatures in nearly all countries, though in different climatic zones?


theme (1993) 25.05.1993

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:27:23 to collection V3 7/13/2020

The beginning of the program.

Theme issue - incest.

The problem of incest in Russia had not widely covered by the media, including and because the victims themselves are silent, knowing the feeling of fear, shame and guilt, as many women are silent about rape.

But if crimes against adults, offenders awarded long prison sentences, and in severe cases, even capital punishment (until 1997), children in such situations is almost completely defenseless.


theme (1997) 18.03.1997

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:06 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Theme issue - area.

In Russia there are 750 colonies and more than 180 prisons.

The number of prisoners is 1 million 200 thousand people, 70 thousand women, 40 Grand - children.

Annually for the maintenance of one prisoner the government is spending 8 million rubles, but despite this, the prison still reigns hunger and disease thrive.


theme (1998) 16.06.1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:11 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Topic of conversation - treasures of Russia.

At all times and in all countries, people wanted to have a greater amount of gold.

In Russia, too many have tried to find gold for centuries, but the first time it was possible to make a simple peasant in 1745.

After 70 years, gold production was put on stream.


theme (1998) 04.08.1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:38:10 to collection V3 7/13/2020

Theme issue - the heart.

The first open heart surgery was performed in 1953, since then science has advanced far ahead, however, today heart disease continues to take far more lives than all other diseases.

From heart disease suffers a quarter of the population of the planet.

Fortunately, there are doctors that can spice up this complex mechanism and to return the person most precious - his life.